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Chapter 195

The bright and dazzling light illuminated the youth's white face.

Standing in the entrance, Xi Ze calmly looked at his mushroom for a long time. Then he walked to the soft in a steady and calm manner and—


Kneeling on the magazine!

The bang frightened Small Mushroom a bit, causing him to jerk and making him unable to respond for a while.

Although he gaze Xi Ze three choices, everyone knew that this was a joke and couldn't be taken seriously.

What type of man was Xi Ze? Did he really fall to his knees?

There was no need to talk about outsiders. Even to Ming Yu, Xi Ze would only kneel in bed due to some positions…

This was a preemptive strike! Mr. Xi was really wonderful!

You see, didn't Mushroom become a stupefied mushroom?

The next second, Xi Ze made a dignified look and started to state his crimes in a tone of grief. "I was wrong. I shouldn't have deceived you to sneakily buy a lot of magazines, perfumes, watches and jewelry. I didn't help you with your mortgage when your mortgage hadn't been paid off and I didn't buy you a car. Instead, I spent money on…"

"Wait a minute! You’re not allowed to repay the mortgage! You’re not allowed to buy a car! Listen! They are from my vault!"

At the beginning, Ming Xiaoyu felt it was familiar. But after a while, it was a bit wrong. As the head of the household, although his ability to make money wasn't as much as Xi Ze, he still earned a lot! How many people could buy a high-end apartment in the Third Ring of the capital within one year? And it was fully paid off!

In addition, Ming Xiaoyu had saved a lot of money recently and was ready to buy two good cars. It might be impossible to buy a Ferrari or a luxury Bentley like Xi Ze for a while, but it wasn't a problem to buy a car that said 'Don't touch!'  Buying a nice car, wasn't this complete?

As the head of the household, how can he let his wife buy the house and the car?

His dignity would be gone!

Xi Ze's face was dark when he heard Ming Yu's words, but he soon got an idea. Next, he continued confessing his guilt. "As part of the family, I was a bit wrong. But if you think about it, I didn't buy too much."

Ming Xiaoyu's head exploded when he heard this. "Not much? How many magazines? How many perfumes? How many watches and jewelry? You even bought a house? This isn't too much?"

After listening to this, Xi Ze seriously explained, "The magazines can be used as gifts to be given away. All the magazines I bought, at least 8-9,000 have been sent out and there isn't much left. I didn't buy a lot of perfumes, only one or two hundred sets… cough, don't worry. I sent them to a lot of people. As for the watch, it is the same. I sent a lot out, it is useful."

Listening to these words, he seemed to have a point.

After thinking about it, Ming Yu said, "Then the house? Isn't the house expensive? It is a villa in the capital's Fourth Ring, it must be worth tens of millions! You are really wasteful! "With my savings, I barely bought a seven figure home a few months ago. Yet you spent eight figures buying a house…'

Xi Ze's lips curved when he listened to the youth. He stood up from the magazine and said, "Actually, if you think about it…"

The youth immediately stared, "Eh?'

The man immediately went back to kneeling on the magazine and said earnestly, "The house, it is real estate. Now the prices have been rising. Since I bought this house last year, it has risen by 10%. Isn't this a good investment? After we have sent all the things in the house away, I want to move in with you and live out our days…"

The man stood up again and sketched a bright future. He walked to the sofa and touched the youth's shoulder. "The house is near Kunming Lake. When it is spring, we can go out to play. When it is autumn, we can go to the lake for autumn camping. In summer, it is hot so we will turn on air conditioning in the house. In winter, I will take you to outdoor barbecues."

"When we are working, we can't be together. When we aren't working, we will have warm little days in our house. In the attic on the top floor of the house, I have replaced all the ceilings with one-sided glass. We can look at the moon and stars in the attack. There is a bed there so, cough…"

A fist interrupted the man's nasty thoughts and Ming Yu sneered. "You have your frequencies connected wrongly. Mr. Z, this isn't a romance drama. Your narrative is really not good enough. Go camping at Kunming Lake? The staff member will criticize you."

Mr. Xi wasn't uncomfortable about his lies being uncovered. He shook his head with regret and said, "It seems that I can't deceive you. We can't go to Kunming Lake for camping but we really can pass our days there?"

“You have been speaking a love story." The youth spoke with no expression. "I'm not satisfied. Mr. Z, how did you run to the sofa from the magazine? Can you give me a demonstration again?"

Ming Yu's foot shot out to kick this shameless man.

However, Xi Ze's hand suddenly grabbed Ming Yu's foot. As Ming Yu looked at him with surprise, he stroked the delicate skin with his fingers and laughed. "Since you aren't satisfied with my words of love, then mushroom… I will satisfy you."

Ming Yu probably shouldn't have said anything further.

Ming Xiaoyu never imagined that the fragrance he prepared would be sprayed on his body, the watch he prepared would be hung on a part of his body and the magazine he prepared was used for the man to kneel and relentlessly take him from behind!

"You are too thin, you should have a bit more meat."

“You bastard wasteful spender, I will break your leg…"

"Then come and break my leg."

For a time, it was beautiful and romantic.

With the help of props, Mr. Xi repeatedly slept with a sensitive mushroom on the soft. The last time, the originally crushed mushroom suddenly turned over and became enchanting. His eyebrows raised as he suppressed the wheezing in his throat. He declared, "Mr. Z, I want to issue a fourth house rule."

At this point, Xi Ze was on the verge of erupting and could only control himself so much.

"From now all, all the financial power of the family will be controlled by the owner! You are only allowed to spend seven figures every month. Once you exceed it, you must report it to me! You aren't allowed to do any more messy things and you can't deceive me, not letting me know uh… don't move…"

"I will listen to you so let me release it."

Lust really ruined people!

The always calm and rational Mr. Xi immediately gave up his financial power!

The next day, Xi Ze calmly took out all the black cards, diamond cards and gold cards from his wallet. After seeing that the youth still looked suspicious, Mr. Xi sighed and also handed over his checkbook.

At this point, the home owner looked proud while the poor family member was oppressed.

But as Master Chen once said, 'it takes constant vigilance to stave off evil.'

After leaving home, Mr. Xi came to the Ji and Ya studio and said to his agent, "Help me go to the bank to order a checkbook and fund it. The amount will be drawn from the account of the Muse shareholders, don't involve other accounts."

After taking the cards, Ming Xiaoyu would always stare at the money flow in these cards. However, he also gave the man a seven figure sum every month. Xi Ze often had to socialize so this seven figure sum should absolutely be enough.

Ming Yu was really thoughtful. The checkbook was gone so Xi Ze couldn't write a blank cheque anymore. The bank cards were with Ming Yu so Xi Ze couldn't report the card number and get new cards. He really handled everything!

Except he didn't think that the child he raised could actually make money!!!

Having more than a dozen cards, this wasn't Mr. Xi's style.

He had a few more accounts on his body, meaning there wasn't pressure on Mr. Xi.

As a result, the seemingly imminent storm slowly dissolved. In the next month, Ming Xiaoyu's fans often found a strange phenomenon.

The big hand of the fan circle, lead mushroom fan God Zyu! He actually had an ambiguous relationship with a small fan!

【 Zyu: Your name is too eye-catching. Isn't is better to change it? @I want to break my wife's leg 】

【 Zyu: Give me your address and I will send you the prizes @I want to break my wife's leg 】

【 Zyu: Didn't you see my message? How are you doing? Hello? Moshi moshi? @I want to break my wife's leg 】……


Who was God Z?

The first leader of the mushroom fans!

At the same time, he was a noble, cool and not easy to speak top fan!

Suddenly, God Z changed. He was a little fan who wasn't known at all. Was it because this small fan refused to give him the address for the prizes that he was so concerned?

God X, look at me, I won't give you my address ahhh!!!

God Z arbitrarily shouted for half a month!

Then many fans started curiously writing and drawing their own stories about this fan, such as Zyu x good legs, good legs x Zyu… cough, 'good legs,' this abbreviation was actually quite good. Do you readers feel it is quiet smooth?

In any case, the fans played a variety of CPs and after many episodes, added Xiao Biqing as a supporting role!

Xiao Biqing: …I am a dog.

Time passed in this busy and fulfilling way. On January 2nd, 2018. the second day of the new year, the eyes of the global fashion industry gathered in the capital of Huaxia to welcome the arrival of the annual Muse Fashion Party!

Chapter 196

The fashion industry had prospered globally in the last century. Due to Huaxia's national strength, its fashion industry was naturally at the top. Countless luxury brands crazily tried to grab at the Huaxia market, some competing to participate in Huaxia's Fashion Week and the fashion shows.

In order to resist this phenomenon, the United States started the annual RAmer Charity Gala more than 40 years ago. It announced the importance of this event to the world and invited only some heavyweight guests to attend.

This was tantamount to suggesting to fashion people around the world that although the American fashion industry might not be as prosperous as yours, you have to come to the RAmer Charity Gala because it was a top feast of fashion!

This type of behavior was too arrogant.

Therefore, a few years later, the still relatively young Huaxia fashion industry was led by the Muse Modelling Agency to open a global fashion party. The name was very simple. It was called the Muse Fashion Party. Since the RAmer Charity Gala was held in the middle of each year, the Muse Fashion Party would be at the start of every year. In any case, it was earlier than the RAmer Charity Gala  ╮ (╯_╰) ╭

It might seem that people in the world paid more attention to the RAmer Charity Gala than the Muse Fashion Party, but when it came to inexpressible force, the former was worse than the latter.

The threshold of the RAmer Charity Gala was high but it was a global party. The Muse Fashion Party was based on this, plus an added restriction—

They must be related to Huaxia.

It didn't matter if they were a foreign model as like as they were the representative of a brand in Huaxia. If it was a global brand, it didn't matter as long as the global spokesperson was a star of Huaxia.

In any case, only those with a relationship with Huaxia were qualified to receive an invitation.

If you were from Huaxia or were a Huaxia brand? Then there was no problem!

When the Muse Fashion Party took place a year ago, Ming Xiaoyu was only an ordinary second-tier model and wasn't eligible for an invitation. This time he got the invitation early and it was even personally given to him by Shen Xiang, head of the Muse PR department.

Half a month ago, the famous top supermodel Xu Rongrong threw an olive branch to Ming Yu and hoped to walk the red party together.

However, today's Ming Yu was a person in high demand.

As early as one month ago, Muse's sister He Chaoman had already agreed to walk the red carpet with Ming Yu. Therefore, Ming Yu could only regretfully decline Xu Rongrong's invitation.

That evening, the eyes of the global media once again focused on the capital of Huaxia. The smooth and curved building and the steel-like reflective material made the conference hall shine like white opals in the moonlight, reflecting a fascinating radiance.

The red carpet was laid from the red to the end of the artificial lake.

Like the RAmer Charity Gala, the media could only take photos outside and videos were even banned.

Tall and dazzling figures walked on the red carpet under the flashes of the cameras.

Once a luxury BMW slowly stopped at the end of the red carpet, many reporters' eyes gathered and saw a tall and handsome young man escort a beautiful woman.

There were many photos of the two of them on the front page of many newspapers and magazines the next day.

He Chaoman was famous for many years. If it wasn't for her lacking ambition and her desire to rest at him, it was likely she would be at the top of the female rankings.

The personal characteristics of He Chaoman wasn't as clear as Cecilia and Du Ruo. Among the two, Cecilia was ethereal and pure, while Du Ruo was enchanting and eye-catching. Among the top three female supermodels, only He Chaoman had a noble and elegant temperament that people couldn't forget.

She was a goddess, a goddess that nobles couldn't help looking up to.

He Chaoman's temperament and appearance were impeccable. But the even more surprising thing was that despite standing next to such a goddess, Ming Yu wasn't eclipsed at all. The atmosphere between the two people was quite natural, making people feel admiration.

Since the last time that Ming Yu attended the RAmer Charity Gala, Ji and Ya specifically provided a high-end outfit for Ming Yu. This time no one dared say it was plagiarized. It was because as early as three days ago, this outfit was posted on Ji and Ya's official website.

The crimson outfit shone like a gemstone under the lights. The youth wearing this outfit was even more refreshing. Every step caused the string of broken diamonds at his cuff to wave, like a string of silver flowers.

The intangible field around Ming Yu and He Chaoman as they walked together was even more commendable.

He Chaoman clearly wore a pair of high heels and her height was almost equal to Ming Yu. However, everyone was surprised to find that in front of this youth, He Chaoman seemed a bit more feminine. When Ming Yu handed a pen to her for the signature wall, she seemed like she was being taken care of by a gentleman and her momentum involuntarily weakened.

Of course, this wasn't to say that He Chaoman was lacking. It was just that when these two supermodels stood together, the fierce aura around them made them seem to shine on the same stage.

In any case, this was a fashion party hosted by Muse. After He Chaoman entered the venue, the next people were Luo Cheng and Xu Rongrong. These two people also had amazing temperaments, but compared to the previous Ming Yu and He Chaoman, everyone found that Luo Cheng and Xu Rongrong were a bit silly.

This wasn't to say that Luo Cheng and Xu Rongrong were worse than the Ming Yu pair. But if the latter were noble and cold, the former were gentle and approachable.

A few of the world's top stars, supermodels and design masters entered. The final group to enter was the Ji and Ya studio team led by Xi Ze.

At this point, the entire red carpet was finished. The poor reporters were door but they didn't give up waiting at the entrance of the venue.

The party officially began.

The party might be sponsored by Muse but Du Ruo was the MC. She spoke a few short words and the guests were free. Unlike the RAmer Charity Gala were everyone sat at tables, the Muse Fashion PArty had a free to eat approach.

All the guests were free to talk and move around. The organizers only invited some stars to give dance and singing performances, as well as issuing several awards to the audience.

This was one area where the Muse Fashion Party was higher than the RAmer Charity Gala.

At this party, the World Supermodels Organization would give awards to relevant people in fashion, including the Best Male and Female Model of the Year award, Best Fashion Brand of the Year, Designer of the Year, Best of the Year…. there were always awards for newcomers.

Xi Ze was naturally surrounded by many people in such occasions. This was the first time Ming Yu came to the Muse Fashion Party and he met many colleagues in his company. Ming Xiaoyu didn't have stage fright despite it being the first time he attended such a party. He calmly communicated with the other models and designers.

A handsome youth naturally attracted the attention of others.

Soon, more and more people came to talk to Ming Yu because they found that it was really good to talk to this youth. Regardless of whether they were a famous designer or an ordinary first-tier model, he would clearly say their names and some achievements.

Halfway through the party, many people gave this youth the title of 'Beauty of the Fashion World.'

Under a crystal chandelier, Ming Yu held a glass while chatting with others. People who got close to him discovered the beauty of this youth. He not only had a good appearance, he had a way of making people feel good and close to him.

He Chaoman really lost to this youth when it came to this.

She might be elegant and graceful but she wasn't very approachable.

By the time it was the second half of the party, many people had already spoke to Ming Yu. When some time passed, they would be very comfortable when they left.

At the same time, Luo Ru helped Ming Xiaoyu collect business card. He had already received nearly 100 cards. Just one of these cards would be enough to make some small models ecstatic, while some fourth or third tier models would be completely overturned.

But for today's Ming Yu, these cards were really just business cards.

He calmly chattered with a Huaxia first-tier director for a while. The other person had just left and Ming Yu couldn't turn around when he suddenly heard a low voice at his side. "Hello Ming Yu, I haven't seen you for a long time. I saw your latest issue of Edith. It was shot very well."

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