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Chapter 189

A total of 18 sets of photos were announced to the whole network!

The An Li cast and crew amazed the world with a single brilliant feat! It had been more than a month since the movie was finalized. Director Xu was able to leisurely release these beautiful and gorgeous stills at the end of the year, attracting the attention of all netizens.

Among these 18 sets of stills, there were eight single person stills of the protagonists and ten drama stills.

Xiao Biqing was wearing a bluish green Qing Dynasty outfit, a valiant and formidable-looking woman who was a match for men. Her general appearance was elegant and she showed a heroic spirit. Fang Liangxiu was white from head to toe, a jeweled belt and looked handsome and extraordinary.

Apart from the male and female protagonist, the most noticeable person wasn't the second male or second female lead. It was the young man in red clothes, indifferent and evil!

In this set of simple single-person makeup photos, he wore a bright red long clothing with a glamourous gemstone belt. His eyes were fierce and powerful, just like his narrow eyebrows. People couldn't help feeling a chill as they looked at this youth, as if they could see the extreme danger behind him.

In the background of this makeup photo, the post-revision staff had added a big fire. Inside the fire was a terrible corpse. Therefore, when looking at this handsome and cold young man holding a bloody sword, a freezing cold pierced their bodies, making them subconsciously think—

[Killing Devil]

This was the case of the fixed makeup photos. There were many drama stills, the most attractive ones being Xiao Biqing and Fang Liangxiu's sword fights, as well as those with Ming Yu.

Ming Yu's photos were all of him fighting with Xiao Biqing and Fang Langxiu. This was quite normal. After all, any discerning person would know that Ming Yu was definitely a big villain!

If he wasn't a villain, why the body in the flames and the mountain of corpses.

But once people accepted this setting, they started thinking.

【 My family's mushroom is always playing a villain. In the New Life MV, he was an anti-social psycho killer. Now he is a murderer 23333 But I don't know why, I feel like he is so handsome ~(≧▽≦)/~ lalala 】

【 QAQ I can see a long-haired mushroom again in my life, it is worth it! 】

【 Ming Xiaoyu is very suitable for long hair. Ah, so beautiful! There was a still picture before. It was Ming Xiaoyu sitting under the moon, his black hair draped behind him. Simply too beautiful!!  Compared with Ming Xiaoyu, I don't think I'm a woman at all _(:з」∠)_】……

After the debut of the first stills, the most excited people were fans of Xiao Biqing and Fang Liangxiu. Under the fans of these big actors, Ming Xiaoyu's fans were also excited. There were many big hands in the circle who didn't directly pay directly for their food. There was a variety of long hair small mushroom fans who fed the hungry mushroom fans.

Now there were only two months left before the release of An Li. Director Xu's marketing strategy was very effective. He warmed it up two months in advance to keep the topic fresh and to raise anticipation for the movie's release. Secondly, he grasped the psychology of the audience. The hungry marketing meant only putting out stills, not feeding them yet.

Three days after the release of these photos, fans from all over the country and the world were looking forward to An Li.

A martial arts movie that had a two billion yuan investment, it was really big!

You know, most of the investment in movies these days were spent on hiring big name actors and post-production effects. In the hearts of the foreigners, weren't martial arts movies just fighting? Where was the need for special effects? Then where was the two billion yuan spent?

Director Xu took this chance to say something.

First, Director Xu said that one-fifth of the two billion investment was spent on hiring actors. Everyone thought that yes, Xiao Biqing was a three-prize actress and Fang Liangxiu was also a king of movies, their values were high. This money was well spent.

Second, Director Xu said this was just a martial arts movie and they didn't intend to head in the intention of cultivation od fantasy. But their movie had to look beautiful. Every frame was modified in order to ensure that the audience got the best visual experience!

After Director Xu's words, the popularity of An Li reached a new peak in the world.

Xu Yizong's words were credible and to unexpectedly do post-production on every frame, this sincerity was too great!

Thanks to this, fans all over the world were waiting for the premiere of An Li. The fans of Xiao Biqing, Fang Liangxiu and Ming YU said that regardless of the quality of the film, they would be watching three, four, five times!

In fact, the fact that An Li's wave of propaganda could reach across the world had some relationship with Ming Yu. Ming Yu was the global spokesperson of Yizhi and now this movie had—

Three awards winning actress Xiao Biqing, youngest movie king Fang Liangxiu and the top supermodel Ming Yu.

These three people joined forces so An Li's situation was understandable.

But just as everyone was licking the stills and strongly demanding that Director Xu release a propaganda teaser, a person who had disappeared for a long time suddenly popped up and registered a Weibo side account.

【 I am Jiang Kaiyang: I have been gone for more than half a year. In the past six months, I have seen many people who once liked me turn black. How much they once liked me is now how much they hate me. But I know that I deserve all of this. Now the An Li stills have come out. When I saw those stills, I started thinking about that period of time. Blessings @An Li crew. Hoping for a big box office explosion! 】 Jiang Kaiyang was banned by his company and his Weibo was already cancelled. They said that Jiang Kaiyang felt guilty towards his fans and called it. Now he opened a side account and the netizens started to wonder: was this really Jiang Kaiyang?

Jiang Kaiyang quickly posted a few selfies to prove his identity.

In these photos, Jiang Kaiyang's complexion was very poor and his face was also very gaunt. HIs whole body was thin and looked very uncomfortable, like it had problems.

It had been half a year since things happened. Many fans who once liked him lost most of their resentment. They just calmly told him to rest his body, that his body was most important. (After all,  the reason for Jiang Kaiyang's blocking was that Jiang Kaiyang was ill)

But when Jiang Kaiyang's Weibo came out, people started to mock him.

【 Appearing when the An Li stills are released, does he want a share? 】

After the big wave of sunspots, there were many fans of the new second male lead who were also quite annoyed. They said: 【 It was you who caused the problem so that our male god replaced you as the second male lead. I hope that you don't lead a fire to our home.

】 Of course, there weren't many people who argued for Jiang Kaiyang. After all, he was the first to use his fans. Who would want to speak for him now? What if it was another way for Jiang Kaiyang to stab them with the knife?

No one expected that Jiang Kaiyang would take the initiative to speak for himself.

【 I am Jiang Kaiyang: I never said that I wanted to take back the character. Don't misunderstand. But I have to tell you honestly that in the past six months, I have been feeling very bad. The reason why I made an error at that time was because I was dragged down by 16 NG. This resulted in a trance where an error inadvertently occurred. I have admitted to this mistake but don't scold me on this matter! 】

These words suddenly started a storm!

He was dragged down by 16 NGs…

This was definitely Ming Yu who was acting against Jiang Kaiyang!

What was going on? Jiang Kaiyang said he made a mistake because Ming Yu's acting was too bad?

However, this didn't spread too far. Even if Ming Yu's bad acting caused Jiang Kaiyang's mistake, it was a fact that Jiang Kaiyang used his fans! That was the truth!

Moreover, Ming Yu's current fame couldn't be affected by Jiang Kaiyang. After all, Ming Yu's main job was a model, not an actor. An Li was the only movie role he had so it was understandable if his acting wasn't good.

However, Jiang Kaiyang made another public statement.

【 I am Jiang Kaiyang: Enough! I've had enough! I was really wrong. I used you and was really wrong! But do you really think that @Ming Yu is a good person? Do you think he’s really clean? His background is very big and I can't afford to go against it! I still can't afford it and am hiding! Please give me some quiet! 】

Chapter 190

This was really a stone that stirred up a thousand waves!

Jiang Kaiyang's original words weren't painful for the present Ming Yu. He was a world-class supermodel. Who would care about one or two sentences criticizing his poor acting? However, the sentence 'very big background' made many of Ming Xiaoyu's sunspots move.

【 A back door, I said it! How can he get this status so quickly if he has no background? 】 【 Hahaha, I really don't know what Ming Yu's background is. You all say that Ming Xiaoyu looks good, I don't… hehe 】

【 I just say the An Li stills. Ming Yu's character is extremely effeminate! I can only think of the word effeminate! With these looks, who knows where he came from? Isn't it written on his information that Ming Yu is an orphan. Having a family background is definitely impossible. Then what is his background… 】……

Jiang Kaiyang's original words could only slightly damage Ming Yu's image in the entertainment industry and had no big impact on him. But a matter like his background was a problem that man fans were concerned about.

If the idol you have always liked go where he was not through his own efforts, but through a back door or even the unspoken rules, how would you feel?

Some passersby fans starts to shake. After all, if they thought about it, Ming Yu's development was too smooth.

During the incident with Fashion Entertainment, Ming Yu was only a third-tier model but the second-tier magazine had to apologize to him. Later, it was smooth sailing as he was able to get good endorsements and good fashion shows. Whenever there was a storm, he could be saved from it and even benefited from it.

Were these things really because Ming Yu was very powerful?

However, most of Ming Xiaoyu's fans didn't care about Jiang Kaiyang's 'background theory.'

【 Every time Mushroom is on the catwalk, his strength has been recognized by the world's major media. His appeal in every endorsement is obvious to everyone. Now you want to rely on a sentence to deny Mushroom's achievements? You are dreaming! 】

【 It has been more than half a year and you still come out to bit. Go back and have a good rest. We no longer care about you. Ming Xiaoyu risked his life trying to save you. You white-eyed wolf don't know how to have a good heart and returned his 'grace' like this, acting as if Ming Xiaoyu hurt you! 】

【 I only believe in my own eyes. I feel that every performance of Ming Yu's is very amazing. That's why I like him! If he really relied on his background then why? Why didn't he rely on his background to debut? Why? He crawled from a second-tier magazine to his current position. 】……

The words of the netizens combined with the intervention of Muse's PR department had control of this matter.

It was impossible for today's Ming Yu to succumb purely to Jiang Kaiyang's words. Not to mention, he couldn't produce any evidence.

When Zhao Rui told Ming Yu about this type of thing, he didn't care very much. "Didn't CX Entertainment say that they blocked him?"

Zhao Rui thought for a moment before saying, "Shen Xiang contacted the people at CX Entertainment. They said that they called Jiang Kaiyang but he never picked up. In addition, the side account isn't certified. Jiang Kaiyang might be their artist but they have no means to limit the freedom of the 'individual' Jiang Kaiyang. Therefore, they have sent an agent to Jiang Kaiyang's home to see the situation."

Ming Xiaoyu's brow tightened and he thought for a moment. Then he asked, "Is it confirmed that the side account is actually Jiang Kaiyang?"

Zhao Rui was slightly stunned when he heard this. After a while, he said, "I will check."

Ming Xiaoyu didn't pay attention to what happened next. It was because he believed that Jiang Kaiyang was selfish but he wouldn't be able to make any big waves.

Jiang Kaiyang had no evidence that Ming Yu was in a relationship with Xi Ze. Even if he did, he wouldn't dare publish it. After all, don't talk about Xi Ze, even today's Ming Yu couldn't be provoked.

Unexpectedly, Ming Xiaoyu never imagined that on the second day, Jiang Kaiyang acted like a fish swimming to his death as he published—

【 I am Jiang Kaiyang: Can I get out of the entertainment industry? Can't I get out on my own? I have been blocked by Ming Yu's background and will leave on my own! Ming Yu, remember that I have a clear conscience. I'm not afraid of you Ming Yu, I am afraid of the person behind you! 】

Once they saw this, Luo Ru carefully avoided the people around them and asked Ming Yu, "Xiaoyu, this matter… should Mr. Xi intervene?"

Ming Xiaoyu didn't know if he should laugh or cry. "No, it isn't needed this time."

This level of pouring dirty water was too good!

The fans didn't think a star would make a joke about their future, threatening that other people have blocked them. They didn't know that Xi Ze had nothing to do with Jiang Kaiyang being banned. His friend, the president of CX Entertainment took the initiative to block Jiang Kaiyang. This matter had nothing to do with Ming Xiaoyu.

However, a star already used his own future to make a guarantee, this was equivalent to an ancient death. Regardless of whether Ming Xiaoyu had a background or not, Jiang Kaiyang couldn't be mixed up in the entertainment industry anymore because he offended a group of people who really did have a background.

More and more people started to question whether Jiang Kaiyang was telling the truth.

Ming Yu's fans still didn't wave but this type of assessment had a certain impact on Ming Yu's reputation. The new world supermodel rankings would soon be released and Ming Yu would become Yizhi's global spokesperson. Under these circumstances, his reputation couldn't be destroyed.

Once Ming Yu heard from Zhao Rui that 'I am Jiang Kaiyang' was really opened by Jiang Kaiyang and those Weibo messages posted by him, Ming Yu silently thought for a long time.

Ming Xiaoyu didn't think he was a good person. Jiang Kaiyang said he had a background and it was true that Xi Ze could barely be counted as his background, but this background was rejected by Ming Yu when it first appeared.

Xi Ze could only be regarded as an auxiliary role to Ming Yu getting this far. It could be said that even without Xi Ze, Ming Yu believed in his own strength and he could solve the obstacles that appeared in front of him again and again.

For example, Zhu Wei at the beginning had nothing to do with Xi Ze, For example, later with Mudley and Andrew, it might cost him a bit more with Xi Ze but Ming Xiaoyu could direct public opinion in the way he wanted.

As for Ming Yu's MV, endorsements and fashion shows, they all had no relationship with Xi Ze.

Didn't Shen Xiang previously go to Xi Ze in the hope that he would open a back door for his lover, only to unexpectedly be rejected?

There was a saying that Ming Yu always said, but it had never been wrong. [If you are a gold master, you are the world's most unqualified gold master!]

In the end, the trend on the Internet became increasingly worse. If this continued, even Ming Yu's reputation would be affected. Muse's PR suppressed the media but Ming Yu decided that some things should be settled.

The second evening after Jiang Kaiyang started talking, a media outlet released a set of exposure photos.

There were more than 20! Each one was dimly lit but they had a familiar face!

In these photos, Jiang Kaiyang slept very well while the middle-aged woman lying beside him was taking a selfie.

It was a selfie and the media put mosaics over the faces of these women. This didn't prevent people from recognized that these women were at least 50 or 60 years old based on the wrinkles on their necks and arms!

And in these photos, there were those exposing Jiang Kaiyang's lower body!

The mosaic blocked specific parts and the photos were taken sneakily while Jiang Kaiyang was sleeping. But this couldn't hide the fact that Jiang Kaiyang slept with a group of old women!

A young and handsome small star in the entertainment industry unexpectedly slept with a group of old women like this?

You could say that Jiang Kaiyang had a unique hobby and liked an old woman. Even if no one believed these words, it could cover the past. But! In these photos, the women had short hair, long hair, one had a birthmark on her shoulder while another had a mole on her neck.

They obviously weren't the same person!

Based on these photos, there were at least three or four people!

Jiang Kaiyang liked three or four old women? Who was he trying to fool?

This handsome new star would only go to bed with so many old women for one reason. It was self-evident…

Now everyone understood who went through the back door! Who did the unspoken rules!

Now no one sympathized with this once handsome new star. The fans who no longer resented him became so angry that they all turned black, or those who had already turned black couldn't wait to smash his corpse to comfort themselves over the fact that they once liked this person!

While they were trying to support him, he was accepting the unspoken rules by going to bed with old women. When they paid for the snacks he endorsed, he was accepting the unspoken rules by going to bed with old women!

This type of blow was really too big!

After an hour, Jiang Kaiyang once again cancelled his account.

This didn't stop Jiang Kaiyang from being completely banned in the entertainment industry.

This was no longer a company ban but a ruthless ban by fans.

Ming Yu was shooting an advertisement video when he was informed of this fact. However, he didn't react much. These photos were taken by Ming Yu from Jiang Kaiyang's phone. The Apple phones would delete photos every 100 days or so. Jiang Kaiyang clearly didn't find these photos in the 'recently deleted' folder.

In those 100 days, Jiang Kaiyang went to bed with at least three or four rich people. Ming Xiaoyu knew when he thought about it. Jiang Kaiyang was trying to get the second male lead of An Li by accepting the unspoken rules.

Ming Yu originally didn't intend to publish these photos. Keeping the photos was just preparing a path for himself. As long as Jiang Kaiyang's path never crossed his, he would forget about it.

Now Jiang Kaiyang came out to cause chaos during the rise of Ming Yu's career. Ming Xiaoyu wasn't the type of person to complain about morality. He was a person who returned one drop of water with a gushing spring, but one arrow had to be repaid 10 times.

Ming Yu continued his advertisement shoot without paying attention to this person's business anymore.

On the other side of the capital, in a dimly lit apartment, a pale man looked at the trash and food residue in silence for a long time. In the end, he started laughing and crying, like his spirit had been a bit broken.

After crying for 10 minutes, Jiang Kaiyang wiped his swollen eyes and made a call.

The man on the phone seemed to be very anxious. Jiang Kaiyang opened his mouth and said, "Cheng Su, I did it but you saw the result. These photos have completely ruined my future. The price of 10 million isn't enough. I want 20 million."

The person on the other end of the phone didn't think that Jiang Kaiyang would have such a big opening. He swore and said a few words.

But Jiang Kaiyang just sneered very calmly. "When you found me, you knew that no matter how this matter turned out, I wouldn't be able to mix in Huaxia anymore. Originally, this 10 million that you gave me would let me go abroad for a few decades. Now my ugly photos are exposed and my reputation completely ruined. I might even have a bad time abroad. Don't you need to take responsibility?"

“Don't tell me that these photos are my own responsibility. If I hadn't helped you try to smash Ming Yu, would I have ended up like this? 20 million! Please the 5 million you gave me before as a down payment! 25 million yuan for my silence, it is a bargain!"

“You don’t have that much money? It isn't any of my business. Let me tell you, I recorded our previous conversation when you negotiated with me. If you don't pay me then I will publish the recording! I am difference from you. I have been blocked for half a year and now I'm ruined. What about you? You are still on the rise."

"Oh, you are thinking about it. I will give you three days. 25 million in that time and you will never see me again!"

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