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Chapter 183

When someone guessed that the small model with the processed voice was actually Ming Yu, the incident was raised to another peak!

In the audio, Andrew threatened that Ming Yu would stop at a supermodel and could never compare to him. He would make Ming Yu apologize every time he saw Andrew!

And what about Ming Yu? Facing Andrew, who was backed by Karma, he could only try to maintain his dignity again and again. Despite his voice trembling, he still asked for the other party to apologize!

When Andrew bullied Ming Yu like that, Ming Yu could only endure it. But once Andrew insulted his homeland, Ming Yu no longer tolerated it. He stood up directly, even if he risked offending the man who could drive him out of the European and American fashion industries. He wouldn't allow Andrew to insult his homeland!

【 Damn Andersu, do you have eyes? Is your name on the rankings? No! Look at the 42nd place! Who is it? Who is it?!!! 】  

【 I have never seen a man as brazen as Ander!  】

【 Look at this person, he became a supermodel because he debuted with Karma. This man dares say that Ming Xiaoyu won't appear on the rankings? He dares to scold our Ming Xiaoyu? He dares to bully our Ming Xiaoyu? Ander must come out and apologize! He must pay the price!!! 】

【 QAQ Small Mushroom's voice might be processed and the original voice can't be heard, but I am still sad… Mushroom's voice is trembling. How can Andrew bully Mushroom? He is disgusting! 】……

As early as the day before, many netizens spontaneously started to boycott any brand related to Andrew in Huaxia. The next day, the hundreds of Karma counters in Huaxia faced an unprecedented cold storm!

There were some people who didn't know what happened and came to the Karma counter as usual. Then they were discouraged by passing customers. Thus, there was no one at all the Karma counters in Huaxia!

It wasn't because the recent sales of high-end shopping malls wasn't good. Besides the Karma counter, the other luxury brands still has hot sales, forming a sharp contrast with the dismal Karma counters.

"Karma's main men's clothing line Roth Matt, for the first time the sales volume in Huaxia is only five digits!

Karma's main beauty skin care line Lilanka, for the first time the sales volume in Huaxia is only four digits!!!"


Huaxia had a quarter of the world's population and also the highest national GDP in the world! Huaxia's people were quite generous and keen to pursue a better life. They weren't stingy when it came to consumption. Therefore, this country was always a must for global luxury brands, even if they needed to pay high taxes.

Today, Karma was met with the Antarctic treatment!

To the people of Huaxia, it completely didn't exist! When customers walked past the Karma counter, they used their eyes and words to vent their hatred towards this brand.

Don't doubt why Andrew could make Huaxia people hate Karma so much.

You know, Huaxia had a strength that was unmatched by the rest of the word. Those were were racist were afraid to say anti-Huaxia rhetoric. It was because the cohesion of the people in Huaxia couldn't be imagined. As long as you dared insult their country, then just wait for a lesson in blood.

For example, 10 years ago, there was an anti-Huaxia writer who said on a local program in Italy, "I really don't like the country of Huaxia. They are a group of dangerous people. They are economically developed and their military is also quite terrible. If they continue to develop like this, they will become the masters of the whole world!"

This wasn't a strictly anti-Huaxia speech.

They even praised Huaxia's powerful national strength.

But for the 1.3 billion Huaxia people who listened, it was blown up in a flash!

They were a group of rabbits guarding their own carrots. They just wanted to guard themselves. This gentleman was jealous of their national strength and economic prosperity. That's why he advocated the 'Huaxia is dangerous' theory. What was this? Was it because he wanted to sell books in Huaxia that he was afraid to directly say anti-Huaxia words?

Even if he was writing a gold book, they would never read it!

The writer never imagined that the words he said on a small program would result in such a large boycott. The previous week, his book had tens of thousands of sales in Huaxia. The next week, his book only had a few hundred sales!

Those were roundabout words. Then what did Andrew say?

Their blood was disgusting!

Their skin was disgusting!

Since he despised them, don't blame them for not seeing him!

Within three days, the stocks price of Karma plummeted! Many Huaxia groups working with Karma decided to end their cooperation period. One, Karma's reputation had become unspeakable in Huaxia. Two, they really disliked cooperating with an anti-Huaxia brand!

At the same time, Karma counters around the country started to close.

Bad sales was one thing, but it was impossible for the counters to close in three days because of this! In fact, many Karma sisters submitted their resignations or requested a change in counters.

They also hated Karma and were tired of standing at the Karma counter, facing all those disgusted expressions.

Within a week, Karma was already yelled at by everyone in Huaxia and this was after Karma ceased cooperation with Andrew. The pressure was unbearable. Even if Lisa Wallen wanted to protect her son, Karma's board of directors were adamant in putting the tortoise Andrew on stage.

Andrew’s social networking sites had long become terrible. The Huaxia netizens were the most numerous but there were also netizens from Japan, Korea, Africa, the West, etc., who strongly condemned him.

Andrew appeared and posted an apology video.

In the video, he cried so much his eyes were red and he choked out all types of apologies. He said that he was just angry and didn't expect such serious consequences. He was only 17 years old and still young. His world view was still immature. Later, he would do his best to correct his worldview and he apologized to people around the world.

【 Haha? 17 years old is still young? This person became the prince of the European and American fashion industries when he was 17 years old! 】

【 Do you think this will be finished with an apology? Pushing the fault towards your age? You are 17, not 7 years old! 】

【 You were angry? How dare you say that you were angry? Ming Yu was scolded to that extent and just asked you to apologize to Huaxia. What did you say? You have the nerve to say you were angry? Damn, go to hell! 】

【 It is all a routine! Look, the first step is to cry. The second step is to apologize. The third step is for find excuses, such as being too young. The fourth step is saying they will change and the fifth step is to ask for forgiveness. Hey, why is this apology so familiar? Isn't it exactly the same as a male star a few years ago? 】……

If you offended a person, you must apologize so that the other party can accept. If you offend a group of people, you must sincerely apologize so that the other side can accept. But now! Andrew angered hundreds of millions of people around the world!

It was a skill to agitate the yellow skinned and black skinned people in one sentence.

Even now, Andrew didn't apologize to Ming Yu or those who had been oppressed by him in the European and American fashion industries.

As early as this week, many small stars and models who had been bullied by Andrew appeared one after another, starting to accuse Andrew of suppressing and blocking them.

A small model had a public confrontation with Andrew. From then on, he was hidden for the best years of his life. A little star just said that Andrew was very young and an 'uneducated little boy.' He was beaten up and banned from the United States!

Do you think you could suppress people's angry voices? No! The people who had been bullied by Andrew buried hatred in their hearts for years. Now the the volcano finally erupted, it would be out of control!

Those protesting Andrew gradually moved from 'protesting against Andrew's racist remarks' to 'protesting against Andrew's arrogance in Europe and the United States' and 'protesting against the chief designer of Karma who protected and condoned Andrew's misconduct.'

10 days later, Rosalind's chief designer entered Karma headquarters and talked with the Karma executives for more than an hour. The next day, Karma posted an announcement on their official website.

【 Due to the personal misconduct of Karma's chief designer Lisa Wallen, Karma has terminated the contract with Lisa Wallen. We have invited Longfellow Cuiqu as the new chief designer. Any Karma brand has no connect with Lisa Wallen. Karma's lawyers have also sent an official letter to Lisa Wallen, strongly requested compensation for damages to Karma's reputation… 】

At this point, Karma really had nothing to do with the Wallen family.

Even Andrew’s father, who was on the Karma board of directors, was bought out by a mysterious Huaxia person. Karma thoroughly washed itself clean of the Wallen family.

These things naturally caused a sensation in the global fashion industry.

Lisa Wallen had been Karma's chief designer for 10 years. The chief designer of a top luxury brand rarely changed and now Lisa Wallen was actually dismissed by Karma? Then she really no longer had a path in the fashion industry!

These fashion people simply thought that Lisa Wallen was killed by her bear son and that she was dismissed by the board of directors due to the Karma boycott.

It was true that half the Karma counters in Huaxia were already removed and the situation was quite bleak in Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other places. It would be hard for Karma to fully recover without a decade or two.

Although Karma had been dragged down by the Wallen family, the Karma board of directors had ignored the rampant arrogance of the Wallen family for years. This was punishment for them.

Dismissing the chief designer was a tough choice for Karma but they had to do it. The first reason was because the new Huaxia major shareholder, who bought Mr. Wallen's shares when the stock price of Karma plummeted, strongly urged them to dismiss Mrs. Wallen. The second reason was because Rosalind put pressure on Karma, asking Karma to restore their reputation in the European and American fashion industries.

Under various factors, the Wallen family was driven out of Karma and Andrew Wallen was a global enemy.

This result caused great satisfaction and the anger of the people in the world (especially Huaxia) was somewhat relieved. Some people even ridiculed Andrew's video where his crying was just acting. They said he deserved to be this year's Golden Plum Award winner.

They didn't know that this would be the last time they saw Andrew Wallen.

Since then, even the name Andrew Wallen didn't appear in any newspapers!

His name didn't even go down because of his infamy?

Sorry! You wanted people to know this name? After being scolded by the world for half a year, people were too lazy to comment on this shameless and nasty racist, so that no one remembered his name anymore.

This promising new supermodel was really buried in history. Even if someone looked up his information, the only comment on his Wikipedia page was:

『 Since the 21st century, the first person who dares to openly speak racist words. 』

Chapter 184

After Andrew's incident, the people of the world scolded him for a full month before feeling relieved.

In any cause, paying attention to this type of racist who had no qualities would only make themselves feel bad. Let him stay where he was. No one cared about how miserably this scum was living.

However, after the Andrew racist incident, some people started to feel suspicious about who recorded it.

In the audio, there were only three voices. There was Andrew's voice that didn't change, Ming Yu's voice and a voice that seemed to belong to a Ruth Mary staff member.  Andrew wasn't stupid enough to record himself. Then…

【 Ming Yu was responsible for this matter? He stirred it up himself?! 】 Many people supported this view. Ming Xiaoyu had received more and more fans since he became famous., However, his sunspots were growing at a rapid rate. Not to mention that other small models were secretly staring at him with envy.

But this view was quickly overwhelmed by the masses.

Even if Ming Yu did record it, so what? Was Andrew not an anti-Huaxia person? Was he not a racist? Did he not bully Ming Yu and try to drive him out of the Ruth Mary high-end show?

Later, the gossip media called Richard published a video.

It seemed to be the surveillance video of the parking lot. An official from Richard said they obtained this information from the monitoring on the parking lot. In order to protect the interests of the innocents involved, they only selected and released the video. Now that people were doubting the source of the recording, they would also expose the video.

In the dimly lit surveillance window, the netizens could see an aggressive and domineering blond man looking disdainfully at a handsome young man. And the latter? He could only bit his lips. There seemed to be tears in his eyes but he still tried hard not to succumb to this evil force!

【 Mushroom! QAQ It really is Mushroom QAQ Ahhh, how can you bully Mushroom so much. Mushroom is crying!!! 】

【 This is the first time my family's Ming Xiaoyu is being bullied like this! I am mad! I don't know where Andrew went to die but he better hide. If I see him then I will hit him with rotten eggs!! 】  

【 Ming Yu is really pitiful. I just combined the audio and video today. He was really pushed by Andrew and tried to maintain his dignity. He wasn't angry when Andrew tried to make him apologize but he couldn't give up when Andrew insulted Huaxia. Good Ming Yu! Passersby turned to a fan!!! 】……

As a result, more and more passersby became fans of this stubborn and strong young man.

They started to search for various posters and MVs of this youth. When the watched the many fashion shows that the youth had walked in, they couldn't help sighing sadly. 【 If I knew you were so handsome then I would've already been a fan ahhhhh!!!  I love Mushroom for a lifetime!! 】 There was no need to mention how Richard got the recordings of the surveillance video (╯_╰) ╭ .

After Richard released the video, more and more people liked Ming Xiaoyu.

The sympathy card was a really good one!

Even Zhao Rui didn't think there would be such a powerful effect!

In the early stages of the Andrew incident, attention on Ming Xiaoyu increased. Now it had been on month and Ming Yu's search index had already surpassed second place by at least three times! And it was still soaring at a frightening rate!

At the same time, Ming Yu's Weibo fans broke through 80 million during this period! Even Xu Rongrong, who had more than 70 million fans, became the fourth ranked Muse supermodel when it came to Weibo fans.

On the Muse website, the number of Ming Xiaoyu fans was also frightening. One month ago, he had been ranked 9th. Now there was a crazy increase of millions of fans. The total amount was 26 million and he soared to the 4th position. He once again defeated Xu Rongrong.

There was a small episode in regards to this. When the number of Xu Rongrong's Weibo fans was defeated by Ming Yu, she joked on Weibo that Ming Xiaoyu owed her dinner. She lost to Ming Xiaoyu and felt envy and hate.

Ming Yu politely responded to her.

Xu Rongrong was just joking. After all, she still had millions more fans on the Muse official website than Ming Yu. Weibo dans didn't need to answer 100 tough questions or pay membership fee. When it came to gold content, Ming Yu's official Muse website fans were much worse.

However, just three days later…

【 Xu Rongrong:(⊙口⊙)The rear waves of the Yangtze River driving on those before it (the new is constantly replacing the old)! I was killed on the beach by @Ming Yu! Must treat me, treat, treat!!! 】

 Ming Xiaoyu couldn't only laugh and cry at this. In the Muse company, he brought Xu Rongrong a cut of afternoon tea in compensation for not 'giving a lady face.'

This result made Zhao Rui feel great emotional. "Xiaoyu, at the beginning I didn't understand why you told Shen Xiang not to find a domestic media, making him find Richard after great difficulty and letting Richard publish this recording. It seems you already know that if it was published in the domestic media, these sunspots wouldn't be thinking about Andrew. They would think you are trying to hype yourself up and even pour dirty water on you!"

The handsome youth smiled humbly, hiding his achievements.

Now in the Muse Modelling Agency, he was ranked 42nd and temporarily behind eight supermodels such as Xi Ze, He Chaoman, Luo Cheng and Xu Rongrong.  But when it came to Muse fans, he already surpassed Xu Rongrong and was only second to Xi Ze.

The current Ming Yu had an extremely high popularity. It could even be said that his global popularity definitely wasn't any worse than Luo Cheng. What he lacked now was better resources. He needed more jobs and achievements to prove himself and use his strength to convince more people.

To this end, Muse officials allocated a large amount of resources to Ming Yu, letting him choose. These resources included the Muse magazine cover, a global endorsement of a certain line of Rosalind, an invitation to the Otilla high-end show, etc.

These resources were absolutely perfect for a supermodel ranked 42nd in the world.

But Shen Xiang felt that these resources couldn't support the speed of Ming Yu's progression. In such circumstances, the best plan Shen Xiang thought of was to find Xi Ze. As long as Ming Yu could appear in a Ji and Ya high-end show as the opening or finale model, he was absolutely guaranteed results!

Shen Xiang found Xi Ze and hoped he could open a back door for Ming Yu. However, Xi Ze silently thought for a while before replying, "February's high-end show has been set. It is a female high-end show so he can't appear in it."

Shen Xiang was slightly stunned by these words but he also understood that the preparations for the high-end show had already begun. How could Xi Ze waste the efforts of so many staff members just because of his lover by suddenly changing the theme of the high-end show?

After seeing Shen Xiang's helpless appearance, the elegant man gently put down his pen and looked at the other person. He asked calmly, "This matter, did you take the initiative to ask or did Zhao Rui come to you?"

Shen Xiang replied, "I came to ask myself. Zhao Rui, that boy is so irresponsible. Ming Yu is a model under his hand but he isn't anxious about what follows next. Despite Ming Yu's rising popularity, he is calmly completely common projects every day, such as taking the cover of Lanka and the Dusha endorsement."

Xi Ze's lips thinned thoughtfully at the words. Then he asked, "What is the relationship between Ming Yu and I?"

Shen Xiang couldn't help saying, "Aren't you a pair?"

The man nodded and lightly tapped his fingers on the wooden table. "Since I am a pair with him, aren't you worried about what would happen if he enters the Ji and Ya fashion show? Zhao Rui already knows that Ming Yu can't be invited to a Ji and Ya fashion show for half a year. But he believes in one thing."

Shen Xiang asked without understanding, "What is it?"

"He believes." Xi Ze's eyes flashed as he smiled. "He trusts Ming Yu's strength."

This made Shen Xiang stunned. He hadn't recovered when Xi Ze saidm "Zhao Rui isn't good about handling many things. Sometimes you can't endure it. But he is always very lucky or his intuition is very good. He believes that my lover has great strength and there is a saying that has been true since ancient times—"

"Real gold isn't afraid of fire, fragrant wine fears no dark alley." (TL: Quality goods need no advertising)

Two days later, the PR director of Huaxia's top luxury brand Yizhi personally came to Muse.Under the leadership of Linda, the deputy director of Muse's PR department, he met with Ming Yu, Zhao Rui and Luo Ru, negotiating with these three people. In one afternoon, a contract was signed.

One day later, in mid-November of 2017, the Yizhi high-end studio published information about the high-end show that would take place in a week and a long list of supermodel invitations.

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