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Chapter 179

In the aspect of spoiling her child, Mrs. Wallen was simply a mess. But as Karma's chief designer, she still had some means with other design masters, as long as it wasn't related to her son.

Thus, the next day when Ruth Mary's fashion show was beginning, a strange rumour spread across Europe's fashion industry—

"I heard that this time Ruth Mary invited a new supermodel to walk in the show. It seems to be an inside thing. The supermodel walked through the back door and relied on an unknown relationship to get a chance."

“A new supermodel who just entered the list? There are five of them! Ruth Mary is a men's show. Is it Andrew Wallen? His mother Lisa Wallen has a good relationship with the chief designer of Ruth Mary. They are like brother and sister. Did Andrew walk through the back door?"

“It’s not Andrew! It is the new Huaxia supermodel, Ming Yu. The popular one who recently got the 'Men's Best Dressed Award' at the RAmer Charity Gala!"

"Ah! It is him! I was wondering why he got on the supermodels list so quickly. I thought he climbed up step by step. In fact, he had a back door."


It was unknown where the rumours started but they spread to the studios of various fashion brands. Some of them were third and fourth tier brands with no influence, some were fairly good second-tier brands and there were even a lot of popular first-tier brands.

Once several small tabloids in France and the United Kingdom published several reports about the Ruth Mary fashion show, this statement became more prevalent and escaped the fashion industry. It was passed around and even fashion lovers learned the news that was 'said to be true.'

【 No way? Huaxia's Ming Yu came through the back door? I always thought he was a clean newcomer. 】

【 I was wondering why Ming Yu could get on the supermodels list and get the invitation letter for the RAmer Charity Gala. It really is a back door! 】

【 Ming Yu's fans are too arrogant. Last time, they ran to our social networking sites to fight with us. How do our celebrities and models seem now? This Ming Yu isn't very good! 】……

Once the traditional media joined, this unproven information was regarded as the 'truth' and was highly credible. The small media insinuated, "With Ming Yu's present status, he shouldn't be a model in Ruth Mary's high-end fashion show!"

This type of thing couldn't be confirmed or denied. It was just a hypothesis put forward to make people think.

Ming Xiaoyu was about to start participating in the fashion show when he discovered these inexplicable rumours. But the urgent task was to complete Ruth Mary's fashion show. Therefore, Ming Yu gave some orders to Luo Ru and hurried to dress for the show.

Over the 30 minutes of the fashion show, the excellent performances of the supermodels made the atmosphere very lively. A total of three applauses were heard from the audience. One was for the opening model, the world's 13th ranked model. Another was for the finale model, the world's 9th ranked model. Finally, the last one was given to Ming Yu.

The youth was wearing a white long jacket, the white showing off the delicate skin of the youth. There was also the black leather boots and dark grey pattern on the white. Every step was very confident and calm, as if he was an elegant gentleman from the Middle Ages.

This outfit was very common in the fashion show and there was nothing particularly outstanding about it. But once a certain man took the lead to clap, the wave of applause gradually spread.

If the applause for the opening model and the finale model was due to their clothes, this applause was entirely dedicated to Ming Yu.

It was because the way he walked made the jacket with no special features attract the attention of many people. It made them pay attention to the design inspiration revealed in the clothes.

Models and clothes were always complementary.

An ordinary model could reduce their sense of presence and let the audience only gaze at the clothes. An extraordinary model could use their own sense of presence to make people stare at this outfit!

Such models were really few. Even on the world supermodel rankings, few supermodels could do this.  So for most designers, they didn't put too much faith in the models and believed in their own strength.

This time, one of the world's top design masters was applauding a model.

When Xi Ze clapped, the first one to be surprised was the design master sitting next to him. This design master had some friendship with Xi Ze and had a bit of understanding about him.. It was due to this understanding that the design master's eyes widened when he heard Xi Ze clapping. Xi Ze was actually clapping for a model?

You know, Xi Ze wasn't just a design master. He was also the world's number one supermodel!

Xi Ze unexpectedly took the initiative to lead everyone in the applause. What did this mean? It showed that Xi Ze was very positive about Ming Yu's strength and thought he deserved this applause!

Xi Ze's vision couldn't be doubted. Thus, when Ming Yu next appeared, the design master observed him for a long time.

He found that this youth was really different from other supermodels and didn't completely hide behind his clothes. The design master sighed and thought to himself. 'This strength is enough to make any design master marvel.  No wonder Xi Ze would clap for him!'

—Master, you are really thinking too much! Ming Xiaoyu could trot on the stage and drink a bit and Mr. Xi would still clap appreciatively!

What was that saying? This is my wife, I am justified in clapping!

Of course, Ming Xiaoyu's performance was very worthy of Xi Ze's applause.

After the high-end fashion show was over, many designers, models and photographers were talking as they left.

"I think that Ming Yu is very strong. Even if he came in through the back door, he did his job very well."

"Yes, in the fashion show just now, I think that Ming Yu's performance is better than Kojima. If he replaced Kojima as the finale model, maybe there would be better results."


Strength was the first comeback to the inexplicable rumours.

Ming Xiaoyu might've been in a hurry and didn't understand where these rumours came from, he believed that once the audience saw his performance, they would never think he was 'a model who walked in through the back door.'

But against external forces, this absolute strength was also vulnerable!

Ming Xiaoyu didn't think that his rush caused him to underestimate the enemy, making his first strategy fail!

After the high-end show, many people praised the fashion show on their social networks. A few design masters praised the outstanding models like MingYu and Kojima.


After a quiet night, the next morning contained more strange rumours.

The United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy…

A number of newspapers in Western countries published news about Ruth Mary's high-end show. They praised it with great words. At the same time, something strange was being hinted at with these words.

Voice of America: The supermodels on the world supermodel rankings have the strength to match their rankings Whether it is the 9th ranked Kojima or the 13th ranked Meyer Casey. Their performance was so outstanding that people have to sigh!

New York Daily Mail: The audience clapped three times. Once was for the famous Japanese supermodel Kojima and once was for the famous male model Meyer Casey of Italy. They joined hands with Ruth Mary, the exquisite clothing and superb performance making them recognized by the audience!


These newspapers and magazines were just a few small-scale newspapers but they were all regular media. When these newspapers and magazines uniformly reported on the Ruth Mary October high-end show, many fans were happy. At the same time, they discovered the strange remarks.

【 The supermodels on the world supermodel rankings… but I remember that there was a model in the fashion show not on the rankings? Haha, I won't say who this person is but I don't know how they were mixed in. 】

【 Kojima and Meyer Casey in the same show. I don't know what blessing this is! Is it a blessing called the back door? 】

【 Among the famous supermodels on the rankings, the little Huaxia model is really too miserable! 】……

Most of these comments were published on the social media and forums of the West. They weren't discovered by the Chinese fans for some time. But once these fans discovered it, they were immediately angry and wanted to find the social media accounts of the masters who praised Ming Yu the night before. They would prepare screenshots for these ignorant people. There were so many masters praising Ming Yu!

But once they came to the social media accounts, they were shocked to find that—

All the words praising Ming Xiaoyu were deleted!

It really wasn't a mistake. They were all deleted!!!

The passionate fans were in a frenzy. At this time, on a famous American talk show, a handsome blond man made a very confidence statement—

“I think that in the upcoming world supermodel rankings, I will be the only new supermodel in my line to break through successfully! My name will really be written on the world supermodel rankings!"

Chapter 180

Andrew's live talk show had a low global influence and could only be regarded as a second-tier program in the United States. Maybe it was because his words on this program were so arrogant that many fashion lovers around the world learned of this news.

To be honest, there were many confident supermodels like Andrew. This was just a declaration and wasn't a big deal. However, Andrew’s sentence had another meaning. He thought that only he could successfully break through among those who became supermodels in the same period.

The ones who became supermodels at the same time was Andrew…

Wasn't Ming Yu among the four people?

The news was first widely circulated in western networks and the media.

【 Andrew is very handsome and has a good figure. He will definitely be the first supermodel to enter the ranking! 】

【 Haha, how can these small models compare to Andrew? Andrew debuted in the Karma high-end fashion show! 】

【 Looking at Andrew, he will definitely be able to advance into the top 80 of the supermodel rankings. 】……

Many Western netizens were supportive of Andrew's behaviour. In their eyes, Andrew was handsome, had a good pedigree and a high starting point. He was another Xi Ze. If he couldn't get on the world supermodel rankings then who could?

That little Huaxia model?

Don't think that he could participate in the high-end show of a top luxury brand!

The Western media blocked their network so the Huaxia fans only knew about Andrew's arrogant declaration after half a day. Originally, they just wondered why so many Wester media outlets were blackening Ming Xiaoyu. Then they gradually understood.

【 Ohh, he is blackening my family's small mushroom with his surname! This type of blackening has long been used in Huaxia for 50 years! Trying to serve up the same product is really fresh. 】

【 The brainless fans should go take medicine! You must be drunk to think that stepping on someone else's position is being superior. 】

【 I went to take a look. Andrew debuted in the Karma show and also endorsed a Karma first-tier brand's perfume. Can I ask our pitiful 'Karma' prince, do you dare to find a job that has nothing to do with Karma? Oh, I am wrong. No one probably wants to invite you, hahaha! 】……

The fans naturally responded. At the same time, Ming Xiaoyu had just returned to Huaxia and was still jet lagged. Over here, the Muse PR department had already contacted many journalists and started to release a draft.

[The world supermodel rankings haven't been announced. Why?] [70 years ago, the January release was delayed. The last time was due to the competition for the 1st position. What is it this time?] [The World Supermodels Organization: This ranking is delayed due to a supermodel's ranking.] In these reports, the Huaxia media alluded that the delay was because they couldn't get a unified vote for the ranking of a supermodel. Therefore, the release was delayed. This allusion didn't make much sense. The World Supermodels Organization had previously given an interview to the media, acknowledged that a ranking issue delayed the list.

However, the Huaxia media emphasized one point. This list was delayed due to a supermodel's ranking problem!

These words caused a big uproar!

A big wave was caused just because of a supermodel's ranking problem?

Which supermodel was this that their ranking would let the hundreds of members of the World Supermodels Organization unable to do anything?

The last time the list was postponed due to a person's ranking was 70 years ago. At that time, the top two female supermodels were equal. They walked step by step and their results were very similar. This really caused the World Supermodels Organization to suffer.

From then on, the World Supermodels Organization had a strict grading standard that was accurate to almost one decimal. After that, there had never been a delay because of a model's score.

Was there going to be a big change in the rankings this time?

When it came to big changes in the list, everyone's first reaction was too look at the high ranking supermodels.  The first one they thought of was Xi Ze. But as soon as they thought this, they all denied the possibility. Xi Ze really showed signs of retreat in this year but the second place Adenes was far below him. There was no comparison.

The second one who came to mind was Cecilia, the world's 1st ranked female supermodel.

Could He Chaoman or Du Ruo surpass Cecilia?

This definitely caused a big earthquake in the fashion world!

If the 1st ranked female supermodel changed, wouldn't the top two positions in the supermodel rankings become occupied by Huaxia people? Huaxia's position in the fashion industry was already very strong. If this change happened, other countries wouldn't be able to live!

The more they thought about this possibility, the more they thought it was the truth!

Thanks to the Huaxia media controlling public opinion, the 'Andrew threatens that he is the only one to enter the world supermodel rankings' and 'Ming Yu entered Ruth Mary through a back door' were completely forgotten. These were trivial matters! Let's take a look at when the world supermodel rankings would be released!

It was the middle of October and it still wasn't released. Wasn't this too unreasonable?

It wasn't just the Huaxia fashion lovers who were anxious. Numerous Western netizens flocked to the official website of the World Supermodels Organization and told them to release the leaderboards quickly!

Among these people, the most excited were Cecilia, He Chaoman and Du Ruo's fans.

Now everyone thought that the reason for the list being delayed was probably due to a major change in the female rankings.

On the other hand, there was also a slight stir among Adenes' fans. They felt that the possibility was very low but what if Adenes really surpassed Xi Ze?

He wouldn't be a chicken but a phoenix!

Adenes who had been below Xi Ze for five years!

He was clearly a top supermodel favoured by fans all over the world., But under the oppression of this big demon, there was no room for surpassed Xi Ze. It would be really nice for Adenes to be at the top for once!

The excited fans caused the official website of the World Supermodels Organization to close for a few minutes. The fans of the top models had a large number that was hard to compare to. But surprisingly, many Ming Xiaoyu fans were present.

It was only when Ming Xiaoyu fans assembled to do one thing that they discovered this youth actually had so many supporters!

As early as half a month ago, Ming Xiaoyu's official Muse website fan number had surpassed Cheng Su and reached 12 million after the surge! It was 9th place among the Muse models!

What was the saying about good preparation was the key to success? That's right!

Once these fans gathered to post messages on the forum of the World Supermodels Organization, everyone was shocked to find that six forces could truly have a sense of existence in the forum and make people pay attention!

The most weighty ones were naturally Xi Ze's fans. These fans rarely spoke but once someone dared speak about 'Xi Ze regressing' and 'Xi Ze isn't a good model', they would immediately throw a pile of data in their face, telling the person about what their God Xi had achieved in the past year!

It was followed by Cecilia's fans. Her fans were fighting with He Chaoman and Du Ruo fans. More than half the fan groups of these female models were male fans.

Don’t think that male fans were inferior to female fans. Cecilia's fans were mainly Westerners while He Chaoman and Du Ruo's fans were from Huaxia, Korea, Japan, etc.

These were troubled times.

Under these people were Adenes and Ming Xiaoyu's fans.

Before today, nobody would believe that a supermodel who hadn't yet entered the world supermodel rankings would have fans no less than the fans of the top supermodels in the world.

Ming Xiaoyu's fans only insisted on one point: 【 Who said that Andrew will be the only one of the five new supermodels to enter the rankings? Can you repeat that? 】

The Muse PR department really used the world supermodel rankings to divert the attention of the media, so that the Western media's blackening of Ming Yu didn't work. This method was very good and had an effect. Right now, no one in the Western media was paying attention to Andrew's words.

However, this didn't mean that the blackening of Ming Yu didn't happen!

Ming Xiaoyu's fans were really angry!

Their family's mushroom entered a high-end show through the back door?

Their family's mushroom couldn't enter the rankings after becoming a supermodel?

Who the hell are you? Are you the emperor? What are you talking about?

【 I don't know about the back door professional whose only jobs are related to Karma, but I will be shocked if he can definitely enter the rankings. I have a bag of dog food. If Andrew Wallen can enter the world supermodel rankings then I will eat this dog food! 】

【 I believe that Ming Xiaoyu can enter the world supermodel rankings! 】

【 I also believe that Mushroom can certainly enter it! He has used his strength to prove himself and his performance is no worse than many people on the rankings. He has accumulated strength for so long, he must be able to soar and get a very good position! 】

Originally, Ming Xiaoyu's fans were too strong and the fans of Western models couldn't compare with them. But once a fan said 'his performance is no worse than many people on the rankings' and 'soar and get a very good position!', the Western fans finally got something to grab onto.

【 Hahaha, who is better than many people? Do Huaxia people have a misunderstanding about the meaning of 'many'? 】

【 There was a Huaxia fan who said that my face is very big. I just went to check. I think it is your face that is very big! I will swear right here! If Ming Yu can enter the rankings, I will parade to the White House's door! If Ming Yu soars, I will go to the White House and shout 'the president is shit!' 100 times. 】

 【 Village bumpkins truly aren't aware of the sky and mountains! Is the world supermodel rankings so easy to climb up on? Soaring? Wanting to exceed many people? Ming Yu's strength is good but can he surpass other excellent supermodels? I can guarantee that even if Ming Yu is on the list, he can only get in the 90s! 】……

Ming Xiaoyu's fan didn't think her words would cause such a big response.

The Western fans had no way to refute the other things so they could only grab onto her words. They kept laughing at the daydreams of Ming Xiaoyu's fans.

The fan cried out anxiously: 【 I'm sorry. I just wanted to say that Mushroom is very strong. I didn't expect such a result. I will call the World Supermodels Organization and ask them to delete my post. I really didn't know. I am sorry to everyone. I harmed you and caused you to be scolded. Ming Xiaoyu was also defamed. 】

Originally, Ming Xiaoyu's fans were pained by this. But once they saw this sister's penitent appearance, they weren't convinced.

【 Why do you think that Mushroom won't exceed many models on the list? 】

【 As long as Ming Xiaoyu reaches the top 80, I will hold a lucky draw with two lipsticks as the prize! If he is in the top 70, I will send four. The top 60 I will send 8! And so on! If Mushroom enters the top 50, I will send lipstick and a makeup set! 】

【 Okay! You can laugh about how Mushroom won't be on the list. We believe in Mushroom's strength! We have witnessed Mushroom's results during this time! As long as Mushroom is on the list, I will send the latest Dusha mushroom crystal necklace! I will send one for 100th place, two for 99th, three for 98th place! And so on! 】

【 Previously, we held the biggest lucky draw in Huaxia for Mushroom. Now I would like to make the world's largest lucky draw for Mushroom! As long as you support 'Ming Yu on the world supermodel rankings' and he enters the rankings, I will send 10 people a set of the Nidelan Smoke fragrances. For Mushroom! 】……

The fans with deep pockets suddenly blindsided the Western fans.

They couldn't understand how this small model could make such a big noise. This was the Nidelan Smoke fragrance and a complete set! They were going to give it away for free? This was too exaggerated!

In fact, many people secretly thought in their hearts, 'Huaxia people are rich…'

The storm caused by Ming Xiaoyu's fans overwhelmed even the war between Cecilia, Du Ruo and He Chaoman. It was impossible to compare to the global lucky draw.

Right now!

The World Supermodels Organization finally moved on the official website that had been frozen five times.

【 Announcement: The rankings will be announced in one day! 】

Chapter 181

The World Supermodels Organization was no longer dead and decided to announce the rankings!

This event spread around the world. Whether it was fashion lovers or fans passing by, they flocked to the World Supermodels Organization's official website and waited for the announcement of the rankings that was one month late!

This time, as if it knew that it had stirred up the public's anger, the world supermodel leaderboards started to change one hour after this announcement was sent out!

『 The world's male supermodels ranked 91-100:

Bobby Bell, Brown Beck, Zhang Yingshu, Han Donglie,  Yamato Yosuke… 』

All the fans: Damn, you are still breathing! (/= _ =)/~┴┴!!!

The World Supermodels Organization uncharacteristically released 10 names first! Once the 10 names were released, seven of the 10 supermodels expressed their feelings on Weibo or Twitter, talking about how hard it was to get on the list.

In fact, it wasn't just fans concerned about the bizarre situation of these rankings. Even the models couldn't help using their phones or computers to refresh the World Supermodels Organization's official website, waiting for the other party to hurry up. People were worried about the leaderboard.

After the first 10 names came out, many Western fans and Ming Xiaoyu's sunspots ridiculed: 【 Haha, he didn't appear in the 91st-100th names. Are you still delusional about Ming Yu going up? It is a fantasy! Go home and sleep! 】

Ming Xiaoyu's fans confidently rebutted: 【 Who told you that not appearing in the 91st-100th names isn't being on the rankings? The supermodels ahead of the 90th rank won't agree, hehe! 】

After 10 minutes, another 10 names were officially announced:

『 The world's male supermodels ranked 81-90:

Edward Locke, Li Xin, Zhao Yucheng… 』

Sunspots: 【 Haha, do you think that Ming Yu will be in the top 80? This is the biggest joke I've heard in the 21st century, hahahaha! 】

Mushroom's fans: 【 Oh, it is only 80 people. Do you dare to look again? 】

10 minutes later:

『 The world's male supermodels ranked 71-80:…… 』

Another ten names were announced and Ming Xiaoyu's fans were quiet. The sunspots laughed excitedly. 【 No, it isn't there? Hahahaha! Few people can advance into the top 70 in their first time. You group of mushroom fans, wake up quickly! 】

But many Ming Xiaoyu fans gritted their teeth and said: 【 This is only the 70s! In addition! I believe in Ming Xiaoyu's strength. His performance is very good and he can definitely get a ranking! 】

In fact, 70~100  was the estimated ranking of most netizens. According to their thoughts, they were 70% confident that Ming Yu could enter the world supermodel rankings. But if he wanted to squeeze out a higher rank, they were afraid that it would be really difficult.

You know, in the past there were 90 supermodels who reached the 70s in their first time. They were very strong dark horses. Now a model who just became a supermodel wanted to enter the top 70, how could it be easy?

Therefore, many Ming Xiaoyu fans became discouraged when the 71st-100th names were announced. They had a voice in their hearts telling them: Ming Xiaoyu will definitely do it! We have to believe in him! He is working hard and we are also desperately supporting him. He definitely can do it!

But their reason told them: It is impossible to rush into the top 70 at once. This is simply a fantasy.

However, they still had a bit of hope. You must know that Du Ruo rushed to the 61st rank her first time. Then she climbed the rankings at a very fast speed, steadily ranking 3rd. Then in the last ranking, she broke through to 2nd place.

In that case, couldn't Ming Xiaoyu do it?

Yes! In their hearts, Ming Xiaoyu was no worse than Du Ruo!

Although they thought this way, Ming Xiaoyu's fans were smothered when the 61st-70th rankings were officially announced. They repeatedly looked at the list. Finally, some sensitive fans even had tears dripping down.

There was no Ming Yu in the 61st-70th rankings!

Now that it was to this extent, it wasn't possible!

Could Ming Yu create a model and advance into the top 60 as a model who didn't debut with a top luxury brand?

The clamoring of the sunspots and Western fans became louder after the 61st-70th rankings were announced. They scoffed at this group of self-righteous Ming Yu fans. Some of them even talked about the prizes that that fans prepared.

【 No wonder why the prizes are so generous. It is impossible for this model to appear in the rankings, haha! 】

At this, Ming Xiaoyu's fans could only grit their teeth and stubbornly reply: 【 The rankings aren't over yet. Why are you so happy? 】 This sentence was just typed when the 51st-60th rankings was published after being late 30 minutes.

The fans stopped the screen for a while. After five seconds, there were roars of laughter. 【 Hahaha, his name isn't in the 51st-60th ranks. There is nothing in the 51st-60th ranks! I'm really laughing to death! Do you really think Ming Yu can make it into the top 50? That is a crazy dream! Luo Cheng debuted in the high-end Yizhi show as the finale model and only reached the 43rd rank. Is it possible to compare with him? 】

Now most Ming Xiaoyu fans were silent and didn't talk anymore. Many of them on the other side of the phone and computer were biting their lips so hard that they were bleeding and their eyes were full of tears.

It was really nothing if Ming Yu didn't appear in the rankings this time. There were 371 supermodels in the world and only 200 spots in the rankings. Not many models would appear in the rankings the first time after becoming a supermodel.

But these people were using a sarcastic tone to laugh at Ming Xiaoyu's efforts.

The fans really didn't understand! Being the 'best-dressed male' at the RAmer Charity Gala, walking in the Ruth Mary high-end show, becoming Dusha's global spokesperson and the only male model on the cover of Suyi in three years…

So many achievements!

The members of the World Supermodels Organization were really blind!

The sunspots were naturally happy and joking about Ming Yu, while Ming Xiaoyu's fans were so sorrowful that they couldn't think. Only a few passersby fans were waiting for the so-called three way war between Celicia, He Chaoman and Du Ruo. They noticed something strange.

【 This time the list being delayed for one month is a bit strange. another strange thing is that this is the first time the rankings are published this way. It took 10 minutes between announcements for the 60th to 100th ranks. How did it become 30 minutes when it arrived at the 51st to 60th ranks? It looks like they are still meeting to discuss the rankings! 】

It was really clear to the bystanders!

Only the bystanders were surprised by the way the World Supermodels Organization published the rankings. The fans were only looking at the rankings of their models and didn't think too much. It wasn't until the 41st to 50th ranks weren't published for an hour that the fans noticed something was wrong!

Just as they were feeling strange, all of a sudden! The announcement bar was updated!

『 The world's male supermodel rankings:

Xi Ze, Adenes Clark, Kelson Eddie, Luo Cheng, Harriman Owen…

Zhao Huicheng, Ming Yu, Mycroft Senler…

Fulake Eddie, George Mawson, Wei Zhang, Lee Sunjae, Kobayashi 』

There was a long pause and now the rankings were updated all at once!

This sudden announcement made everyone stunned and they couldn't respond for a while. Once they started seriously reading the list, they saw that the top of the men's list hadn't changed at all, just like people expected.

The top five were exactly the same as last time, while the 11th to 20th ranks had small changes but it wasn't a big deal.

21st to 30th was almost the same, 31st to 40th, ah, someone had advanced from above the 40th rank! 41st to 50th, there was no difference, except…


Who was 42nd?!!!

The World Supermodels Organization only published a list of supermodel names but every name was a link. As long as you clicked on it, you can see the information page that the World Supermodels Organization had specifically made for them.

Once the netizens clicked on the word 'Ming Yu', the first thing their eyes saw was the huge golden number:

『 42 』

Ming Yu (42).

It wasn't the age in brackets!

It wasn't even the debut time!

This was the current supermodel ranking on the world supermodel rankings!!!

For a time, the screaming sunspots became mute and stared dumbly at their screen. Ming Xiaoyu's fans were also amazed. They carefully read the name several times and looked at the huge '42'. Then they became excited and rushed—

【 Ahhhh, tears are already pouring down. Now I am going back to my stall, too bad QAQ 】

【 I am being asked about why I am laughing while crying, about why I am shaking while typing! Ming Xiaoyu is really great! Becoming his fan is the most correct decision I have ever made in my life!! 】  

【 T^T I am sobbing furiously! Why am I crying when Mushroom got such a good ranking? Why can't I stop crying? Why is Mushroom so good? Why is he so good? He is great!!! 】……

The screen-like announcements appeared in the official forum of the World Supermodels Organization. For a time, even Xi Ze's fans were unable to control the excitement and pleasure of the mushroom fans. They madly expressed their joy in the forum. At the same time—

【 Mushroom got the 42nd rank! All the previous lucky draw activities worked!! 】  

What was this? All the previous lucky draw activities…

Wasn't that 32 lipsticks and makeup?

Wasn't it 58 Dusha crystal mushroom necklaces?

Wasn't it 10 sets of Nidelan's Smoke fragrances?!!!

It was the 42nd rank, not 82 or 92!

Even if people from Huaxia had money, cold they do this?

Of course, the fans who started the lucky draw didn't think Ming Xiaoyu's ranking would be so high. Now their lucky draws were truly too expensive. It was thousands of yuan for them and they might only be able to eat pickles this month.

Then many of Ming Xiaoyu's fans said in unison: 【 These lucky draws are the group activity of mushroom fans. I am willing to sponsor XX money in order to support Mushroom's further growth! Let these ignorant foreigners know how united we are and about Ming Yu's strength! 】

These words really stirred many people.

The cohesiveness of the fans was too high! Whether it was the previous lucky draws or the current sponsorship, it was enough to make the Western fans stunned and no more ironic words could be said.

Just as many people's eyes were focused on Ming Xiaoyu and his fans, the world's female supermodel rankings was suddenly announced!

It wasn't split into groups of 10 like the male supermodel rankings. The whole leaderboard was announced at once!

『 The world's female supermodel rankings:

Cecilia Cote, He Chaoman, Du Ruo, Anna Cartman… 』

The top five didn't change at all apart from the fact that He Chaoman had surpassed Du Ruo and regained her original spot!

Etc etc.

There was no change in the male supermodel rankings and the female supermodel rankings were basically unchanged…

Then why exactly was it delayed one month?

There was no supermodel whose position changed so much that the entire rankings…

Wait, this was wrong!

There really was one!!!

At this moment, the eyes of countless fashion lovers all over the world were focused on the words 'Ming Yu.' The glittering '42' stabbed at those who had been mocking Ming Yu. It seemed to slap them in the face, causing burning pain!

They had just been ridiculing him and now their faces were so painful!

Why did the male supermodel rankings need to be organized in groups of 10?

It was because they were buying time while discussing Ming Yu's ranking.

Why did they suddenly slow down and prolong the time for the 51st to 60th ranks?

It was because they were fighting for time!

Why did the publish the complete list after the 41st to 50th ranks?

It was because in these rankings, only Ming Yu's position made the World Supermodels Organization unable to agree. Thus, they spent 1.5 hours…no! It was actually a month and a half of careful discussion. Finally, Ming Yu got the 42nd rank!

Two days ago, Andrew Wallen said that he would be the only new supermodel to break through and make it onto the world supermodel rankings.

And now!

Ming Yu's name hung in the 42nd place! It was a miracle!

And Andrew Wallen, not even a similar homophonic name could be found on the rankings!

Then that evening, the famous Italian fashion gossip magazine 'Richard' suddenly published a recording on its official Twitter!

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