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Chapter 152

As many reporters thought before, Ming Yu had deliberately lowered his pressure. However, he still firmly pressed down on Mudley. It was because this Hollywood actress might be a beauty but her temperament was lacking compared to Ming Yu.

Moreover, this was the result of Ming Yu's deliberate suppression.

Now He Chaoman deliberately didn't lower her momentum. Instead, she completely pushed it towards Mudley.

The last time the world's supermodels ranking was released, He Chaoman had been ranked 3rd. It wasn't to say that her strength was worse than the 1st ranked Cecilia or 2nd ranked Du Ruo. It was because she was too lazy and liked to play at home all day.

Cough, there wasn't any gossip about this.

In any case, once Mudley heard the words, she couldn't help turning to look at the other person. But from her point of view, she could only see half the face. There was smooth and delicate skin, but the face couldn't be seen.

He Chaoman didn't turn to look at the actress. From her position, it was already an honour that she was deigning to speak with the new actress.

Time paused for a while. He Chaoman slowly wiped her fingers. Meanwhile, Mudley's heart leapt and she didn't dare to speak. Ming Xiaoyu just stood there with a smile, thinking that he shouldn't intervene.

The reason why he didn't say anything to Mudley just now was because he had to be cautious of Mudley's identity as a woman. Ming Xiaoyu wasn't a person with high morals but in front of such an audience, he still had to give Mudley some face.

On the red carpet, Mudley had gone too far and Ming Xiaoyu sternly hit her face. Now it was obvious that Mudley was afraid to have a bad relationship with him and was deliberately trying to get on his good side.

However, this method was really too inappropriate. Mudley's posture meant that Ming Yu could see the other person's chest. ?_?…

Oh, he didn't want to look at all. It would be good if he was blind.

However, Mudley had been in Hollywood for a few years. She shook off her nervousness and whispered, "This lady, I have something to talk to Ming Yu about. I'm sorry to disturb you."

Mudley really didn't recognize He Chaoman. After all, He Chaoman didn't show Mudley her face. But Mudley knew that a person with such a noble temperament would never be an ordinary person. She seemed to feel that in the eyes of the other person, she was just as small as an ant.

Thus, Mudley deliberately lowered her stance and spoke very modestly.

She heard there was an old saying in Huaxia that was called 'reach out a hand to a smiling person.' Mudley was a well-known new star in the world. No matter who this person was, she had given enough face to them and she wouldn't be embarrassed.

However, the next development was greatly out of Mudley's expectations.

She heard He Chaoman give a low laugh. He Chaoman held out a beautiful white hand, grabbed a glass of red wine and asked, "I didn't know. How can you stand on our Muse's side and seduce us…oh, seduce our Muse model?"

He Chaoman's words filled the air. Apart from Luo Cheng, who was still concentrating on eating food on the opposite side, the other Muse models and photographers at the table looked up at the suddenly visiting Hollywood actress. They looked at the poor little actress with curiosity in their gazes but they all said in their heads, 'Angering He Chaoman, tut, it is your life…'

In front of so many eyes, especially under the watchful eyes of many top figures, Mudley was covered with cold sweat. She said with a smile, "This lady, you have misunderstood something. Ming Yu and I know each other. So I…"

"I don't like to talk when eating. If you have something to say, tell it to Xi Ze." He Chaoman interrupted Mudley's words. She looked forward and suggested, "He seems to be coming back soon. His patience is much worse than mine. Do you want to wait for him?"

Mudley shook at the words. She hastily looked up and saw not far way, a handsome and upright man speaking to Raymond, chief designer of Rosalind.

The bright crystal light shone on his perfect face, as if reflecting a faint glow. The next moment! He suddenly raised his eyes and seemed to inadvertently sweep his gaze over Mudley.

Mudley immediately paled at this gaze, recalling the shameful scene that happened on the red carpet outside.

In the end, Mudley almost fled.

After she left, Ming Xiaoyu sighed softly, pulled his chair back and sat down. The moment he sat down, the lady who had never opened her mouth suddenly whispered, "This year, I took a liking to a dress."

Ming Yu was slightly startled and looked to the left.

He Chaoman was concentrating on cutting her steak. She continued, "This dress is very much in line with my style. I think it is the most beautiful outfit I have worn in the last two years. Therefore, I asked the designer who made the dress and said I was willing to spend millions to buy the dress."

Ming Xiaoyu understood what the other person was saying. But he just chuckled and nodded, "The outfit suits you."

This type of straightforward compliment made He Chaoman look at Ming Yu with surprise. She met the youth's clear and bright eyes before saying, "The designer said there was a man who was a hundred times more beautiful than me when wearing this dress. I was thinking about when I would be able to see the model that made the designer so confident."

Ming Yu secretly sighed, cursing a certain man in his heart. Then he said with a small smile, "The designer is often wrong. His vision is quite poor. Apart from the fact that he can make many beautiful outfits, he really has no advantages."

At these words, He Chaoman's eyes lit up and she grabbed Ming Xiaoyu's hand.

Ming Yu was surprised as the woman, who had just been domineering, suddenly looked at him with a '≧▽≦' expression and said excitedly, "Yes! Nephew's wife, my nephew is really a bastard! He has a lot of faults. The fact that you can tolerate him is very kind!"

Ming Xiaoyu, "…(/=_=)/~┴┴"

Damn, there wasn't a normal person in this family!!

He Chaoman's gaffe only lasted a few moments. She soon returned to her former cold and quiet appearance. Xi Ze didn't 'come back soon' as He Chaoman said. As if she sensed Ming Yu's thoughts, He Chaoman asked, "You are thinking, why are Xi Ze and Raymond talking for so long?"

Ming Yu was slightly stunned and then he said, "Yes."

This conversation had lasted for an entire hour! What topic could they talk about for one hour without interruption?

He Chaoman looked up and asked, "What do you think they are talking about?"

The young man calmly looked at the two world-class design masters and then smiled. "They are talking about me."

He Chaoman's hands stopped moving for a long time. Then she said, "How are you and Xi Ze so narcissistic?"

If it was before, Ming Xiaoyu probably wouldn't know how to deal with He Chaoman's condemnation. But after 10 short minutes of getting along, he smiled calmly and retorted, "Little aunt, do you want to make a bet with me?"

He Chaoman's expression was dark. "Does this bet involve not calling me little aunt in the future?"

Hey, this resentment was so deep that she didn't ask what the gamble was. She straightforwardly asked what the stakes were!

Ming Xiaoyu's eyes flashed. "The best is that you won't call me nephew's wife in the future." He added, "Even if you want to shout out, you have to call me…um, niece's husband!"

He Chaoman said, "….Nephew's wife, you are going to get me killed by my nephew."

Ming Xiaoyu raised an eyebrow. "Little aunt, I thought you were a fearless heroine. Are you going to succumb to evil forces? If evil can run rampant then Heaven is really unfair!"

He Chaoman replied, "…You really know how to spur people into action by making negative remarks. I am going to ignore you."

The helpless Ming Xiaoyu had to take one step back. "Then you just can't call me nephew's wife, little aunt."

"Deal!" He Chaoman spoke quickly, as if worried that the young man would change his mind.

In the next five minutes, Xi Ze and Raymond came over together. Without waiting for Ming Yu to greet them, Rosalind's chief design master sighed with pity. "Oh, you are Ming Yu? I am very glad to meet you. I have been talking about you with Xi Ze just now. It is a pity but you aren't willing to be my exclusive model. Is this right Ming?

By the time he said this, the four people had already moved away from Muse's long table and chatted in a corner of the banquet hall. Which four people? Of course, it was Xi Ze, Ming Yu, Raymond and He Chaoman who lost the best!

However, Ming Xiaoyu didn't immediately answer Raymond's question. Instead, his sharp eyes mercilessly stabbed the man surnamed Xi. Throwing this type of thing on Ming Yu, he really had thick skin!

Mr. Xi responded with a smile: You weren't planning on being Raymond's exclusive model anyway, right?

Ming Xiaoyu didn't want to follow this man's pace but he still refused Raymond's invitation, stating that he was still developing in Huaxia. He still had many shortcomings but was thankful to Master Raymond's sincere invitation.

Once Raymond left, Ming Yu and the others returned to the long table belonging to Muse.

They were walking when Xi Ze suddenly asked, "That woman, what did she want just now?"

Ming Xiaoyu was slightly shocked by the sudden words and didn't speak. He listened as He Chaoman calmly replied, "To seduce your wife…cough, to seduce Ming Yu."

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