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1674 Pressure from Mother Xia to Marry

Qi Zhenbai specially drove her to school. Chi Shuyan was very glad that this man didn’t mention children again along the way. Of course, even if he did, she didn’t plan to change her mind.

15 minutes later, the car stopped at the university. Chi Shuyan originally wanted to ask him what happened last night when he said that her father wanted them to have a child, but she was worried about drawing this man’s attention back to the topic, so she simply didn’t say anything, opened the car door, and got out.

The man beside her suddenly pulled her back and didn’t forget to remind her gently, “Be careful. I’ll pick you up in the evening. As for Dad, don’t worry. I’ll be free to accompany him for the next few days.”

After listening to the man, Chi Shuyan was quite moved and heaved a sigh of relief. She also wanted to make time to accompany her father, but if her father found out that she had specially taken leave from school to accompany him, he would definitely be unhappy. Fine, she would wait until the weekend.

After getting out of the car, she felt that she had forgotten something, and couldn’t think what it might be even after racking her brain. After taking a few steps, she looked back at the familiar car behind her. The black car had yet to leave. She waved at the man in the car before entering the university.

Chi Shuyan’s life was still relatively peaceful. On the other side, Xia Mingcheng’s mother was pressuring him to marry again, and to that woman, Yuan Yuan.

Who knew what kind of spell that woman had cast on his mother, but this time, she was actually trying to force him to get engaged to Yuan Yuan. Moreover, Yuan Yuan had agreed. She had even visited his house today and had a meal with the family.

The other party had given a lengthy explanation, implying that she had been passively convinced by Mother Xia and had no choice but to agree. After listening to this woman, Xia Mingcheng’s heart couldn’t help but sink.

Not to mention that Xia Mingcheng really didn’t have any feelings for Yuan Yuan, even if he did, Yuan Yuan’s way of doing things now was so evil and especially dangerous. The things they had encountered before were closely related to this woman, including Liling’s death. He couldn’t wait for his mother to immediately cut ties with this Yuan woman. How could he want to marry her?

Moreover, Master Chi had advised and warned him about this before. At the thought that this Yuan woman might ruin his family, how could he dare touch her?

It was a pity that Mother Xia strongly opposed Xia Mingcheng’s refusal this time. At that moment, the Xia family was a mess, and Mother Xia seemed to only acknowledge Yuan Yuan as her daughter-in-law.

Father Xia usually listened to Mother Xia the most, and eventually went along with her wish.

Apart from Mingcheng’s little brother, Mingzhen, who didn’t support the idea, Father and Mother Xia seemed eager for Xia Mingcheng and Yuan Yuan to get engaged.

Xia Mingcheng’s temples throbbed helplessly and in despair at Mother Xia’s pressure. He could only call Master Chi for help. Chi Shuyan received a call from Xia Mingcheng after her fourth class period.

It was only when Chi Shuyan received Xia Mingcheng’s call that she recalled how she had planned to draw a high-level Tracking Talisman after Chai Qing’s death last night.

Xia Mingcheng didn’t know that his phone call was a timely reminder to Master Chi; he was very anxious as he recounted how his family was forcing him to marry, as well as how Yuan Yuan had agreed to it.

“Master Chi, my mother is now determined to make Yuan Yuan my wife. Can I arrange a time for you to help me see if my mother has been bewitched by that woman?”

The more Xia Mingcheng thought about it, the more worried he was about his mother. His mother had been spending a lot of time with that woman recently. No matter what he said, his mother didn’t believe him; she firmly believed that Yuan Yuan had good fortune and would make the Xia family prosper.

Who knew if it was because of his mother’s attitude or if she had brainwashed his father, but his father actually agreed with her. The more Xia Mingcheng thought about it, the more anxious he became. What made him even more anxious was that Yuan Yuan actually agreed to this matter.

He had been a little uncertain in the past that Yuan Yuan really liked him. When Master Chi had revealed the truth as relayed by Liling’s personal assistant, he had still been a little skeptical and hadn’t believed her completely. Now, however, he could somewhat confirm that Yuan Yuan did have feelings for him.

Moreover, the other party wasn’t as simple as she appeared on the surface. It could be said that she was a real schemer and a hypocrite.

This kind of person who schemed and kept everything to themself was what he was most afraid of.

Xia Mingcheng was worried. After some anxious thought, he felt that the best solution was to ask Master Chi for help.

Xia Mingcheng couldn’t help but say anxiously, “Master Chi, do you have time to come over today? Can you tell my parents that my and Yuan Yuan’s birth characters don’t match? My mother is the most superstitious person, and she might get second thoughts about me marrying Yuan Yuan.”

After listening to Xia Mingcheng, Chi Shuyan had to sympathize with him for what he had experienced and for the fact that he had caught Yuan Yuan’s eye. That Yuan woman had crooked thoughts; whoever married her would be unlucky.

Chi Shuyan also wanted to help Xia Mingcheng, but it was a pity that the woman involved was too scheming and had calculated everything accurately, such as Mother Xia’s thoughts.

Mother Xia was probably the person with the most say in the Xia family, and that Yuan woman had probably been busy winning her over. Even if Chi Shuyan dropped by as a Master, Mother Xia might not believe her. Also, Chi Shuyan didn’t forget that the Yuan woman had been reading fortunes for other rich families. If she were that woman, the first clients she would pick would definitely be Mother Xia’s good friends, so as to build a reputation and get them to help her brainwash Mother Xia.

If this went on, Mother Xia would only firmly believe Yuan Yuan and not suspect anything about her at all. Moreover, the other party had initially refused to marry Xia Mingcheng. For one thing, that made Mother Xia trust her more, and for another, playing hard to get with Xia Mingcheng might enable her to slowly reel him in.

It was a pity that Chi Shuyan had intervened. Yang Ji, Huang Chong and the others were fine, and had ruined the woman’s plan. Now, the woman was probably anxious and afraid of further variables, so she immediately agreed to the marriage.

After all, that woman had done all of this to be with Xia Mingcheng.

The more Chi Shuyan thought about it, the more she sympathized with Xia Mingcheng. In the end, after thinking for a while, she agreed. “Okay, I’m free at noon. I’ll go over then; send me your address.”

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