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1675 Visiting the Xia Family

After lunch, Chi Shuyan called her man first, mainly to ask for help. Brother Feng had been too busy recently, so she didn’t disturb him. It was better to look for her man.

She wanted Qi Zhenbai to help her investigate the people whom Yuan Yuan had done physiognomy readings for.

When Qi Zhenbai received his wife’s call for help, he naturally agreed.

The couple exchanged a few more words as he asked her if she would be back at noon.

Chi Shuyan still had to go to the Xia residence and didn’t plan to go back, and told the man as much. Qi Zhenbai didn’t force her. Before hanging up, Chi Shuyan couldn’t help but ask, “Is my dad… next to you now? How did you get along with him this morning?”

Speaking of which, she was really a little worried. The man quickly replied in his deep voice, “Dad likes me a lot!”

Chi Shuyan immediately choked when she heard this man’s words. She had seen how her father had looked at this man with an unfriendly gaze last night. Besides, given her understanding of her father, it was really impossible for him to like this man immediately. Her father was probably still blaming this man for the two of them registering their marriage.

In short, not only would it take some effort, it would be a long while before her father developed a good impression of this man.

This man had to take care!

Chi Shuyan had something else to do, so she didn’t continue chatting, and got ready to take a taxi to the Xia residence.

When she exited the school gate, she didn’t expect to see Director Huang. Who knew if it had been too long since she last saw him, but he had actually lost a lot of weight. Not only that, the most eye-catching thing was that Director Huang was wearing a few yellow paper talismans around his wrists and neck. In particular, there were many folded pieces of paper tied around his neck on a red string.

Director Huang didn’t see her. He was holding the string of talismans around his neck and muttering something in a low voice. The corners of Chi Shuyan’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch fiercely. She recalled how Director Huang only believed in science and hated superstitions to the core; the contrast was too much. Chi Shuyan couldn’t help but facepalm with a complicated expression and wanted to laugh.

Ever since Director Huang was discharged from the hospital, he had become very sensitive. When he vaguely sensed someone looking at him, he immediately looked up, and saw that it was the student surnamed Chi not far away. Director Huang’s face turned green as he instantly panicked.

Without waiting for Chi Shuyan to greet him, Director Huang ran away faster than a rabbit. Those who didn’t know better would think that something terrifying was on his heels.

Not long after, Director Huang disappeared from the school gate. Chi Shuyan was stupefied and helpless. She didn’t dwell on it and walked to the side of the road to hail a taxi.

At the Xia residence, when Xia Mingcheng said that he had invited a Master over for a divination, Mother Xia was very happy at first, but then immediately asked, “Mingcheng, didn’t Xiao Yuan just come to our house for lunch…?” Mother Xia noticed the change in her son’s face, and her own expression changed slightly. “Wait, Mingcheng, the Master you invited isn’t Xiao Yuan?”

Xia Mingzhen was speechless as he listened to his mother talk about Yuan Yuan. It wasn’t just Xia Mingcheng; Xia Mingzhen also very much suspected that the woman had drugged his mother. She had been using her name earlier, but now, she was calling her “Xiao Yuan.”

But why did his brother hire another Master?

Why were his mother and brother beginning to believe in Masters?

Xia Mingzhen simply looked at his brother in disbelief. If Mother Xia wasn’t around, he would have asked his brother what he was doing.

Mother Xia didn’t care what Xia Mingzhen thought. Thinking of her eldest son’s intention to invite a Master over, her face changed drastically. She immediately said deliberately, “Mingcheng, what Master did you invite? Why don’t you invite Xiao Yuan? She’s never been wrong with her divinations. Many of my friends said that she’s a true Master with capability, and they asked her to help them read their fortunes. By the way, your father had bad luck a few days ago. It was only because Xiao Yuan divined it in advance that your father was able to avoid disaster.”

It was also because of this that Mother Xia trusted Yuan Yuan more and more, and had a better impression of her. She couldn’t wait for Yuan Yuan to immediately become the daughter-in-law of the Xia family.

Xiao Yuan hadn’t agreed before, but now that she had finally relented, Mother Xia really couldn’t wait for her to marry into the Xia family immediately.

Why was her son so stubborn and unwilling?

Mother Xia was extremely worried.

Xia Mingcheng was still especially repulsed by marrying Yuan Yuan. His tone was no longer as patient as before, and he was very irritated. “Mom, not to mention that I really don’t like Yuan Yuan, even if I do, a Master once told me that if I marry her, my family will be ruined or I’ll lose my life.”

These words really scared Mother Xia at first, but she quickly said, “Mingcheng, you must have run into a swindler! That swindler’s calculations aren’t accurate, but Xiao Yuan’s are. She also calculated that her birth characters are especially compatible with yours! It’s especially good for you!”

Xia Mingcheng’s face immediately changed when Mother Xia blurted out the last sentence without thinking. Seeing the change in his expression, she knew that she had said something wrong. She hurriedly explained, “No, Mingcheng, don’t think too much and don’t misunderstand Xiao Yuan. I was the one who asked her to do the reading. Xiao Yuan really didn’t mean to say that. She doesn’t have any selfish motives. Back then, I also wondered and tried to probe her, but she immediately turned me down. She never agreed to get engaged to you, nor has she ever thought about marrying into the Xia family. It was only today that Xiao Yuan relented after I asked her repeatedly. You must cherish this hard-won fate!”

At that moment, Xia Mingzhen interjected, “Mom, that Yuan woman must have done it on purpose. She didn’t read someone else’s fortune, but said that her own birth characters are compatible with my brother’s? I can tell at a glance that this woman is two-faced. I’m afraid she can’t wait to marry my brother, but my brother has always been uninterested in her. She has no choice but to deliberately brainwash you. Mom, don’t believe this woman, and don’t harm my brother!”

Mother Xia was so angry at her youngest son’s words that she was rendered speechless. She still wanted to explain, but then saw the face of her eldest son, Mingcheng, turn even more livid and unsightly.

Mother Xia still wanted to speak up for Yuan Yuan, but her son’s phone rang first. He took out his phone and picked up the call. He immediately said, “Master Chi, you’re downstairs?”

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