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After Han Bingxue said those words, the disciples of Saint Sunlight Sect were understanding. They started to become trustful to Han Bingxue.

However, they were thinking, [It is said that Frost Sword is always cold and indifferent, like ice. Why is he so nice today?]

[Oh, right. He is taking his son out today.]

[That makes sense now. His son needs to be in friendly relations to others after all. He is trying to make good connections for his son today.]

[He doesn't want his son to be bullied…]

[To be friends with people like us, disciples of the three factions, is the best way!]

As they expected…

Han Bingxue continued, "Guys, my son will walk this martial world alone someday. If he happens to meet any of you, please… take care of him for me."

He said it.

The men felt relaxed. The disciple who did the talking said, "Sure thing, Master. Don't worry. Anything your son needs, we will do our best."

"Hmm. Thanks." Han Bingxue nodded and said as if speaking in a higher position.

"May I ask you one thing, Master…" The man gritted his teeth and said, "Back to the old days… About Xiao Monarch… It is said…"

That was a sensitive topic. The other disciples were all nervous. They nearly jumped ahead and held the man's mouth.

[What if the rumor is true… You may get us all killed in this place…]

[You are talking to a super master level cultivator here! Are you insane!]

[You idiot!]

However, every one of them took a breath of relief. They all wanted to ask this question and now some idiot was doing them a favor. They were going to know which Han Bingxue was standing before them after all!

Han Bingxue's face turned dark when he heard it. He didn't say anything.

Suddenly, it became awkward. Nobody felt the harmony anymore.

The men were all nervous, showing pale faces. Even that talking disciple, who was in level one of Dao Origin Stage, suddenly felt like choking.

He regretted. [Why would I ask that? They all want to know the answer. Why me? Why would I say it out?]

[It seems it is true. Han Bingxue is a good friend to Xiao Monarch…]

After a while, Han Bingxue finally said something, "About that… Do you think you can ask me that? I will talk to Wu Huitian about this soon. I guess two years doesn't mean enough for this… Humph!"

Then he waved his sleeves and left, showing a cold face to those men.

Ye Xiao hurriedly caught up.

The disciples were relieved. They finally got to know the truth.

[Hmm. Han Bingxue and Xiao Monarch are friends. However, I guess even though he is close to Xiao Monarch, but he is even closer to our Prime Master…]

[He seemed sad when I mentioned this…]

[It has been two years since he last showed up. That shows his attitude!]

[No matter what, it is obvious Prime Master is more important than Xiao Monarch in his heart!]

"I was being stupid… Master…" The man regretted.

He shouldn't have asked such a sensitive question. Even though Han Bingxue wouldn't blame him, his Prime Master would never go easy with it…

"Humph." Han Bingxue humphed and sighed. "Things happen in the storms of the martial world. Nobody can be absolutely loyal."

He sounded sad. It seemed there were all kinds of emotions hidden inside his heart that he couldn't tell—emotions he had long buried inside his heart.

Everybody sighed when they heard Han Bingxue sigh with sorrow like that.

Then he stopped talking.

The men of Saint Sunlight Sect walked Ye Xiao and Han Bingxue away with respect. They kept giving them food and drinks, and they even made a feast for them. Even when they were eating, Han Bingxue still looked sad and gloomy, like he was lost in some painful memory.

After the feast, the over a dozen disciples called for thirty more men to respectfully see Ye Xiao and Han Bingxue leave. The two of them waved their sleeves and left…

When they disappeared in the horizon, the disciples finally sighed with relief.

"So that's Han Bingxue… He is powerful indeed… as people say…"

"It scared the shxt out of me back then… Why did he just keep on suppressing on us without saying a word…"

"You know nothing… Brother Ge asked something that none of us should have asked… That was wrong…"

"What question?"


"Oh See… I mean… Brother Ge… How could he ask that stupid question…"

"That was bodacious…"

"If he was pissed, we might all get…"

"That's right. We were lucky…"

They all felt lucky.

"It's good that Han Bingxue and Prime Master are friends… Otherwise, we are doomed…"

"That's right… Prime Master always has powerful friends…"

"Han Bingxue! Stop!" Ye Xiao caught up with Han Bingxue furiously. He attacked Han Bingxue with his more powerful move. It created overwhelming waves that rolled up dust in the entire place, as if he was fighting his sworn enemy in his life.

He couldn't hold the anger in his chest anymore, so when they were out of those men's sight, he started to rage.

Han Bingxue didn't look handsome, casual, indifferent, and arrogant anymore… He hurriedly held his head and ran like a fleeing dog. As he was running, he was smiling and explaining, "I mean… Come on… That's a good stopgap… You know it! You understand…"

"Bull-stopgap-sh*t! You don't need to say that! You bloody bastard! How dare you tell them I was your son…" Ye Xiao was so angry that he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. "You actually… even… called me… a useless son… You bastard! I am going beat you up until you become your father's useless son! God damn it!"

If he was still Xiao Monarch in his prime, it would be easy to capture Han Bingxue. It would take him just a few moves.

However, he was weak at the moment. He couldn't reach Han Bingxue, not to mention hit him. No matter what he did, what martial art he used, he couldn't hurt Han Bingxue!

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