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After that, Ye Xiao, Li Wuliang, and Han Bingxue fought back together. Three superior cultivators captured Wu Huitian and beaten him up hard. Han Bingxue thought that Wu Huitian was a victim too, so he decided to let him free. Otherwise, they should have killed Wu Huitian and sent him home…

In the end, Wu Huitian still married Ning Pinger. Nobody knew what was between them.

That was the story.

It was such an absurd story. Wu Huitian successfully married the woman he loved, but he still couldn't forget the humiliation...

Han Bingxue actually didn't do anything, yet he had been hated by Wu Huitian all the time. He was nearly killed by him. However, he let Wu Huitian go with mercy… But Wu Huitian didn't just let it go… Han Bingxue surely wouldn't just let Wu Huitian keep plotting behind him…

That was how things went to an unchangeable situation…

Han Bingxue was still the pain in Wu Huitian's ass. However, Wu Huitian became Han Bingxue's biggest enemy too. When he heard that the three factions killed Ye Xiao and Li Wuliang, he was suffering great pain in the heart. He hated Wu Huitian more.

He had regretted. He thought he could have saved both of them if he could be cold-hearted enough to kill Wu Huitian back in the old days.

Back to the present, now he had a chance to tease the biggest enemy, so he certainly wouldn't let it go!

"I still remember the days… Your Prime Master Wu, Lady Ning and me, we three were close friends. We used to go on a trip together… Ah, the old days… It was like yesterday…" Han Bingxue shook his head and walked ahead slowly as if he was reliving the memory.

Ye Xiao just stayed aside, pretending to be someone unimportant. He pulled the horse and waled behind Han Bingxue. He was so impressed. He had to admit Han Bingxue's capability.

Han Bingxue was good at making up stories, yet he was also good at adding truth into his stories! He was lying!

Wherever Han Bingxue went, Ning Pinger would follow. Wu Huitian would definitely follow Ning Pinger… Thus, the three of them did have a trip together… They always showed up in the same place…

Ning Pinger would even hold Han Bingxue's arms. That was true. Whenever she got a chance, she would stay as close as possible to Han Bingxue. Han Bingxue was holding well on not to touch her, otherwise, he should have done the deed with Ning Pinger for lots of times!

They were close friends indeed. Ning Pinger always thought that Han Bingxue loved her in the heart and he was just too shy to express it. She had a good point. Wu Huitian was staying with them all the time. Even if Han Bingxue liked her, he wouldn't say it in front of others. That was why things got so miserable on Wu Huitian's side…

"… By the way, what are you doing here? Quite a lot of people you are?" Han Bingxue finally asked the question. He said, "Is anything wrong?"

"We do have a problem," that disciple of Saint Sunlight Sect hesitated and said.

He was sure that this Frost Sword was their Prime Master's good friend, however… He wasn't sure if he could tell him what they were doing in this place. He was hesitating.

Moreover… even though he had confirmed Han Bingxue's true identity… he didn't have one hundred percent trust in Han Bingxue. After all, it was such a coincidence that they were two men and a black horse…

He thought maybe… they were exactly the two men they were hunting.

He couldn't trust anybody while he was on such an important mission.

[Even though he is Prime Master's friend, it doesn't mean he is definitely innocent.]

[After all, as it is said, Han Bingxue and Xiao Monarch are good friends too. Xiao Monarch is dead… That's true… What if he is Xiao Monarch's brother? He has been missing in the world for two years. Who knows what he has been doing in the two years…]

[All things have reasons. People say it for a reason. Maybe it is true.]

[However, he seems quite friendly to us. He doesn't seem to hate us. Is it just a rumor?]

[It must be. He looked so sincere when talking about the story between him and Prime Master. It shouldn't be fake!]

"What is it?" Han Bingxue frowned and spoke arrogantly, "Look at you, like you are trembling in front of some horrible monster. Do you have enemies around here?"

"Urh… cough, cough…" The man coughed and said, "That's right… It concerns our sect."

Han Bingxue blandly said, "Hmm. I see. I guess it must be a rather powerful enemy you are dealing with. Look at you, cautious like this. You are my friend's disciples. I can't just walk away from this. Look… I will stay around for a couple of days. If there is anything I can help, just tell me. I will help if you ask."

He blandly smiled and said, "If I don't help when you ask, Wu Huitian may be mad at me. He will keep nagging me like a childish wife next time I see him. I never forget how he nagged back in the days. In fact, sometimes I thought about it. However, I don't like it. Haha…"

"Phoo…" Ye Xiao couldn't hold it this time. He laughed.

[Wu Huitian? Like a childish wife?]

[That would be such a joke if somebody else said so. However, Han Bingxue was definitely approved to say that. No matter whether Han was helping Wu Huitian or messing with him, Wu Huitian has always been like an angry woman!]

[No matter what, Wu Huitian will definitely punch you in the face when he sees you next time. How will he not?]

"We appreciate it, Master." The disciples of Saint Sunlight Sect was grateful when Han Bingxue wanted to help. They started to trust him a little more. After that, they looked at Ye Xiao and that man said, "Master, may I ask who this young man is…"

Han Bingxue waved his hand and said, "Haha… He is a younger generation in my family. Hmm… We are all on the same side. I don't think I should lie about this… Hmm. My useless son. What a shame. He is grown up, yet he hasn't experienced the martial world ever… That's right. I decided to take him out and let him experience more. I can introduce him to some of my old friends after all."

Ye Xiao lowered his head and looked embarrassed. He nearly swore out loud!

[Useless son?]

[Han Bingxue! God damn it! You bloody bastard!]

[I must be haunted by the ghost of unluckiness today. I saved you! Kindly! Pah! You… Wait and see… I am going to kill you, you dog sh*t!]

He was shouting in his heart. He was so angry that he even felt a bit dizzy.

[Han Bingxue, I didn't know you have become so bodacious…]

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