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Chapter 38 : (100-75) x 2 = Raging Cat + Demon—Teaser—

Dodging Jiisha claw attack, firing the bullets, dodging, chopping with my knife, dodge, firing the bullets again. Silenlt, I shaving his HP bar with faster rate than before. Though this guy claws grazed on my body so many times till my HP bar dropped to half, it’s recovered thanks to Aoi-san 【Song of Healing】while his HP bar shaved of for sure thanks to Midori-san who attacked with her magic in the interval between my attack.

「His HP bar finally turned yellow……………. KEEP IT UP Sou-kun, we’re halfway to our goal!」

「OU!  」

I’m sure that I can shave off this guy HP bar for sure even after this, so I put more strength to the hands that gripping my gun which aiming to his throa―― WHAT THE! ?

(~’.’)~To Be Continue Next Week Xp~(‘.’~)



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