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Chapter 17 [【Formation】Me, Doing a Party(?)Battle] TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Kouksan, Flare007

Part 1

As we headed towards the station, we prepared ourselves for the battle that would come ahead.

「Well then, let's first do a simple introduction about each of our weak and strong points. Ah, feel free to not say anything if you don’t want to.」

When saying so, Leaf《Wakakussan》 started to talk as if telling us that the one who suggested that idea will become the first one to say.

「My occupation is Magician. I’m adept in using attack magic of the wind attribute. Since my precision is quite poor, I can’t use it in melee combat yet. Ah, since I’m basically wearing paper thin armor, I’ll die just by receiving one hit from my opponent!」

Wakakussan is a magician huh. It was the number one occupation that I wanted to try when I decided to play this game. Only because I really wanted to try using magic.

「M-My occupation is Minstrel. My strong point is playing a support role with my songs. Uhm……….. My apologies………… I’m useless in close combat.」

「Don’t need to mind about such things, Blue. The support abilities of Minstrel are the best ones and the most versatile amongst the entire occupation. I can say that your support abilities will shine during the capture of the boss, so don’t apologize like that.」

「I-I see…………….. Thank you.」

Though Blue《Fuyukawsan》 was doing her self-introduction without so much as a tiny but of self-confidence, she became lively again upon hearing Shinji words. Yup, that kind of expression definitely suited her the most.

Part 2

「I’m next then. My occupation is Knight. Though I can play both offensive and defensive roles, my defense is definitely my selling point. I think I can easily do co-op battles with Leaf and Blue in the rear since I have the Hate skill.」

Come to think of it, Shinji never once mentioned about being in a party despite having a great amount of experience in PvP. In other words, you can say that both of us were born vanguards. N? Ah, it’s my turn huh.

「Ah, my occupation is Gunner. My selling point is the fact that I can fight both from middle-range or short range. In the case of weapon type,my weapon choices are pretty general. Even so, my battle arts are extraordinarily shitty arts, so for my skills, please don’t expect too much from them.」

Maybe because Wakakussan and Fuyukawsan already heard about me from Shinji, they’re not that much surprised in hearing the fact that I cannot use arts.

「 Well then, let’s find our best form by fighting an enemy first.」

「That’s actual combat right?」

「I-I’ll do my best……….」

The two girls were firing themselves up in their own ways upon hearing Shinji's suggestion. Without realizing it, I’m also yelling lightly inside for my first party battle. Moreover, I’m also nervous though not so extreme.

At any rate, whether it’s in reality or virtual reality, I have never experienced a group battle. My fights have been either one-on-one against my old man, or me against many on other occasions. My combat style is way too specialized in combating people so I didn't have that much confidence of doing fine in a party battle against monsters. Therefore, I should be careful in order to not become their hindrance. After I’m pumped my spirit in that way, a group of enemies conveniently appeared before us.

Part 3

「Those are………….. Red Mongoose, right? Their numbers are………….. 4 on the left, 6 on the right, too much huh.」

It seems that Shinji is doing an instant analysis of both party's war potential by comparing our numbers with the enemies that come from the front. EH, are those guy actually dangerous opponents?

By appearance, the Red Mongoose is almost as big as a dog and it seems that they are stronger than the monkeys I hunted yesterday. I think I should ask for advice from Shinji who has the best analysis regarding the war potential of our opponent amongst the four of us.

「Hive, are they strong? 」

「I won’t lose if it’s 1 vs 1 combat. But, with those numbers, they’ll be circling around to attack our rear guard. 」

In short the problem is their strength in numbers huh. In that case, it’s a simple story then.

「Yosh, then leave the 6 on the right to me. It’s the first time I've seen them but by their movements I think I might be able to hold them back. 」

I wouldn't say such things in real life if I really met such opponents for the first time without proper planning but, I definitely can say those words in this world. Maybe this is also a kind of adventure for me.

Shinji seemed to hesitate about something for a moment, then he shook his head as if to drive out the thoughts and looked at me.

「Please!  」

「OU!! 」

Part 4

Right after saying that, I charged alone towards the crowd of Mongoose that were coming from the right.

「E!? 」


When Fuyukawsan and Wakakussan tried to stop me when they saw me moving like that, Shinji held them back in their places.

「You guys, go for the left! If it’s Sou, he should be okay! 」

Thus, our party battle began.

Facing against the Red Mongooses that were heading toward me in straight line, I stayed at the same spot, holding onto my dual pistols. Should I say that it’s because they’re beast? But they were not in formation at all, much less showing the signs of forming one. In this case it’s not that different from the time when I faced several wild boars.

When the Red Mongooses came into range, I aimed for the one in the vanguard. When I shot, both eyes of the Red Mongoose in front of me burst open as 2 holes replaced it. There’s no way they would go down if they are real beast. Only a monster can survive from that.

Part 5

But, the Red Mongoose fell after eating four bullet, and turned into particles of light. It seems these guys won’t prove problematic if they fall with just that much.

「――5 left」

They continued charging forward without faltering despite their comrade falling in front of their own eyes. I killed another two that had managed to move closer to me.

The two brothers who jumped at the same time received 4 bullets in between their eyebrows, then fell like sacks of potatoes onto the ground. As those two transformed into particles of light, I fed the one who coming from behind me with another 4 bullets. Suddenly, another one went for my chest. So you’re going to go with irregular movements from now on then, I see.

I avoided the claw of the beast, which almost dug into my chest by sliding to the side, and in front of my eyes laid the figure of a beast that exposed it’s side. But I couldn't use the gun on this one. There were still two more behind me, I was on my last bullet and running out of time.

Abandoning the gun in my right hand, I brandished the knife strapped to my waist. The red colored light effect bloomed in the air when I cut the Red Mongoose's forelimb.

Now this guy won’t be able to attack for a while. As long as this guy does not fire laser beams from their mouth out of nowhere it should be okay to leave this guy for now…….. it won’t be firing such things right?

Part 6

I switched my attention onto the other two beasts with such worry in my head. Being reflected in my eyes were the two beast that charged on in my direction without even doing feints or creating a diversion.

「 Carnivores in real life are much more cunning than you guys. 」

The knife that I received from the delinquent flashed in my right hand, the automatic gun which was also my initial equipment in my left hand. Though they are not that strong, now they are partners I entrust my life to. Please take care of me for a while longer, partner.

One of the Red Mongoose  opened its mouth, showing its sharp fangs while circling around to my side. But the other one has not arrived at my killing distance yet. Shoot it or kill it? I have such composure to consider such choice. Yup.

「GYAUN!? 」

I kicked it.

It was due to pure curiosity in how much my physical ability worked on this kind of monster. After seeing the monster that I kicked right on it’s chin float in the air for a while, I knew that I had enough physical prowess to go against this monster. Next is to see how much my physical ability can take this monster.

I sent my opponent whose body had risen into the air forming 'く' character flying with a roundhouse kick. The Red Mongoose got blown far away due to the impact but had yet to release particles of light.

I won’t be able to beat these guys with just two kicks huh. I can’t make an accurate comparison since all of my bullets scored headshots, but this feels good as the guns have similar efficiency rates with real life.

Part 7

「Well then, at this rate what is left is my barehanded skill. 」

When I think carefully about it, I got nothing that resembled a finishing attack in this world. This is no different from real life. I wonder if I can shoot a laser beam from my hand………….

I dealt with the remaining monsters while thinking about such foolish things.

EH? Can you really call this a party battle?

(~'.')~To Be Continue To Chapter 18~('.'~)


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