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T/N: Please help me find mistakes.  I could not finish the make up chapter today, but it will definitely be done.  We should be entering the first action sequence next chapter.  No fighting yet though. Raising a Fox Spirit in My Home – Incarneous

Su Chan glanced at Li Yundong feeling very puzzled, "What’s so good about going to this learning hall? From what I can tell, the scholars are very mean!"

Li Yundong looked at Su Chan with a expression as if he were about to break down. "Learning hall? Scholars? Lady, you’re so ‘out’ that there are no bounds! Did you just get transported from ancient times?"

Su Chan blinked her eyes and asked, "What do you mean?"

Li Yundong was rendered speechless and had nothing to say for a time. After a while, he let out a sorrowful and discouraged sigh, "Forget it. You don’t understand. If I get expelled by the university, I won’t be able to get financial support from my parents."

Su Chan softly said from his side, "Then, did I do something wrong just now and make trouble for you?"

Li Yundong shook his head, "No, you didn’t do anything wrong. I was the one that was wrong."

Li Yundong took a deep breath, then let it all out, as if releasing all the built-up irritation in his chest at once. He was an innately optimistic guy, so he quickly managed to adjust his mood. He smiled at Su Chan and said, "I’ll bring you on a tour of my school."

It was a little past ten, which happened to be class time. Li Yundong did not want to return right way. Thus, he brought the little fox to LinYin Lane for a walk.

Even though, he could not hold hands with the little fox, but mottled sunlight on his shoulders and an exquisite beauty at his side, the faint fragrance of of a young maiden and the fresh scent of grass and leaves, was this not a desirable experience full of wonder?

Along the way, Li Yundong and the little fox met quite a few students. These students without exception turned their heads and looked, admiring the pure and innocent yet somehow alluring beauty of the little fox. This type of gaze gave Li Yundong a sense of satisfaction.

"Your learning hall, ah, your university is really big!" praised Su Chan as she curiously inspected the surroundings.

Li Yundong smiled and said, "This is just an average university. If it were a national class university, then the campus would be much bigger!"

Su Chan admiringly said, "Really? I want to go take a look someday."

Li Yundong smiled and said, "You seemed to like active and lively places."

Su Chan thought for a bit then vaguely stated, "Perhaps. It might be because in the past, I stayed in the mountain for too long. Sometimes for many years, I wouldn’t see a single person."

Li Yundong opened his mouse. Just as he was about to speak, a voice was transmitted from within the grove of trees, "Zhou Qin, I truly really like you. For you, I am willing to do anything."

"En?" Li Yundong had a sudden realization.

‘A confession? Ha! In the past, when I was confessing, you had someone take a video and put it online to humiliate me. Today, times change. What goes around comes around.’

Li Yundong cheered up inside. Bringing his index finger to his lips, he said, "Shh! Let’s go take a look."

The little fox inherently liked to have fun. Watching Li Yundong’s actions, her sense of fun was awakened. Smiling so wide that she had no nose or eyes, she also theatrically put a finger to her lips and made a shushing sound.

The two shared a glance and smiles appeared on their faces.

Due to the lush greenery of the groove and the fact the guy confessing stood in a pavilion not too far from them, there just happened to be a patch of short undergrowth that served to hide them. Li Yundong and Su Chan crouched behind the undergrowth and listened with their ears perked up.

"Zhao Yujian, we’re truly not suited…" This was Zhou Qin’s voice, pleasant to hear yet saturated with a bone-deep indifference.

"But Zhou Qin, give me a chance. What about me is unsuited? I’ll work hard to improve," implored Zhao Yujian.

"Hey. I say, how the heck are you so annoying? Where the heck do you match up to our Zhou Qin?" With the interjection of this voice, Li Yundong’s eyebrows twitched. ‘Mmm? This is Ding Nan?’

Li Yundong poked his head out from the undergrowth and looked toward the pavilion.

He saw Zhou Qin with her back facing him. She wore a light green laced blouse with medium length sleeves. Her jet-black hair hung straight behind her like a waterfall draped down her shoulders. Below her waist, she wore a light brown long skirt with lace borders.

She stood in the traditional pavilion with flying eaves and bucket arches*. Wind blew in short bursts, causing her skirt to dance. In that instant, the girl had the grace and beauty of a immortal fairy, possessing a preeminent atmosphere.

Su Chan had also metZhou Qin before, but at the time she focused all her attention on Li Yundong. As a result, she did not pay attention to Zhou Qin. Now that she looked, she could not help but exclaim, "How pretty!"

At Zhou Qin’s side was Ding Nan who stood lateral to Li Yundong. She wore a white sleeveless sports shirt, with a cute ‘Hello Kitty’ picture on her chest. She also wore a pair of denim shorts, which not only put her long slender legs on display but also outlined the arc of her perky butt.

Even though Li Yundong strongly disliked Ding Nan, but at this moment he had to admit, that woman had a youthful beauty tinged with sexiness. She truly deserved her title of department belle of the foreign language department.

Ding Nan’s style was cute, but her words were not cute at all. In fact, they were very harsh and venomous.

"Ha, a while ago there was a toad named Li Yundong who wanted to eat swan meat. Now, you also showed up. I say, aren’t our male classmates really annoying? Could it be that they never once looked into the mirror their entire lives? How come each and every one of them overestimate their own ability?" Ding Nan’s word made Li Yundong, this bystander, knit his brows.

Su Chan responded in a grander manner by sticking out her tongue. She said quietly, "What a harsh woman. She even dragged you into her lecture too."

Li Yundong smiled at her faintly, indicating they should continue listening.

Li Yundong’s gaze moved from Zhou Qin and Ding Nan to Zhao Yujian, who stood inside the pavilion. This guy was about 183cm tall with a robust body. His handsome appearance strikingly resembled Takuya Kimura.

Li Yundong recognized him. This guy was the president of the Taekwando society. He even won first place in the city-wide Taekwando University Competition. He was publicly known as one of the campus princes** of the school. The number of girls that had written love letters to him was no less than thirty.

‘Heh, I didn’t think even Zhao Yujian would be rejected by Zhou Qin…’

Li Yundong was astronished inside. Zhou Qin this girl had a secretive identity. According to rumors, her family background was very profound. More importantly, she was a paragon of virtue and learning, on top of the fact her appearance, figure, and personality were all top class. Other than a sense of detachment that made people’s hair stand on end, she had no faults or shortcomings.

What kind of man would this kind of woman go after in future? Even Zhao Yujian was rejected.

Zhao Yujian seemed like he could not believe Ding Nan cursed him out so cruelly. His entire body shook, while his lips trembled. Pointing at Ding Nan, he spoke vibrating with anger, "You… you!"

Ding Nan coldly snorted and said, "You you you. You what you? If I were you, I would find a place to hole up rather than making a fool of myself here!"

Zhou Qin patted Ding Nan’s hand from the side, and softly said, "Xiao Nan***, forget it, don’t say any more."

After she finished speaking, Zhou Qin said to Zhao Yujian, "Zhao Yujian, don’t chase after me any more, it really is impossible for us."

Zhao Yujian had a face like dead ash. He stood in the middle of the pavilion like a statue, blankly watching as Zhou Qin and Ding Nan left together.

Zhao Yujian looked at Zhou Qin’s back and suddenly shouted, "Zhou Qin, you will regret this!"

Zhou Qin did not look back. Her feet did not slow or stop even the tiniest bit, as if she had not heard what Zhao Yujian said just now.

Ding Nan on the other hand turned back to glance at him. She sneered and then gave him the middle finger.

Zhao Yujian’s handsome face instantly became incredibly warped. He charged forward one step before forcibly stopping on the spot. Like an enraged lion, he paced back and forth in the pavilion. After a long time with extremely cold eyes, he angrily left.

After Zhao Yujian left, Li Yundong and Su Chan finally hopped out of the grove. Li Yundong sighed internally, ‘When this kind of thing happens to myself, I did not feel anything. But now that I’ve watched someone else get rejected, it’s truly miserable. I truly respect the me who suffered defeat despite fighting on, and kept fighting on despite suffering defeat.’

Having witness this kind of tragedy, Li Yundong had no mood to tour with Su Chan. He thought for a moment and said, "Time to leave. Let’s go home. I’ll cook something delicious for you."

Su Chan beamed in joy the moment she heard. Drool almost leaked out and her head nodded like a bird pecking rice.

Li Yundong laughed. "Let’s go. First we need to buy ingredients."

He turned to look toward Su Chan, "Will you help me?"

Su Chan replied as if experiencing difficulty, "But, I’m afraid I’ll make trouble for you."

Li Yundong smiled and shook his hand. From his pocket, he took out at least more than ten red bills. Not allowing any protest, he stuffed the money into Su Chan’s hand.

How could Su Chan know that Li Yundong was using this method to stuff some money on her. He wanted her to have some money to protect herself. Otherwise, how could buying groceries require so much money? Were they eating the Manchu Han imperial feast?

Su Chan looked at the money in her hand. She blinked her eyes at a loss. She did not know in the least how much stuff the money in her hands could buy. She simply looked at Li Yundong and made an affirmative sound. Then she tightly held the money in her palm.

The two left the school gate and went to the nearby marketplace.

Li Yundong brought Su Chan to a butcher shop. Then he instructed her, "You can tell him that you want to buy one jin of streaky pork*** and a piece of leg bone.

Su Chan crisply followed Li Yundong’s instructions and repeated his request. The butcher glanced at the little fox several times stunned. Then he especially picked out several pieces of excellent streaky pork and leg bone for Su Chan.

Su Chan accepted the plastic bag and was about to turn around and leave, but Li Yundong grabbed her and pulled her to a stop. "Oi oi, give him the money."

Su Chan stuck out her tongue. She apologetically made an impish face toward the butcher. "I forgot."

With those words, she tried to pass over all the money that she tightly held in her hand.

The butcher was given a fright, "I can’t accept this much!"

Li Yundong did not know whether to laugh or cry. He could only take out a single bill from the little fox’s hand and gave it to the butcher. Then he accepted back the change.

Li Yundong proceeded to stuff the change into the little fox’s other hand and said, "Buying ingredients does not need that much money. A single bill is enough to buy a bunch of ingredients. Of course, if you want to eat at a restaurant, that’s another matter. A single bill is not enough."

The little fox blinked her eyes. "Is the taste in the restaurant delicious? How is it compared to you?"

Li Yundong smiled and said, "That’s difficult to say. Each has its merits. I also have some specialties that I haven’t made yet."

As he smiled and spoke with the little fox, he headed toward the vegetable stands.

After walking a few steps, Li Yundong discovered the vegetable stand owner who fleeced a hundred kuai from him last time was staring at him.

This was truly a meeting between enemies where both sides had eyes burning with hatred. Li Yundong was not someone particularly broad-minded. He naturally stared right back.

The vegetable stand owner rolled her eyes at him accordingly. There was no tax on rolling your eyes in any case.

While Li Yundong did not have much prospect, but deep down inside, he was actually very proud. Luckily, this large marketplace had more than one vegetable stand. Otherwise, even if Li Yundong died of hunger, he would still not buy this aunty’s vegetables.

After buying vegetables at another stand, the two carrying large and small bags of ingredients prepared to return home.

Not long after leaving the marketplace, while walking on the street, Li Yundong suddenly saw the man who clashed with him a day ago, Er Lu, standing not far away with a gloomy face looking at him.

Er Lu viciously glared at Li Yundong, then his gaze landed on Su Chan once more. His eyes were full of greed and lust.

He turned to the side and spoke lowly to the young man beside him with dyed blonde hair and full denim attire.

This young man nodded and looked at Su Chan. His face revealed a sinister and lewd smile. He nodded and said, "En. Top quality. Top quality indeed! You have good tastes, kid."

Li Yundong’s expression instantly became bad. Without making a sound, he drew closer to Su Chan. Then he quickly checked behind him to find there were actually five people, all of whom carried newspapers that seemed to be hiding long hard objects inside.

Li Yundong’s heart sunk. He knew it was almost impossible for today to end peacefully. He recognized the blonde young man. He was called Xie Fei. This guy just happened to be a junior student of their university’s economic department. He was an infamous gangster that loved to fight and take liberties with women. His reputation was extremely bad.

Li Yundong switched all the ingredients into one hand and caught Su Chan’s wrist with his other hand. He whispered, "In a bit, we’ll run together."

Su Chan blanked out. She as a cultivator never considered these gangsters to be a threat. Thus she did not know what was going on and simply let out an ‘ah’ sound of confusion. "Why do we need to run?"

Li Yundong was so annoyed that he almost laughed out loud. Internally, he thought, ‘Nonsense. They have seven people. If we don’t run, are we supposed to let them to hit us?’

Li Yundong did not know that he had been remodeled by the Human Origin Gold Pill. As such, he did not imagine himself as a strong fighter like Jet Li or Donnie Yen.

Su Chan’s voice was heard by Xie Fei. Xie Fei immediately broke out in laughter. "Beauty, why would you run? We won’t do anything to you. You just need to eat a meal with us, that’s all."

"Eat, your mother!" Li Yundong suddenly sprung into action. He threw his grocery bags towards his enemy. Tightly holding Su Chan’s hand, he loudly shouted, "Let’s run!"


*Flying eaves - Ever seen Chinese temples with their upturned eaves? Those. Bucket arches are a system of bracketed columns and beams, google it for images if you can’t imagine it.

**校草 - literally school grass: Just as campus belle is known as lit. school flower, campus prince is known as school grass. It refers to the most handsome man or men on campus.

*** 小楠 Xiao Nan - This is a nick name for Ding Nan. In China, a nickname is often formed for close people, younger than yourself by using xiao (which means small). For example, If your name is Min Ke, then someone older than you would call you Xiao Ke (Young/Little Ke). Of course, if someone’s younger than you, they might call you Lao Ke (Old Ke). This is a unisex nickname, that can use xiao plus either the surname or the given name.

**** Pork Belly that layers meat and fat used often in Asian cuisine.

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