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Published at 17th of August 2019 11:29:29 AM
Chapter 86.1

Chapter 86 Predestination (I)

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After Ding Nan’s departure, Li Yundong looking at Zhou Qin in confusion .

“Since when did you stop being friends? Haven’t you been through thick and thin together?”

Zhou Qin looked at Ding Nan’s retreating figure, and sighed . She said calmly, “One can only see the truth in times of trouble . ”

Li Yundong looked at Zhou Qin in confusion . “What happened between you two?”

Zhou Qin returned her gaze to him and lifted her long black hair . She said with a slight smile, “Nothing, time will heal all wounds . By the way, I haven’t officially thanked you . ”

Li Yundong smiled . “It’s nothing . In fact, when you and Zhao Yujian fell, I didn’t know which one was you . I just caught the nearest one . ”

Zhou Qin widened her eyes . “Really? You’re not lying to me, are you?”

Li Yundong smiled casually . “Why would I lie to you? It’s God who chose for you to live, not me! So, you don’t have to thank me . ”  

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Zhou Qin fixed her eyes on Li Yundong, said inwardly, “Could it be that God chose him to save me?

Zhou Qin carefully observed Li Yundong . She couldn’t see a sliver of greed in his eyes . He neither envied the power behind her nor coveted her amazing appearance .

When she invited Li Yundong to attend her birthday party, it was not only because she had a good impression of him, but also because she wanted to test him .

Many people had vowed that they could resist all kinds of temptations . They looked honest and fair . Zhou Qin had always been scornful of this kind of people . She had seen too many people corrupted with power and desire because of her background .

Whether a person could withstand such a test depended on if he had vanity, greed, or jealousy . Even if one had none of these thoughts, after they tasted the thrill of power and beauty, they could hardly control themselves .

This was human nature, and it was weak, greedy, dark, and degrading .

The precocious Zhou Qin saw human nature clearly and thoroughly, so when she got along with the opposite sex, she could clearly see the dark and hypocrisy side hidden within them .

In her view, after seeing her beauty, men always wanted to have her . Once they knew the background behind her, they would become even crazier about her . They hankered for her and the power behind her .

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However, Li Yundong did not . Zhou Qin carefully observed the eyes of this boy more than once . Although she also saw admiration in his eyes, it was a pure appreciation of beauty without any greedy thoughts .

There was only satisfaction in his eyes, indicating that he was indulging in love . Zhou Qin considered it superficial, but this boy had been immersed in such superficial happiness as if he had had the whole world .

A man who was content would be happy .

Zhou Qin suddenly sighed . “You are such a strange person . If someone else saved me, he would have tried to build a relationship with me and asked me to repay them . Don’t you know that I have the power to change one’s destiny?”

Li Yundong internally disagreed with her, so he said calmly, “What does your power have to do with me?”

After that, he remembered that Su Chan might be getting anxious as she was still waiting in the classroom, and said, “Sorry, I am going to go eat…”

Hearing this, Zhou Qin hurriedly stopped him and pleaded, “Can you talk to me, just for a moment!”

Li Yundong wanted to refuse, but he was born a soft-hearted person . Seeing Zhou Qin’s worried face, he sighed and said, “Well, let’s talk . ”

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Zhou Qin slowly walked to Li Yundong and pointed to the small pavilion in the trees . “Can we go there and talk a little?”

Li Yundong walked to the small pavilion . He glanced around and suddenly thought, “Isn’t this the place where Su Chan and I saw Zhao Yujian’s confession to Zhou Qin?”

Li Yundong couldn’t help, but think of the that Su Chan said . He suddenly felt that everything in the world was just a cycle . For a time, Li Yundong fell deep in thought .

Seeing Li Yundong standing outside the pavilion, Zhou Qin thought that he was unwilling to come in . She had never encountered such a situation before in regard of being rejected twice by one boy!

Did he still care that she had rejected him before?

Zhou Qin smiled helplessly .  What a narrow-minded boy!

Zhou Qin licked her lips and boldly reached out to grab Li Yundong’s hand . She said gently, “Why haven’t you come in?”

Zhou Qin had a sweet voice, and she sounded like a wife calling her husband . It was as if she had a magical power that made the man feel his heartbeat .

Li Yundong was stunned, and then unconsciously went into the pavilion with Zhou Qin .

Pulling Li Yundong into the pavilion, Zhou Qin let go of his hand, turned her back to Li Yundong, and taking a deep breath .

Li Yundong saw that the girl’s ears behind her waterfall-like hair were very red as if they were bleeding .

Zhou Qin calmed down and smiled, “Do you know that this was the first time I took the initiative to hold a boy’s hand . ”

Li Yundong laughed . “Your first time? Do you want me to take responsibility?”

Zhou Qin blinked her dark eyes, looked at Li Yundong, and smiled, “What responsibility do you want to take? If you had to take responsibility, will you take it?”

Li Yundong smiled in embarrassment . He didn’t answer, but secretly scolded himself, “Why haven’t I corrected my bad habit of flirting with pretty girls?”

Zhou Qin saw that Li Yundong had become embarrassed and could not answer her . She smiled and didn’t push him . She reached out and folded a vine that grown into the pavilion . While playing with it in her hand, she said, “Both my father and grandfather are high-ranking officials . I can be considered one of the privileged children . Some people would call me a princess . ”

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