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Li Yundong used the ingredients he bought last time to make two dishes and a soup. Then he called the little fox over to eat.

Even though it was not the first time the little fox ate Li Yundong’s cooking, but she still ate ravenously. And what made Li Yundong really not know whether to laugh or cry was the girl’s reaction when he wanted to get grab some more food, the girl actually bared her teeth at him!

"Screw, how are you still hoarding food at your age?" Li Yundong jokingly scolded.

After the girl finished eating, she gave a satisfied burp. She glanced at Li Yundong very apologetically and said, "It’s was too good!"

Li Yundong shook his head and said with a smile, "It looks like next time, I’ll need to cook enough for four. A portion for two really isn’t enough! I frankly didn’t get to eat anything!"

The little fox blushed, and said, "I’m sorry. I took your portion and ate it…"

Li Yundong waved it off. "It’s fine so long as you’re full."

The little fox lowered her head feeling shy and awkward. "Actually, I’m only about 30% full."

Li Yundong fell on his butt. He stared at the little fox with a terrified expression. He picked up the empty rice pot that had been placed bottom up and showed it to the little fox. "Four bowls of rice, you alone ate three of them. Are you a pig?"

The little fox’s lips stuck up really high into a big pout. "But I really am hunngrryy!"

Li Yundong did not know whether to laugh or cry. "Don’t tell me that you’re still growing."

The little fox proudly thrust out her chest. "This one already finished growing!"

Li Yundong’s eyes fell upon Su Chan’s perky chest. He could not resist swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

Su Chan’s personality was innocent and unaffected, in other words somewhat naturally slow. Her personality was in some ways like a child, but her figure was extremely perfect. Her height was approximately 165cm and her figure was exquisite, a thin waist, long legs, and excellent proportions from head to toe with practically no discernible flaw. Her body was in no way like a child’s.

She wore Li Yundong’s sweatshirt. Even though these clothes were a bit loose, but her breasts still emerged as significant bulges. By Li Yundong’s reckoning, they were at least D cups. Furthermore, the little fox apparently did not have a habit of wearing bras. The two bumps, which were faintly discernible on her chest, practically drove people mad.

Li Yundong laughed wryly. He did not dare to look for long, for fear of giving in to his impulses and performing certain acts driven by his more bestial instincts.

"I’ll go wash the dishes." Li Yundong stood up and clean away all the bowls and dishes on the coffee table.

Li Yundong walked into the kitchen. He lowered his head and washed the dishes. In his head, he was recalling Su Chan’s alluring appearance. For a time, he felt as if hot blood charged into his head, and his nose felt wet.

He reflexively wiped at his nose with his hand, suddenly finding that he had a nosebleed!

"Screw, it can’t be?" Li Yundong exclaimed in surprised, "I can’t be that useless right? Something as exaggerated as an actual nosebleed?"

Su Chan heard a noise, so she walked over to take a look. She found Li Yundong with his head tilted back. Bright red nose blood ran down his neck and chest.

"You’re bleeding?" Su Chan asked startled. She hurried over.

Li Yundong saw Su Chan coming in. He immediately turned around in embarrassment. Internally, he was almost contemplating suicide. ‘If I let this girl know that I daydreamed about her and ended up with a nosebleed, then wouldn’t she laugh me to death?’

"It’s nothing. It’s nothing!" Li Yundong used his hand to ward off Su Chan, not wanting to let her get close.

On the other hand, Su Chan simply grabbed Li Yundong’s arm. She gently patted the back of Li Yundong’s neck, then patted the top of his head. She giggled and said, "It’s fine now. You can your head."

Li Yundong experimentally lowered his head. As expected, he had recovered. He looked over at Su Chan very surprised, "You cured me just by patting me twice? How is it so amazing?"

Su Chan smiled and said, "That’s right. My master taught me."

Li Yundong praised, "Your master really is a capable person."

Immediately after, Li Yundong thought of something. He hurriedly explained, "These days, the weather is stuck on dry heat. That’s why I have a nosebleed. Don’t over think it!"

The little fox replied all smiles, "It’s fine. I know. I know everything!"

Internally, Li Yundong wanted to cry but had no tears. ‘Ah? She understands everything? This is bad. My image is done for!’

The little fox was actually thinking inside, ‘Li Yundong having a nosebleed now is not a good thing.’

People will have nosebleeds under several conditions. The first condition is that the nose cavity has experience blunt force trauma, so the capillaries have ruptured. The second condition involves intense changes in temperature between cold and hot, when pores meet sudden heat, they would expand and rupture. The third condition is that the body’s qi is unable to control the blood.

Li Yundong should be of the third condition.

Blood and qi. Blood and qi. Qi is the commander of blood, leading the blood in one’s body. Only when a person’s qi is sufficient would their blood flow quickly, allowing the necessary nutrients to be carried by the blood to every corner of the body.

If the person’s qi is not sufficient, then it would cause the blood to flow slowly, whereupon the blood vessels and other tissues would start clogging, causing a plethora of health problems.

The blood vessels in the human nose are the weakest blood vessels in the human body. The moment a problem with the body’s qi appears, it would often be reflected upon these blood vessels.

The reason Li Yundong would suffer from nosebleed is because the qi in his body is too vigorous. Moreover, the previous incident, when his anger pushed to hair upright, caused agitation to the qi of Li Yundong’s entire body. From then on, the qi drove all the blood in his body to flow rapidly, much like a speeding train that is unable to control its momentum. As a result, this caused his nose blood to overflow.

Therefore, when the little fox saw Li Yundong having a nosebleed, she found it to be a very normal occurrence, but it also indicated that the qi in Li Yundong’s body was chaotic, thus it could not control the blood flow, which was why he had a nosebleed.

Su Chan waited until Li Yundong finished the chores and sat down. Then she came to his side and asked in a lovable coquettish manner, "Let me give you a massage, all right?"

Li Yundong was delighted. His gloominess from before was tossed beyond the horizon. He thought, ‘After eating a meal with a beauty, there’s actually also this kind of perk. This is truly the life of a divine immortal. Lovers are enviable but immortals are not!’

Li Yundong wanted to sit down on the sofa, but Su Chan asked him to sit cross-legged on the carpet. She stood behind Li Yundong’s back and gently gave him a massage.

However, this time Su Chan did not use the ‘tri-pronged blossom’ tehcnique. This was because the three blossoms congregate on top was originally the state when a person’s essence, qi, and blood were most vigorous. At that time, a person is easily angered and annoyed. The imposing presence displayed during the state of anger pushing hair upright is based on this principle.

Right now, Li Yundong’s qi was chaotic throughout his body. His blood flowed quickly. He was currently hot-tempered and impatient. If the state of three blossoms congregate on top were added onto that, Li Yundong would probably leak from from his seven apertures*1.

Therefore Su Chan secretly circulated the supreme yin qi in her body, then she slapped down the palm of her hand toward the Baihui acupoint on Li Yundong’s head, and started to gently knead, thirty-two rotations clockwise and thirty-two rotations counterclockwise.

The Baihui acupoint is first among all acupoint. It is the topmost acupoint in the entire body, like the air vent on top of a pressure cooker. When this acupoint is stimulated, all the other acupoints of the body would resonate, hence allowing an effect like pulling one hair to move the entire body.

Su Chan injected her own body’s yin qi through Li Yundong’s Baihui acupoint into his body, much like Buddhism’s anointing one’s head with the purest cream, allowing his even now excited and surging qi and blood to slowly calm down.

Li Yundong only felt what seemed like pure spring water pour through the top of his head and make its way down his body. Strands of chilly qi permeated every blood vessel, every strand of hair. Under the influence of this pleasant sensation, he could not resist letting out a long groan.

"Too comfortable…" Li Yundong sighed.

Su Chan scolded him with a rarely seen solemn face, "No talking allowed!"

Li Yundong immediately shut his mouth. He did not speak. He closed his eyes to enjoy the experience.

After Su Chan kneaded the Baihui acupoint, she rubbed her palms together, warming them up, and then she clasped the palm of her hands against Li Yundong’s ears. Her palms pressed in, covering Li Yundong’s two ears. After holding them for a while, her palms abruptly pulled away.

With this pull, Li Yundong just felt that his ears went pop, as if the pent-up qi in his body had been pulled loose. A cool qi rose directly from his lower abdomen and entered his brain, causing his entire body to advance in the direction of unimpeded spirit and balanced qi. He felt keen and alert.

Li Yundong was quite curious inside, he was also full of admiration. He did not know why Su Chan knew so many massage techniques, moreover every single technique produced instant effects—it was extremely miraculous.

He wanted to ask but he was also afraid that asking would make Su Chan unhappy. He ended up with a strange expression on his face. His pupils continuously flicked upwards.

The little fox seemed to have guess what Li Yundong thought inside, so she said, "I’ll tell you about it later. For now, don’t ask and don’t think about it. Close your eyes and rest. Let your mind become blank. Don’t think about anything."

Li Yundong nodded and closed his eyes, allowing Su Chan fully demonstrate her massage skills.

Su Chan’s jade hands flew back and forth: on the top of Li Yundong’s head, on his shoulders, on his back, all kinds of important acupoints were pressed or patted, rubbed or kneaded. The pressure exerted by her arms was sometimes large sometimes small.

When the pressure was large, Li Yundong experienced a type of satisfaction that fell upon him endlessly like water from a waterfall. There was no pain, instead there was a immensely enjoyable feeling of release, as if he were drinking fine wine. This feeling of rejuvenation made him want to shout out.

When the pressure was small, Li Yundong felt like he was soaking in a hotspring. This warmth was cozy, as if he were drinking fine tea. This feeling of comfort made him want to moan.

In the cultivation world, this technique was a middle level massage technique named ‘butterfly plucking flower field’.

While the name is romantic, but its actual meaning was simply a butterfly gently plucking pollen from a flower, that kind of sudden push, a single contact and departure. This can circulate the masseur’s origin qi, and also, at the same time drive the circulation of the other party’s blood.

Not long after, Li Yundong was lost in comfort that he languidly feel asleep.

When Li Yundong fell asleep, Su Chan came to a stop. One of her hands was pressed on the Baihui acupoint at the top of Li Yundong’s head. She herself motionlessly watched Li Yundong, observing the qi and blood flow within his body.

At this time, all the essence, qi, and blood in Li Yundong’s body had been circulated by Su Chan’s massage technique, such that it was involuntarily circulating a microcosmic orbit. While this method of cultivation looked very easy and natural, after all, who did not know how to sleep?

But in truth, this kind of cultivation was the most dangerous.

Due to the fact qi and blood did not have any awareness, before meridians of the body were completely unblocked, their circulation would be random and chaotic. Like water flowing on messy wasteland, a single slip can cause qi and blood to flow from one meridian to another, from one acupoint to another, causing a true disaster in the form of a devastating flood.

This is also known as the most terrifying thing in cultivation, qi deviation.

Only people who have undergone cultivation and unblocked their own meridians, turning wasteland into a series of rivers, the qi and blood of these people would circulate on their own following the already established river banks. At that time, cultivation will no longer require an outside observer to protect against missteps.

The reason why cultivation is difficult like stepping into the sky is actually because it is very difficult for cultivators to find someone that they can absolutely trust, pairing off into dao companions for dual cultivation.

And if a person finds a dao companion and undergoes dual cultivation, then their cultivation would only need half the work to bring about twice the effect.

Li Yundong’s current state was like this. He had the Human Origin Gold Pill to serve as his accumulation and groundwork. He also had the little fox Su Chan at his side soundlessly guiding him along, if his current circumstance was made known to other other cultivators struggling bitterly on the road of cultivation, each and every one of them would be so jealous that their teeth would shatter from how hard they bit down.

Every time the qi and blood in Li Yundong’s body showed signs of disruption and instability, Su Chan would use her other hand to press down on the acupoint in front of that particular qi flow. Then, the qi in Li Yundong’s body would seem to gain awareness and flow according to Su Chan’s directions.

Like this, the microcosmic orbit was circulated sixteen time. Afterward, Li Yundong slowly woke up. He let out a long breath of air. The qi in his mouth was like a straight sword as it flew outward.

He sighed, "If I get massaged like this everyday, then I really will be like a divine immortal!"

At his side, the moment Su Chan heard, her eyes lit up, she hurried asked, "Then, from now on, I’ll give you a massage everything, all right?"


*1 In Chinese medicine, the seven apertures are 2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, and 1 mouth.

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