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Published at 7th of February 2020 06:22:31 AM
Chapter 127
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"Li Yundong!" President Cao's voice sounded amidst the clicking of her heels . "Going AWOL on the first day of your job? What is the meaning of this?"

Curious glances were cast towards Li Yundong . Seconds later, President Cao stepped in front of Li Yundong with her arms akimbo .

Li Yundong cleared his throat . "Um . . . " He glanced at Su Chan . "Su Chan, this is President Cao, my boss . "

Technically, President Cao was only his temporary boss; his real boss was President Yin .

Li Yundong squared his shoulders and gave President Cao a nod . "Hello, President Cao . These are my friends . "

President Cao's eyes were hidden behind her sunglasses, though Li Yundong could tell that she was looking at Su Chan .  

"Oh, and um, this is my girlfriend, Su Chan . "

Silence pervaded . He felt movement behind him—probably Zhou Qin or Ding Nan .  This is awkward…

Li Yundong nudged Su Chan with his elbow .

Su Chan stared at him in confusion . Li Yundong tilted his head slightly towards President Cao and gave her a pointed look . A look of recognition formed on Su Chan's face . She smiled, then gave President Cao a slight bow . "Hello, President Cao . "

President Cao moved her sunglasses to the top of her head . Then, she let her hand hover near Su Chan's jawline . "May I?" she asked, looking at Su Chan .

Su Chan nodded .

President Cao hooked her fingers under Su Chan's chin and gently turned Su Chan's head from side to side . "Wow . You really are beautiful," she said before releasing Su Chan's chin .

Su Chan grinned . "Hehe . Thanks!"

"Ever thought of joining the entertainment business?" President Cao remarked casually, eyeing Su Chan from head to toe . "With your looks, you'll become a superstar in no time . "

For a moment, Li Yundong tried to picture Su Chan as a world-famous actress . He didn't find the idea appealing at all . He wasn't sure if his innocent princess could survive in a place as dark as the showbiz .  

"You should sign with us if you ever decide to enter the entertainment business, Miss Su Chan," President Cao continued with a smile . "We have the resources and experience to put your gifts to good use . . . "

President Cao looked up sharply, her gaze fixed upon something behind his back .

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"Are you . . . Zhou Qin?" President Cao asked, causing Li Yundong to turn around .

Zhou Qin nodded politely . "Yes, I am . It's a pleasure to meet you again, President Cao Kefei . "

Smiling, President Cao stepped forward and extended her hand towards Zhou Qin . "Likewise . I'm quite surprised that you even remember me . We only ran into each other briefly during the party . We barely exchanged a few words . "

Zhou Qin shook the proffered hand . "Of course I'd remember you, President Cao," she said with a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes . "You're a big name in Tiannan City's entertainment circle . Not to mention you're a very beautiful woman . It's hard not to remember you . "

President Cao chuckled and released Zhou Qin's hand . "Thank you . But I'm sure my beauty pales in comparison to yours, Zhou Qin . "

"Not that it isn't a pleasure to see you," Zhou Qin said, "but I'm a little curious as to why you're looking for Li Yundong . "

President Cao sighed . "Well . . . Li Yundong has proven himself to be a valuable asset… . " President Cao looked at Zhou Qin . "I'm sure you've heard about the incident at President Yin's building?"

"I know you recommended him to President Yin, but my company ran into some trouble lately, and I think Li Yundong's skillset can help me deal with some of my headaches . " President Cao raised a brow . "You don't mind, I hope?"

Zhou Qin smiled . "Of course I don't mind, President Cao . " Zhou Qin glanced at Li Yundong . "I'm glad my recommendation benefits you and President Yin . "

A warm breath tickled Li Yundong's ear . Li Yundong turned away from the conversation and met Su Chan's piteous eyes . "Yundong . . . I'm sooo hungry . . . " Su Chan whispered . She glanced around and tugged Li Yundong's hand . "Can we please talk on the way?"

Li Yundong chuckled and pinched Su Chan's nose . "Excuse me, President Cao . Can we at least go to lunch first before we start talking shop?" He glanced around at everyone . "I mean, I don't know about you guys, but I'm starving . "

President Cao stopped talking and looked at Li Yundong pointedly . "No," she said . "I'm afraid you'll have to skip lunch today . "

Li Yundong frowned . "Why?"

President Cao smiled wryly . "Because I need your help . "

"My help? With what?"

President Cao sighed . "With security . " Her expression turned somber . "Two high-profile celebrities will be arriving at the city today . But they're kicking up a fuss saying that they don't trust my company's security team after . . . after that incident with Wang Yong . . . "

Li Yundong's frown deepened . "So, what, they'll agree as long as I'm providing the security detail?"

"Pretty much . " President Cao nodded . "I called them personally and told them about how you handled Wang Yong . Plus, President Yin also vouched for you . So . . . " She shrugged .

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Li Yundong sighed . "But I have to sit for an exam this afternoon . . . "

President Cao froze . "An exam?"

Li Yundong nodded grimly . "I'll flunk out if I don't pass it . "

"He won't have enough semester credits to graduate if he skips," Sun Li remarked .

President Cao nodded and pulled out her phone .

"Hello, Chancellor Feng . This is Cao Kefei, the president of Huasheng Studios . I'm calling on behalf of one of your students, Li Yundong . " There was a pause . President Cao nodded . "Yes, that's him . Well, he is a part time employee at my firm, and I need him to come in this afternoon . But I also understand that he has to sit for a compulsory exam this afternoon?" President Cao smiled . "Oh? Is that so? But what about his credits? Oh . Okay . Thank you, chancellor . "

President Cao hung up the phone and smiled at Li Yundong . "Done . You no longer have to sit for the exam this afternoon . "

"What? Just like that?"

President Cao nodded . "You will get your semester credits for internship instead . "

Li Yundong's brows rose . "Internship? Is that what this is?"

"You'll be paid, of course," President Cao said quickly .

"A paid internship . . . " Li Yundong said . "Interesting . "

President Cao's eyes sparkled with hope . "Is that a yes? You'll help me out?"

Li Yundong went silent in thought . After a while, he smiled at President Cao . "Excuse me for a moment," he said . "I need to speak with my girlfriend in private .

Ignoring everyone's curious glances, Li Yundong pulled Su Chan away, stopping only when he was sure they were out of everyone's earshot . "Su Chan . . . I . . . "

Su Chan placed a hand on Li Yundong's arm . "It's okay, beloved . I understand . " Su Chan smiled . "Money is tight, right? You have to do what you can to earn money . "

Li Yundong sighed, then suddenly looked towards President Cao . "Maybe I should ask her if I can bring you along . . . "

Su Chan shook her head . "It's okay, Yundong . . . I don't want to cause any trouble . Also, I think I should lay low for a bit . " She gave Li Yundong a pointed look . "I dunno if it's safe for me to be walking around in public . "

Li Yundong cupped Su Chan's cheeks . "But isn't it best if we stick together? I mean . . . What if . . . What if those Zhengyi people attack either one of us when we're apart?"

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Su Chan's expression turned contemplative . Seconds later, she patted Li Yundong's hands . Li Yundong took the hint and released her cheeks . She glanced around a few times, then took out two pieces of paper from her pocket . "Here . . . " she whispered . "Take one of these . "

Li Yundong reached out carefully and removed the top piece before studying it . The paper was thin and yellow in color, like a page from an old Chinese calendar . Printed on it were four Chinese characters: Heavenly Thunder Slays Evil . Chills traveled down Li Yundong's spine . His scalp tingled . He stared at Su Chan, his fingers trembling slightly . "What's this?"

"It's a talisman for the Five Thunders Spell . My master gave me these and told me to only use them during emergencies . "

Li Yundong frowned . "But how do I…? I mean, I haven't even passed the Zhuji phase . . . "

Su Chan shook her head . "With this talisman, you don't need to generate magical powers from your body to use it . The spell's magic is already sealed inside the talisman . You just have to break the seal by channeling your Qi into the talisman . But . . . "

Li Yundong met Su Chan serious eyes .

"Never, ever, use the talisman on a mortal . And do not use the spell lightly . Use it only if you have no other choice . This spell is unpredictable . Unless you've been taught how properly control it, it's easy for the spell to turn on you . "

Li Yundong nodded and slipped the talisman into his pocket . "But what if it isn't enough?"

"The spell can also act as a signal to either one of us . We'll go to each other the moment we see a shift in the weather . "

"Is it easy to tell the difference between the spell and normal weather changes?"

Su Chan nodded . "There will be an instant shift in the weather once the spell is cast . Normal weather changes are slow and gradual, but the spell causes rapid changes . Also, the weather changes caused by the spell will be focused on the area directly above the caster, so it should be obvious . If we use Mingmu, we can easily pinpoint the caster's location . "

Li Yundong sighed . "Okay . I got it . " Li Yundong levelled her with a serious look . "I don't think it's safe for you to be home alone, Su Chan . " He leaned closer . "Why don't you find a place to hide while you wait for me?"

Su Chan nodded . "Good idea . . . It's best if it's somewhere public with a lot of people . The Zhengyi School wouldn't dare make a move where mortals are present . "

"Ah, I got it . " Li Yundong smiled . "Remember that theme park we went to the other day?"

Su Chan grinned . "Mmm! We had so much fun that day . "

Li Yundong looked at her warmly . "Yeah . Why don't you wait for me there? I'll meet up with you once I finished the job . "


Li Yundong reached into his pocket and took out a wad of cash . "Here . Take these with you . " He shoved the cash into Su Chan's palm .

"Thank you, beloved . " Su Chan stuffed the cash into her pocket, then looked up at him with watery eyes . "I'll be waiting for you, Yundong . . . I'll miss you . . . "

Li Yundong patted her head and pulled her into a hug . "I'll miss you too . Pay attention to your phone just in case I contact you," Li Yundong whispered into her hair . "Don't leave the theme park unless you have no other choice . And . . . if you're really bored, you can play a few games at the theme park . "

Su Chan shook her head . "I don't feel like playing any games without you . Besides, we should save money . "

Li Yundong pulled back and looked down at Su Chan affectionately . "Okay . We'll visit the theme park next time after I get my first paycheck . "

Su Chan broke into a grin . "Promise?"

Li Yundong smiled and patted her head . "I promise . "

Su Chan lifted her pinky, a gesture that elicited a chuckle from Li Yundong . He hooked his own pinky around hers and then pressed their thumbs together . "Okay, princess . I have to go now . Be careful, okay?"

Su Chan nodded .

With a heavy heart, Li Yundong took Su Chan's hand and rejoined the rest of the girls, who were all looking back at them expectantly . "I'm sorry guys . I'm afraid I can't join you guys for lunch today . "

"Don't worry about it," Zhou Qin said .

"Yeah . . . Just go do your badass thing or whatever," Cheng Cheng said with a smile .

Li Yundong smiled . "Okay . Maybe I can treat y'all next time . " He turned towards President Cao . "I'm ready to go now, boss . Sorry to make you wait . "

"Great! Let's get going, then . " President Cao turned around and walked back towards the Lamborghini .

Li Yundong gave Su Chan a parting wave and followed President Cao to the car .

Zhou Qin stared after the Lamborghini as it pulled away from the curb and hit the traffic . It was Ding Nan's mocking laughter that made her look away . "Did you see that, Zhou Qin?"

Zhou Qin tilted her head and regarded Ding Nan coldly . "See what?"

Ding Nan chuckled . "A good, and unmarried man is like a loose treasure . Every ambitious woman would try to stake her claim on him . This is a battle . "

A dark look formed in Zhou Qin's eyes . "What's your point?"

Ding Nan smirked . "Oh, you know what my point is . I don't have to spell it all out for you . " Ding Nan turned and walked away without even bidding the other girls goodbye . Clearly, the mood for lunch was ruined . Zhou Qin would be a fool if she still couldn't see what Ding Nan's words meant—a declaration of war . Somehow, Zhou Qin couldn't shake the feeling that Ding Nan had something up her sleeves .

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