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The Educated Youth Who Changed His Mind (4)

Yao Yao covered her mouth and ran back to the house while crying. The door slammed loudly, like thunder, indicating the owner's terrible mood. 

Jiang Zhe pretended to be ignorant: “What happened to her?” 

Xiang Cheng's face turned dark, and the others didn't know what to say. 

One of the educated youths was Yao Yao's suitor, Lin He, stood up to get justice for his goddess, pointing towards Jiang Zhe's nose, scolding: “Jiang Zhe, you two-timing scum male. How does Yao Yao fall behind a village girl, you sure are blind.” 

Jiang Zhe frowned, coldly shouting: “Shut up.” 

Lin He moved in closer: “Shut up? Why should I shut up? You dare to do it, but don't dare to own up to it? Eating from the bowl while looking at the pot, half-hearted, you this kind of person should have long been pulled out by someone to be □□. Your eyes and heart are blind, of all people you found an uncouth village girl, you're throwing Yao Yao's face to the ground…” 

An unexpected fist hit his face, and Lin He was directly stunned. 

Jiang Zhe followed the principle of "wanting your life when you're sick", waving his hands, he punched him a few more times. When the others reacted, Lin He had already been beaten into a pig head. 

Xiang Cheng brought the others to separate the two men. 

Xiang Cheng: “Jiang Zhe, what are you doing?” 

Jiang Zhe used his strength to push Xiang Cheng away, adjusted his clothes, deadpanned: “Nothing much, just fulfilling my obligations as Qing Qing's partner.” 

Jiang Zhe: “A gentleman does not ignore others' virtues, and does not speak ill of others. Not to mention we are discussing a woman." 

Jiang Zhe : “Lin He, to be considered an educated youth with you, living in the same courtyard, is really disgusting.” 

Lin He, who was lying on the ground screaming in anger, was stunned silly by that line. Opening his mouth, he said "You" for half a day, but couldn't anything else. 

Jiang Zhe swept his gaze over everyone, loudly saying: “If there is anything to be said, let us say it all today. I have no relationship with Youth Yao at all. I haven't had it before, I don't have it now and I won't have it in the future. If anyone dares to spread rumours in the future, don't blame me for being rude to him.”

Everyone was frightened silent. Yao Yao, who was separated by just a door, covered her mouth and cried silently. 

Jiang Zhe left the crowd and turned back to the house. 

System: “Is this alright? I heard that you're managed very strict here, workpoints will be deduced for privately fighting." 

Jiang Zhe's face didn't change: “I'll be fine.” 

The system was a bit tangled, “But everyone saw when you were beating the other person up." 

Jiang Zhe stopped his hand movements and patiently explained, “Qing Qing's father is the team leader.” 

System: “??” 

Jiang Zhe: ……… 

How can it be so stupid = = 

Jiang Zhe : “Lin He is naturally at a disadvantage. Moreover, neither I nor the original soul had anything to do with Yao Yao. He insists that we are not innocent, but it was purely rumoured. That will similarly deduct workpoints.” 

System: Σ( ° △° ) ︴  

The system regained its senses: “You have a backing, that's why you fearlessly beat someone up right?” 

Jiang Zhe ignored it. 

But the system felt that its guess was definitely right. Sure enough, the host was a white-skinned black sesame rice ball, his heart dirty. 

Jiang Zhe took a book and read it. In fact, his thoughts had long wandered far away. 

In the original world, after the original soul had fallen into dire straits, this Lin He was the most joyful, adding insult to injury regularly. 

Originally, this had nothing to do with him. After all, the original soul later avenged himself. 

However, Lin He himself was useless. He did not dare to openly pursue Yao Yao, but still wanted to pull down and step on other women. Tarnishing his beloved woman's reputation, this he could not tolerate. 


As Jiang Zhe expected, nothing happened about that day's incident, and life returned to normal. 

In fact, there were some changes…

At least Yao Yao won't look at him with that kind of interested gaze anymore, worthy of celebrating. 

Lin He hated and feared him. He was always ready to catch his weakness, cursing him with bad luck. However, these were all within Jiang Zhe's expectations; it was nothing much. 

What made Jiang Zhe surprised was the attitude of the other educated youths. He thought that after last incident, they would keep a distance from him. However, he did not expect Xiang Cheng and the rest to become closer to him instead, alienating Lin He. 

So, is this considered an unexpected surprise? 

The team was calm. If they had to talk about anything, it would probably be about Jiang Zhe and Xu Qing getting together. 

Everyone was initially skeptical, but they couldn't be more used to it later on. 

Xu Qing held the moisturising cream in her hand, lowering her head and smiling sweetly. 

Xu Qing: “Actually, you don’t have to spend this much.” 

Jiang Zhe walked by her side, giving an indifferent "En". 

Xu Qing: ……… 

Xu Qing suddenly looked up, “Jiang Zhe, you” 

The youth by her side had a shallow smile, warm and charming. 

Xu Qing was shy and annoyed. “You are too bad, deliberately teasing me, I, I'm not going to be with you.” 

Jiang Zhe hurriedly pulled her to a stop, holding both hands. Xu Qing retracted her hand, looking around. 

Jiang Zhe coughed, attracting her attention: “Qing Qing, do you know what your current behavior is called?” 

Xu Qing was baffled: “What?” 

Jiang Zhe approached her a little, whispered: “Having the heart, but not the will.” 

Xu Qing’s face turned slightly red from anger. 

Xu Qing: “Jiang Zhe, you bad guy, you only know how to bully me.” 

Jiang Zhe quickly walked ahead of her a few steps, smiling secretly.

Xu Qing chased after him, but suddenly slipped, falling forward elegantly. 

Jiang Zhe caught her, hugging her in his embrace. He looked down at her. “Be careful.” 

Xu Qing: “Oh, oh. Okay.” 

Jiang Zhe helped her up and let go of her. The two people once again walked with a short distance between them. 

Xu Qing found a topic to fill the silence: “Jiang Zhe, what have you been doing recently?” 

Jiang Zhe: “Working, reading.”  

Xu Qing nodded: “What books do you read?” 

Jiang Zhe: “Any kind.” 

Xu Qing was a little lost, momentarily speechless. 

When he was close to the Xu family’s entrance, a grasshopper origami made of grass suddenly appeared in front of Xu Qing. 

Xu Qing: !!! 

Jiang Zhe shook his head, “Don’t like it?” 

Xu Qing replied with one word: “Like.” 

She took the origami grasshopper and looked at it carefully, not wanting to put it down. 

Xu Qing: “Thank you.” 

Jiang Zhe: “You’re welcome.” 

Xu Qing pursed her lips with a little joy and reluctance, “Then, I'm going in. Goodbye.” 

Xu Qing reluctantly walked home. As the door was closing, Jiang Zhe opened his mouth: “Wait for me to read finish the books, I'll teach you next time.” 

Xu Qing smiled widely, happily responding: “En!” 

She closed the door, turned her back and leaned on the door panel and giggling nonstop. 

“Aunt, what are you laughing at?” A pudgy boy looked at her curiously. 

Xu Qing: ……… 

Xu Qing: “Ai Guo, be good, go play by the side.” 

Xu Ai Guo Guo: “Aunt, you're weird.”

Xu Qing smiled awkwardly and waved her hand: “You're just a child, you don't need to care so much. Be good, go play by the side.” 

As she waved, the origami grasshopper in her hand hopped around. Xu Ai Guo Guo’s eyes lit up. “Aunt, where did you get this from?” 

Xu Qing followed the direction of her nephew's index finger and saw that he was talking about the origami grasshopper. She smiled and said: “This is a gift from your aunt's friend.” 

Xu Ai Guo Guo blindly guessed: “Is it Youth Jiang?” 

Xu Qing nodded shyly. 

Xu Ai Guo's eyes flashed brightly, "So it was from Aunt's husband." 

Xu Qing almost choked on her saliva, "You, who did you hear that from, we haven't even matched our eight-characters."

Xu Ai Guo grinned. “It's spreaded all around the team.” 

He once again said in anticipation: "Aunt, can you gift me the origami grasshopper? I want to play.” 

Xu Qing immediately covered it, seriously refusing. “No.” 

Xu Ai Guo: “How petty. I'll go ask one from Uncle." 

The small chubby boy used his physical strength to squeeze past Xu Qing and ran out with his short legs. 

Jiang Zhe had not gone far, Xu Ai Guo saw him, and ran over quickly, shouting, “Youth Jiang, Youth Jiang, wait a moment.” 

Jiang Zhe turned back in curiosity. 

Xu Ai Guo ran till he was panting, putting in effort to open his pair of small eyes, panting out: “Youth, Youth Jiang, can you gift me an origami grasshopper?” 

Jiang Zhe: “Ah?” 

Xu Ai Guo couldn't care anymore and pulled out all the stops, “Uncle, please.” 

Jiang Zhe: Which family is this unlucky child from. 

In the end, Jiang Zhe still made him two origami grasshoppers, which Xu Ai Guo took home happily. 

As soon as he got home, it was robbed away by his younger cousin. 

Xu Ai Guo: ???

The two brothers fought over it, and finally Xu Zhi Hong came forward to solve the matter. 

Of course, Xu Ai Guo confessed how he came about the origami grasshopper as well. 

Xu Qing shyly ran back to the house, Xu Zhi Hong’s was so angry his chest hurt, “Grown daughters can't be kept at home, grown daughters can't be kept at home ah.” 

Mother Xu was not really angry. She rolled her eyes, and pulled over her eldest grandson who was about to be beaten by Xu Zhi Hong, coaxing: “Ai Guo, tell Grandma, what do you think of Youth Jiang?” 

Xu Ai Guo raised his chubby face, saying: “Uncle is very nice, both gentle and powerful. He not only made me an origami grasshopper, but also tells me stories, much better than my dad." 

Xu Shou Yi's chest began to hurt too, fiercely saying: "You stinky boy, you still dare to say."

Xu Ai Guo stuck out his tongue and hid behind Mother Xu. Mother Xu glared at her eldest son, causing Xu Shou Yi's anger to wilt. 

Mother Xu instructed her sons: “You should all find a chance to interact with Youth Jiang, see how his character is?” 

Xu Shou Yi thought of all the things that happened before, and his face turned dark.

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