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The Educated Youth Who Changed His Mind (3)  

Xu Qing stared at the youth with a burning gaze, lest he shake his head. 

Jiang Zhe found it funny and asked her: “Do you know my situation before saying you'll be responsible for me.” 

Xu Qing was stunned. 

Jiang Zhe looked at her calmly. “My parents are already dead, and I am here alone, my future unknown. You being with me, are you not afraid that I will drag you down?” 

Xu Qing firmly shook her head. 

Jiang Zhe really didn’t understand. “Friend Xu, other than my face, I have nothing else. What exactly do you like about me?” 

Xu Qing froze, her face gradually reddened, “Why must you speak so straightforwardly, making people embarrassed." 

Jiang Zhe didn't give her the opportunity to avoid the topic, his hands holding onto her shoulders, their eyes meeting, “Tell me, alright?” 

Xu Qing: !!! 

Xu Qing looked away: “I just like you, that's it. When I look at you, I feel happy, feel like talking with you, living together with you.” 

[I just like you, that's it. When I look at you, I feel happy, feel like talking with you, feel like studying with you, going to school and home together with you.] 

The past that he previously took for granted, thinking back on it now, it was still vivid in his memory. 

Jiang Zhe smiled softly. 

He stroked Xu Qing's head and said: “I understand. It's late, quickly go back.” 

Xu Qing stammered: “Then you agreed.” 

Jiang Zhe nodded. 

Xu Qing: “Yay…wuwu…” 

Jiang Zhe covered her mouth, whispering: “Qing Qing, do you want to bring others around?” 

The hot air exhaled by the youth hit her ear, causing Xu Qing's ears to turn red.

She wanted to nod, signalling that she understood, but the young man had covered her mouth and she couldn't move. In desperation, she didn't know where the impulse came from, but she actually stretched out her tongue to lick the youth's palm. 

Jiang Zhe fiercely retracted his hand, “You…” 

Xu Qing: “I'm going home, Jiang Zhe see you again.” 

After that, as she said, she quickly slipped away, disappearing. 

Jiang Zhe: “Monkeys don't even run as fast as you.” 

The youth shook his head and turned back to the house. Under the bright moonlight, the laughter on his lips was exposed. 

A good night's sleep. 


The autumn harvest was in full swing, the scorching sun was burning, the youths danced with a sickle, sweating buckets. 

He had tanned and lost weight, but compared to the entire second production team, he was still the fairest one. 

If the people on the team didn’t pay attention to him from time to time, they would have thought he had slacked off. 

The autumn harvest grew closer to the end. The women on the team no longer went to the field. Due to Jiang Zhe's good performance before, he could take a day off after finishing his work today. 

A group of ladies rested in the shade while looking at the men working in the fields, gathering together noisily discussing. 

“Youth Xiang's stature is really tall and he's handsome, especially when he smiles.” 

“What’s the use of good looks, I think it is better to be like the Lin family’s men. They are tall and strong, making work quick and efficient.” 

"But I think the Youth Jiang is also good. Not only does he looks good, he is also polite, unhurried, and how should I say it, gives a special feeling.”

"You have feelings for Youth Jiang, don't you?” 

"Don't speak nonsense, what if people heard and misunderstood?” 

“They won't. The whole team is pairing Youth Jiang and Youth Yao.”

Xu Qing at the side: Angry like a pufferfish. 

This Jiang Zhe sure is good. He was still so intimate with me last night, saying that I was his life's partner. But actually he long had another partner privately. 

Xu Qing angrily pulled the grass at her feet, looking like she couldn't wait to bite him. 

Expectedly, during the lunch break at noon, Xu Qing snuck away again.

The familiar cuckoo sounds. 

Jiang Zhe: ……… 

He got up and went out. 

Xu Qing hid behind a big tree, her eyes red like a rabbit. 

Jiang Zhe: “You cried?” 

Xu Qing: “No.” 

Jiang Zhe: “Oh.” 

Xu Qing was anxious, stamping her feet whispering: “Jiang Zhe!!!” 

Jiang Zhe reached out and gently tapped her forehead, warmly comforting her: “What’s wrong? Who wronged you?” 

Xu Qing glared at him, “You.” 

Jiang Zhe was baffled: “What did I do?” 

Xu Qing's tears flowed out of anger, crying: “You are already a couple with Youth Yao, how can you still be so ambiguous with me.” 

Jiang Zhe's face darkened. Who was with who? 

Jiang Zhe: “I'm not.” 

Xu Qing was dubious: “Really?” 

Jiang Zhe: “Really, more true than gold.” 

Xu Qing broke into smile through her tears: “Don't say so much useless words. Then I ask you, why is everyone on the team pairing you with Youth Yao? There's no wind without a tunnel, it couldn't have started out of nowhere.” 

Jiang Zhe teased her: “Qing Qing still knows how to use idioms." 

Xu Qing: “Of course, I am the smartest lady on our team.” Belatedly, she reacted, lowly shouting: “Jiang Zhe.” 

Jiang Zhe: “En?”

Xu Qing: “Don't change the subject.” 

Jiang Zhe: “No.” 

Xu Qing: “?” 

Jiang Zhe: “I have nothing to do with Youth Yao. The people on the team guessed indiscriminately.” 

Xu Qing: “But, but ” 

Jiang Zhe: “But what?” 

Xu Qing: “But Youth Yao looks good and is knowledgeable, much better than me, this country girl.” 

Jiang Zhe: ……… 

Jiang Zhe: “Qing Qing.” 

Xu Qing: “Ah?” 

Jiang Zhe pinched her face, moving closer and smiled: “In the three thousand miles of the Ruoshui river, I will only take a sip." After saying so, he turned around and left. 

Xu Qing mind slowed down. 

She wanted to call out to stop him, but she was afraid of attracting other people's attention. Pouting, she left unwillingly. 

“In the three thousand miles of the Ruoshui river, I will only take a sip.” 

Xu Qing: “What is that? Not speaking clearly, he's obviously bullying me for not being as educated.” 

Xu Qing held onto a branch, angrily beating the grass by the side of the path. 

“Bad Jiang Zhe, looking so upright, but how can he be so bad. Hateful, deliberately leaving me hanging, extremely bad.” 

Xu Qing forcefully hit the grass, soon flattening them. 

Xu Qing looked up at the sky: “It’s so hot.” 

Forget it, she should go home. 

On the way, after passing a place, the smell almost caused her to vomit, “How smelly." 

She looked around and saw the cowshed on the side of the side, no wonder it was so stinky. 

Xu Qing lifted her feet and prepared to leave quickly. Suddenly, she wondered that it seemed to be a bad thing to clean the cowshed. 

In fact, Xu Qing was not very superstitious.

That old couple was very nice. Every time she greeted them, they would always nod their heads in response. They were much kinder than the other difficult old ladies in the village. 

On such a hot day, don't know if they could tolerate it. 

Thinking about this, Xu Qing couldn't continue walking. After a while, she turned around and went to the cowshed. 

The old man who used to sit in the shade of the thatched cottage door was gone, and Xu Qing was a little anxious.

She did not dare to shout out loud, only pinching her nose, looking around worriedly. She knocked on the cottage door, but there was no response. 

She pushed the door open, and saw the old couple lying on the floor, faces flushed an unhealthy red. 

Xu Qing was anxious: “Elders, elders are you alright?” 

She touched their faces, they were burning up. 

Xu Qing did not dare hesitate, rushing home to call for her father. Her father was the team leader, with a lot of authority. 

Because help was sent in time, the old couple's lives were saved. 

The two elderly were very grateful to Xu Qing, and Xu Qing blushed in embarrassment quite a few times. 

After this incident, Xu Zhi Hong also felt that the two were too old, along with the hot weather. Thus, he temporarily waived their task of cleaning up the cowshed. 

Others naturally didn't want to do it, but the team leader had spoken up, and the team was also afraid that people would really die, so they could only close one eye to it. 

However, without working, there would definitely be no food to eat. 

Xu Qing pressed her lips together in worry, sending some sweet potato and a small handful of rice every day, ensuring they wouldn't starve though they couldn't eat to their fill either. 

Xu Zhi Hong pretended he didn't see it. Xu Shou Yi also wasn't calculative about it. Xu Shou Ren's wife wanted to use it to assert herself, but was also afraid of annoying her mother-in-law, and could only sigh, hiding her frustration. 

Because of this daily meal delivery, Xu Qing became familiar with the two old people, learnt of their names, and also understood a small portion of their past. 

Xu Qing: “Grandmother Ling, you just said that, that Grandfather Ling’s leg was broken by your son.” 

Xu Qing was in a state of disbelief, how could there be such a vicious person in the world? 

Grandmother Ling nodded calmly. 

Xu Qing was a little distressed for them: “You must have been very sad at the time.” 

With just a sentence, Grandmother Ling's eyes turned red. 

Sad? She was definitely sad. 

The son that she had struggled to raise turned out to be a blind wolf, biting the hand that fed it. Who wouldn't be sad, wouldn't feel their heart chilling?

Grandmother Ling wiped her eyes. “It's all in the past, it's nothing.” 

Xu Qing felt very bad. She wanted to apologize, but felt that if they continued talking about this topic, Grandmother Ling would undoubtedly be more hurt, so she closed her mouth. 

The atmosphere gradually became quiet. 

Xu Qing was not used to it. She racked her brains and threw out a topic. “Right, Grandmother Ling, you used to be a prof… Cough, knowledgeable people. I have a question that I don't understand, could I consult you?” 

Grandmother Ling smiled, “I'm listening.” 

Xu Qing: “In the three thousand miles of the Ruoshui river, I will only take a sip.” 

Xu Qing: “What does this mean?” 

Grandmother Ling's smiled, not answering but asking instead: “Who told you this?” 

Xu Qing twisted her fingers, stuttering: “Only an ordinary friend.” 

Grandmother Ling: “It’s a male friend, right?” 

Xu Qing mouth stretched into an O shape, seemingly saying “How do you know.” 

A smile surfaced in Grandmother Ling’s eyes as she gently asked: “Do you like that male friend?” 

Xu Qing blushed red, shyly whispering: “Li, like.” 

Grandmother Ling looked at her warmly with tender affection from an elder to the younger generation: “Congratulations, Qing Qing. That male friend also likes you.” 

Xu Qing: “Ah?” 

Grandmother Ling: “In the three thousand miles of the Ruoshui river, I will only take a sip. The meaning is that people may encounter many beautiful things in their lifetime, but it will be sufficient if they carefully treasure only one of them.” 

Xu Qing twisted her brow, still not too clear. 

Grandmother Ling: “Simply put, there are many excellent people but I only like you.” 

Xu Qing finally understood. 

She bit the corner of her lips, unable to stop the smile on her face: “Really? Does he really mean this?”

Grandmother Ling nodded with a good temper. 

Not to mention how happy Xu Qing was, she couldn't even sit still, standing up to walk away. Just as she lifted her feet, she retracted it, embarrassed. 

Grandmother Ling: “Go, you young people have something to talk about.” 

Xu Qing: “Grandmother~~” 

Grandmother Ling: “Go.”  

After Xu Qing left, Grandmother Ling's loved one walked out of the house, pointing out with meaning: “That Youth Jiang is not bad.” 

Grandmother Ling smiled and said: “How do you know whether the male friend Qing Qing was talking about is Youth Jiang?” 


Xu Qing excitedly rushed to Zhi Qing courtyard, but was told that Youth Jiang had gone out. 

Xu Qing returned home despondently. Mother Xu saw her and walked over to pinch and twist her waist, whispering: “You this girl, do you have nothing better to do than to run around outside, isn't it tiring.” 

Xu Qing grinned and acted spoilt: “Mom raised me well, I am energetic every day, of course I'm not tired. Why else would so many people say a child with a mother is a treasure, I love mom the most.” 

Mother Xu let her hang on her body, poking her forehead, “You, ah. Only your mouth is sweet.” 

Xu Qing grinned. 

Xu Shou Ren's wife saw, and secretly pouted. 

Go on, laugh. Wait till you marry someone, see if you can still laugh. 


Three days passed after her last futile attempt at finding Jiang Zhe. In reality, the two people had been separated for a month. 

Before, she didn’t understand the meaning of the sentence, and was too embarrassed to find Jiang Zhe. Later, after she understood it with difficulty, Jiang Zhe had gone out. 

She just wanted to meet the person she likes and talk, why was it so difficult? 

Zhi Qing courtyard.

Jiang Zhe was organising his package, and the system was brokenly nagging in his mind: “You finally know how to make a girl happy, this system had a hand in it.” 

Jiang Zhe: ……… 

He took his package and went out. 

The system stomped: “Jiang Zhe, you bastard. When you need me, you push me to the front; when you don't, you abandon me behind. If it wasn't for this system, would you have money to buy things?” 

Jiang Zhe stopped: “I need to clarify a little. The watches and gold bars are my items. They are just stored with you." 

The system harrumphed: “Don't you need to pay for storage?” 

Jiang Zhe: “That's why I only took one-third.” 

System: ……… 

Jiang Zhe took his package and showed off his presence, entering the Xu family. 

Xu Qing: The surprise came too fast, like a tornado. 

She stuttered and asked: “Jiang, Jiang Zhe, why have you come?” 

Jiang Zhe: “Previously, the team leader returned my innocence, I haven’t thanked him yet.” 

Saying so, he handed the package to Xu. Then said: “The gift has been received, I will go back first.” 

Mother Xu: “Ah, ah” 

Jiang Zhe walked too fast. Xu Qing wanted to chase, but was pulled back by her mother. 

Mother Xu opened the package in front of everyone. Inside were a few scattered sweets, snacks, a pack of cigarettes and a box of minced meat. 

Xu Shou Ren's wife: "Heavens, I couldn't tell that Jiang Zhe was so generous." 

Xu Shou Yi’s wife: “Jiang Zhe said that this gift is for Dad, but other than the cigarettes and minced meat, dad doesn't like to eat sweets and snacks.” 

Xu Qing raised her hands: “That is of course for me.” 

Mother Xu cried while laughing: “You this kid, really unrestrained.” 

Words were just words, Mother Xu still gave most of the sweets and snacks to the Xu Qing, splitting the remainder with the rest of the family.

Although Xu Shou Ren's wife wasn't satisfied with it, but after thinking about it, she had gotten it for free. Some food was always better than nothing. 

Jiang Zhe's gift was completely spreaded far and wide, along with Xu Shou Ren's wife adding on stories. Shortly after, the entire team was pairing Youth Jiang and Xu Qing together. 

In Zhi Qing courtyard, Xiang Cheng stopped Jiang Zhe and asked in front of everyone: “Jiang Zhe.” 

Jiang Zhe: “En?” 

Xiang Cheng: “Are you together with Friend Xu?” 

Jiang Zhe nodded. 

Xiang Cheng and the others were shocked, their mouths falling open. Yao Yao, who came out to fetch water, threw away the basin, crying sadly.

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