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Chapter 616: Mountain River, Yellow Sand!
Evil Spirit Sect was not the only sect that reacted this way . At that moment, on Eastern Wastelands, Evil Dust Sect and Evil Lust Sect also acted in this manner . They, too, spread out their presences as outsiders and had it move the sky .
It was as if they were afraid that the Berserkers' Sacred Vessel might not detect them . As their presences caused the clouds and wind in the sky to move, the weather in the entire Eastern Wastelands changed, and thunder rumbled loudly in the world .
As the world changed, Evil Immortal Sect, which was the core of the entire Evil Sect and was located to the East of Eastern Wastelands, also had numerous powerful presences surge into the sky .
"What is the Evil Sect? When all the others in all directions cower before the Berserkers' Disaster, only we of Evil Sect will stand and fight against it courageously!
"Now, we will let all of those around us see what they do not dare do . We of the Evil Sect… will not only do it, we will also stand against it! We are already here in the land of the Berserkers, so why should we be afraid of that Berserkers' Disaster and hide from it?! If that's the case, it'd have been better not to have come in the first place!"
A ghastly voice spread out from Evil Immortal Sect and reverberated in the area, turning into a thunderous rumble that spread through all the Evil Sects within Eastern Wastelands!
The other four locations of the continent were a huge contrast to the east of Eastern Wastelands . It did not matter whether it was the Great Leaf Immortal Sect where Di Tian was or the other Immortal Sects, all of them did not dare reveal their presences . It was clear that they wanted to avoid this particular day that came once every fifty years until the Berserkers' Sacred Vessel fell asleep once again .
Perhaps their choice was correct and Evil Sect's actions were mad, but this alone was enough to show just how different their beliefs were!
One of them would fight against the Berserkers' Disaster head on, and the others would watch it with ghastly eyes, and after they avoided it, they would show their fangs!
Just like a fierce tiger and a pack of wolves!
When a fierce tiger ran into an enemy, it would usually lunge on that enemy with all its strength and would rarely retreat! However, when a pack of wolves ran into an enemy, they would usually linger around in the area, and even their occasional attacks would be filled with dark, sinister intentions .
Almost at the same time the four Evil Sects

released their presences, a sudden, loud sound that shook the sky and earth suddenly rang out, and a gigantic crack swiftly tore through the sky!
It was as if there was a sharp edge residing in the sky that could tear through everything . That sharp edge cut open the sky, revealing a huge crack that was a hundred something feet long!
When anyone lifted their heads, the crack above would remind them of a scar which wanted to rip open the sky completely .
A great, mighty pressure descended with a loud rumble from the crack to the land . That pressure swept through the continent and covered the entire Eastern Wastelands in an instant!
Su Ming's eyes flew open . He lifted his head and looked at the crack in the sky . He could sense the pressure's existence and even its strength . It… had already surpassed the might of South Morning's Sacred Vessel - the halberd! But Su Ming did not feel too much fear towards this pressure, because his entire body was that of a true Berserker!
However, Bao Qiu was different . She was trembling by his side and her face instantly turned pale .
She did not belong to the land of the Berserkers; she was an outsider . At that moment, as she felt the pressure spreading out from the crack in the sky, her heart instantly started trembling . A huge wave of terror rose within her, and she could do nothing about it . It was as if a mountain that should never have crumbled had just shattered, and it was collapsing right on top of her .
She could not put up too much of a fight under this pressure, as if everything had been predestined . She was fated to be crushed to death by Eastern Wasteland's Sacred Vessel!
'It had only just showed the beginnings of its might, and it's already so powerful… But the Evil Sect members who have descended in this place must have a way to resist this pressure, or else they would have died much earlier when this Sacred Vessel first descended .
'That Ji An from Evil Sect won't be asking the others from Evil Sect to go through this trial either . ' Su Ming's face remained as calm as ever . He did not help Bao Qiu just yet .
The woman right now was swiftly forming seals with her hands, as she trembled . Gradually, a holy light spread through her body .
Su Ming stopped meditating and stood up . The power of the world in this place had started becoming chaotic due to the changes outside, and

and it was no longer suitable for training purposes . Once Su Ming stood up, he walked to the window and lifted his head to look at the sky . He narrowed his eyes .
He could vaguely sense that once the crack in the sky appeared, the spiritual aura in the entire mountain started flowing backwards, inside it, as if it was being absorbed .
The mountain was not the only one affected . More accurately speaking, the entire Eastern Wastelands was affected . An endless amount of spiritual aura was charging towards the sky like invisible, surging clouds . They were devoured by that crack, as if the Berserkers' Sacred Vessel needed this vast amount of spiritual aura to rouse from its sleep .
Su Ming stood still and watched silently .
Bao Qiu was still trembling as she sat behind him, and it was obvious that she was resisting against that might with everything she had!
Time slowly passed, and the power of that pressure grew stronger . In the end, it became so strong that it almost felt like it had gained corporeal form, causing the sky to be distorted in Su Ming's eyes . It also became indistinct for a brief instant .
Suddenly, a sound that reminded people of something having struck another thing, which might have been gold, rang out clearly and echoed for a long time . It spread through the whole Eastern Wastelands .
It was difficult for anyone to determine swiftly what sort of sound that was . Almost the moment it reverberated in the air, Bao Qiu's body froze, and blood flowed out from the corners of her mouth . Her face turned even paler, and as she moved her hands, she quickly tapped a few parts of her body in succession . Only then did she manage to stabilize her cultivation base, which had been thrown in chaos due to that sound .
The entire Evil Spirit Sect was in a state of dead silence at that moment . When the sound rang out, many of the Berserkers who had changed their blood inheritance coughed up blood, and some of them even fell unconscious while trembling .
Only the pureblood Immortals who had descended into this land gritted their teeth and persevered, resisting in different manners according to the different levels of cultivation they had .
Shen Dong, the middle-aged Grand Sect Elder in that blue long robe meditating in the black smoke at the top of Evil Spirit Mountain, remained as calm as ever . There was not a hint of change in his expression . It was as if that sound that made many

made many people's hearts tremble was nothing special to him .
Similar events were happening in all four Evil Sects in Eastern Wastelands . All the Immortals who had descended in the land and all the Berserkers who had changed their blood inheritance resisted the pressure . Perhaps the latter ones had done so to survive, perhaps they were pursuing strength, or perhaps they had done so for other reasons, but in the end, they had changed their blood inheritance so that they could practice Evil Sect's Arts, and the price they had to pay for this was also incredibly huge!
The price was that they no longer had the right to call themselves Berserkers, and even in Evil Sect, they were degraded to secondary humans . But the price was especially great during the Berserkers' Disaster that would appear once every fifty years . The pressure they had to suffer was far greater than the one felt by those who had descended to the land of Berserkers .
It was as if the Berserkers' Sacred Vessel harbored incredible hatred towards these sort of people . Every single time the Berserkers' Disaster arrived, a large amount of these half Berserkers who had changed their blood inheritance would die because of it .
Besides Evil Sect, the striking sound also spread through the entire Eastern Wastelands and into the other Immortal sects . However, due to them hiding themselves, they did not suffer too much damage . Nonetheless, the impact of that sound to their hearts had caused their impression towards the mysteries and magnificence of the Berserkers to increase every fifty years .
Mumbling could be heard in the sects that were not fighting against the pressure like Evil Sect . All of these voices belonged to women, and as they spread out in those indistinct mumbles, a layer of blood-red light covered those sects .
These blood-red screens of light looked would cover the Berserkers' sky, making it difficult for the Berserkers' Sacred Vessel in the sky to search for traces of Immortals . The blood-red screen was a necessary item for all the Immortal sects that had descended to the land of the Berserkers .
This was the Celestial Maidens' divine ability, and also their function!
Eight women in white could be seen within those sects that had descended . All of these women were incredibly beautiful, without exception . At that moment, all of them had closed their eyes and spread out their arms wide open . Before each one was a small red bottle, and within them were drops of extremely valuable blood .
The entire reason behind why they could cover the Berserkers' sky was this blood!
center style="margin-top:25px"> was this blood!
Celestial Maidens were the only ones that could bring out some of the power within that blood and cover the sky . They were the only ones who could do this, no one else .
There was also a Celestial Maiden in Evil Sect, but she was not tasked to cover the Berserkers' sky . Instead, she had another purpose due to Ji An's request . At that moment, as that sound in the sky faded away, the second strike followed soon after . It spread out with a loud bang, and it sounded as if it was incredibly close to the ground . Waves of dark light were spreading out from the crack in the sky, and as it shone, it was as if there was something that was slowly revealing itself from inside!
The second bell chime caused the Immortals who had descended from Evil Sect to tremble even more . As Bao Qiu formed a seal with her hands, she pointed forward, and immediately, an illusion appeared before her . It was a statue, and it was the exact same one as the one on the ground floor!
Once the statue appeared, Bao Qiu's face gained a little color and she looked a little better, but almost in an instant, the third, fourth, and fifth bell chimes traveled forth from the sky, with loud, rumbling sounds .
At the instant they reverberated through the air, the dark light from the huge crack in the sky became much stronger and illuminated the ground, causing the entire sky to look as if it had been enveloped by that light . The crack and the blue light could no longer be seen due to it . The only thing that could be glimpsed was a circular-shaped thing slowly descending from the sky under that layer of dark light!
That was… a monstrously huge bell . It might seem round, but that was just the edge of the bell . As it descended and Su Ming saw its full form, a loud hum started in his head . He took a step forward, and if he had not instinctively controlled himself, he would have walked out of the tower!
'Han Mountain Bell!'
Su Ming widened his eyes, and disbelief could be seen on his face . His breathing quickened in an instant . The Berserkers' Sacred Vessel in the sky was incredibly similar to Han Mountain Bell!
However, there were also differences between them, and it was that the picture of the Nine-Headed Dragon was absent from the Berserkers' Sacred Vessel in the sky!
Instead, it had an endless mountain river covering half of the bell… and the other half was a desert of golden sand!

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