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'Pa, ma, in my heart, you will forever be my father and mother… I'll be taking my leave now.

'Ugly Little Thing, my dear little sister, you have to be happy…' Su Ming looked at the house blankly, and the warm memories he had gained surfaced one by one in his head.

This was a kind family. Every single member of it was the same, both he had had just arrived and now he was about to leave. This poor and ordinary family presented him with a warmth he would never forget.

Su Ming stood in place for a long time, looking at everything in the house. He then turned around and sat down under the eaves, waiting for the people who would arrive at night.

Midnight drew close. There was no rain right then. The light from the moon shone on the ground, causing the night to not be completely dark, and making the moon look as if it was adding another layer to this atmosphere of separation.

It was quiet all around. Only the snores of Ugly Little Thing's parents occasionally reached Su Ming's ears. That sound, too, brought warmth to his heart.

He closed his eyes and only reopened them after a long time. At that moment, two long arcs flew over from the distant darkness. After a moment, they descended before Su Ming and turned into the two people in black he'd seen seven days ago.

Those two people's faces were slightly pale, and when they appeared, their gazes instantly fell on Su Ming. He did not speak, but merely looked at the strangers coldly, and when he did so, one of them suddenly lifted his foot and walked past him with just one step.

Su Ming did not stop him, but a killing intent the duo did not notice appeared in his eyes.

If they dared to do anything to his family, then even if Su Ming had only recovered a tenth of his cultivation base, he would still attack. Even if he would lose his power once again, he would still kill these two people on the spot.

Fortunately for the Evil Spirit Sect disciple, he did not do anything out of hand after stepping into the house. Once he went through all the rooms, he saw the herbs in the kitchen, and he came out with a slightly odd expression. He cast a glance at Su Ming, then whispered to the other person's ear. After that

The Evil Spirit Sect disciple who had not spoken coldly to Ugly Little Thing's family seven days ago cast Su Ming a few investigative looks before he asked languidly, "Not bad, you have a lot of courage despite your age. What's your name?"

"Chen Su," Su Ming said calmly.

"Chen Su, close your eyes. We'll take you to the sect!"

The two people were clearly bothered by something and did not want to speak too much. The person who spoke waved his arm, and a gust of wind immediately swept up Su Ming. They all turned into long arcs and charged into the sky.

Their arrival and departure had not attracted any attention in the area. Ugly Little Thing and her family were still asleep. They did not know that their disaster had just passed.

Su Ming was held under one of the Evil Spirit Sect disciple's arm as they travelled in the sky. He looked at the ground growing further and further away, watched the place he had stayed in for the year slowly disappear from his eyes, and stared at the family who had given him warmth until they disappeared into his memories. Then, he closed his eyes.

He could no longer see the ground, could no longer see his family, and no longer smell the osmanthus' fragrance…

'Evil Spirit Sect…' At the instant Su Ming closed his eyes, a freezing glare flashed past them.

This place… was located to the east of Eastern Wastelands!

One of the clones Di Tian sent had to set Su Ming to rights, and the other had to defend what Great Leaf Immortal Sect had achieved over the years in Eastern Wastelands.

However, in the end, Di Tian was cautious of the most powerful Immortal from Evil Sect, who was from the east of Eastern Wastelands, and who was the strongest clone from the person who was considered a powerful warrior among the Immortals as well - Ji An.

Evil Sect was located to the east of Eastern Wastelands. There were four great sects who named themselves after the word 'Evil', using it as a uniform title.

These four great sects were Evil Dust Sect, Evil Spirit Sect, Evil Lust Sect, and Evil Immortal Sect, which was at a level higher than the other three sects!

The Evil Immortal Sect acted as the leader and the other three as its affiliates. Then once the Evil Immortal Ji An sent his clone to this place all those years ago, he had laid waste to all the land and the four great sects became the strongest power in the east of Eastern Wastelands.

He even uprooted all the Berserker tribes in that part of the continent, causing numerous tribes to be destroyed and the survivors to be slowly assimilated into Evil Sect. And as time passed by, they would even become disciples of Evil Sect!

There were four black puffs of smoke rising into the sky in the east of Eastern Wastelands. These four puffs of black smoke came from the four sects, and the black smoke from Evil Immortal Sect was incredibly thick. It filled the air above the nine heavens, and it was a sight that brought terror to all who saw it!

The remaining three puffs of black smoke were slightly thinner, but they were still enough to bring shock to onlookers.

This black smoke was a symbol of a strong Immortal within the sect. Only those who had attained great completion in the Berserker Soul Realm or who were Immortals who had reached Ascendant would be able to bring out this sort of smoke symbolizing the strength of a powerful warrior, once their presence fused with Yin Death Region's aura!

At that moment, in a place far away from the village where Ugly Little Thing and her family were was a mountain that towered into the clouds. These clouds surrounded the mountain, causing it to become indistinct. Only when the sky was completely clear would anyone be able to see it faintly from the distance.

A puff of black smoke that was several tens of thousands of feet wide connected the mountain to the sky. As it churned about, it exuded a great and mighty pressure that caused all those who saw it to feel their hearts tremble.

Strange stones filled the mountain, and while they gave off a ferocious presence, black water could also be seen flowing down them like a stream. An eerie, cold, and sinister air spread out from the mountain.

This was where Evil Spirit Sect was located!

Flagpoles with flags of different colors were placed in many locations on the mountain. Shrill howls would occasionally come from those flags, filled with endless pain and hate. When they were out, they stayed for a long time, refusing to leave.

Entirely black halls filled the mountain. They were scattered and strewn at random, making the mountain seem as if it had been separated into three layers. Only the contour of the hall in the highest level was visible to the eye, and most of its other parts were hidden in the black smoke.

The largest area filled with these black halls was located at the center of the mountain. Quite a large number of them were floating in the air, and there would be a dried up corpse hanging on top of every hall. There were also numerous ferocious birds lingering around, occasionally flying down to eat the flesh.

A large amount of long arcs weaved about the buildings in the sky, creating a lively atmosphere in this eerie air. At that moment, two long arcs closed in on the mountain, side by side, and one of them had a person held under his arm. The person held like that was naturally Su Ming.

He looked at the eerie mountain and the large amount of corpses hanging on the halls. The evil and eerie air from the mountain came crashing into his face.

"Boy, this is Evil Spirit Sect. You're lucky that you don't need to go through nine days of hanging, nor do you need to carry the mountain for ninety-nine days, and neither do you have to be submerged in unclean water. You can become an Evil Spirit Sect disciple straight away. If you are successful in the future, don't forget the both of us."

"But let me give you a reminder, don't get into conflict with others in Evil Spirit Sect for nothing. This place… greatly promotes fights between disciples. All the disciples here already have way more blood on their hands than what you can possibly imagine!" the other person said with a cold and ghastly voice.

Su Ming looked as calm as usual, but even though he might seem composed, all the other people who saw him would only think he was pale with fright, because his skin color was sickly pale to begin with.

'Evil Spirit Sect…' A ghastly smile appeared on Su Ming's lips, one that went unnoticed by the duo. Perhaps no one here could actually compare to the amount of blood Su Ming had spilled.

He wondered, would his arrival here be considered Evil Spirit Sect's fortune… or misfortune…?

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