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Chapter 580: Di Tian Descended!
The other ray of powerful light landed on a flat plain at the edge close to South Morning. At the instant it touched the ground, it caused the land to shake, and a ring-shaped wave of force made all the Eastern Wastelanders in the region, along with all the islanders near the continent, to feel as if tens upon thousands of mountains had pressed down on their bodies. They coughed up blood. Some of them even exploded, unable to withstand this mighty pressure that suddenly appeared!
This… was the sign of a powerful warrior descending!
The appearance of the rays of light shook the entire Eastern Wastelands and attracted a large amount of attention. It also caught the gazes of all the powerful warriors.
It was especially so for a certain presence lying in the east of Eastern Wastelands. At that moment, a layer of fog that surged into the sky appeared out of nowhere. It swept through the land and spread out with a bang. The fog instantly covered a circular area of a hundred thousand lis, and as it covered the world, it turned into a huge face that had its eyes fixed on the two pillars of light.
"Di Tian!" The human in the fog let out a shocking roar which traveled in all directions
At the moment he spoke, the pillar of light at the hall in the mountain, located at the center of Eastern Wastelands and worshiped by ten thousand people, shone even more brilliantly. As it filled the air, a person descended. His face could not be seen. The worshipers could only see the person disappearing within the hall in a flash.
After a moment, the door to the hall swung open abruptly, and a person slowly walked out!
It was a middle-aged man, and he had a stern, awe-inspiring appearance. His black hair spilled over his shoulders, and he wore… a striking Emperor’s robe, but he did not wear any crown. His eyes were long and narrow, revealing a murderous aura that could make all those who saw it feel terrified.
He walked out slowly, and the moment he arrived outside the hall, he swung his arms, then lifted his head to look at the sky in the distance… and took a deep breath.
"The long awaited Yin Death’s air…"
The moment these words left his mouth, the ten thousand people worshiping at the foot of the mountain put on incredibly respectful expressions as they spoke together, and their voices traveled in

all directions in waves!
"We are the disciples of Great Leaf Immortal Sect. Greetings, Progenitor Di Tian! We welcome your clone to the Berserkers’ Eastern Wastelands!"
The booming voices were deafening to the ears. The middle-aged man completely ignored the people showing their respect. He breathed in the air, and slowly, the murderous aura in his eyes grew stronger. A thin layer of fog also spread out from his body. As it surrounded him, it surged into the sky, causing all the clouds above to disintegrate. It created a white pillar of fog that covered a circular area of a hundred thousand lis and became an incredibly striking existence above Eastern Wastelands!
The man was Di Tian!
He was another of Di Tian’s clones that had once again landed in the land of the Berserkers after the numerous years since he sent the previous one!
Things did not end there. The instant Di Tian’s clone descended on the mountain at the center of Eastern Wastelands and a large amount of people coughed up blood and even died due to the shock they experienced, there was another pillar of light. A shadow descended it in a flash in the plains near the continent’s edge.
Almost the instant the shadow touched the ground, coming into contact with the ground, the entire plains shattered with a bang. Huge cracks tore through the land, and layers of earth tumbled about before they started sweeping outwards in all directions.
Shocking booms became a constant, turning into echoes that repeated themselves again and again. After some time, when they gradually started fading away, the plains were gone, and what appeared in their place was a gigantic pit!
It was as if a shooting star had fallen from the sky and crashed onto the ground. The pit covered an area of several tens of thousands of feet. Once the powerful light gradually disappeared, a shadow slowly floated out of the pit!
It was a middle-aged man wearing a crown and an Emperor’s robe. There was a cold and detached expression on his handsome face, along with an ancient air. The Emperor’s robe gave him a mighty, awe-inspiring air!
The moment he floated upwards, he looked towards South Morning calmly, and a chilling glare that could freeze heaven itself appeared in his eyes.
"Destiny, you can’t escape!" he stated in hoarse voice. He lifted his right hand and seized the air in the direction of the sky with all five fingers. Immediately, an invisible layer of ripples surrounding him swept outwards

outwards in all directions.
The ripples continued spreading outwards. A hundred thousand lis, a million lis, ten million lis… and they continued spreading until they covered a small half of Eastern Wastelands. No one could notice the spots covered by the ripples, and it would not bring about any effect to the living creatures in those regions. However… the ripples had covered most of the land that had branched out of South Morning and was close to Eastern Wastelands.
Unless someone took a big circle around the Dead Sea and landed on Eastern Wastelands from another direction, then this middle-aged man in the Emperor’s robe would definitely be alerted to their presence.
Moreover, even if there was someone who truly managed to move around these ripples and land on Eastern Wastelands, the middle-aged man would definitely be prepared for them with the large variety of methods he had at his disposal.
This person had the exact same appearance as the person who landed in the hall on the mountain at the center of Eastern Wastelands!
He was also Di Tian’s clone!
This time, Di Tian had not just sent one clone to the land of the Berserkers… but two!
Di Tian’s thoughts could be understood from the spots chosen to descend. The one who landed on the mountain at the center of the land would be used to defend Great Leaf Immortal Sect’s branch in this land, and also… to fight against the evil black fog in the east of Eastern Wastelands!
As for the clone who had landed at the edge, close to South Morning, he was clearly there… for one person, and that was Su Ming!
This crown-bearing clone looked in the direction of South Morning and moved towards the outer parts of the pit. When he rose to the edge, there were four Eastern Wastelands Berserkers standing thousands of feet away from him. At that moment, their faces were pale as they looked towards him in shock. There were three exploded corpses lying by their side. There were originally seven of them, but three had been unable to withstand the pressure and died. The other four had coughed up blood and their entire cultivation base had broken down and collapsed, but they did not die.
Di Tian’s face was chilly as he looked at South Morning, but there was a frown on his face. During the moment he arrived, he had sent his divine sense sweeping across the land… but he had been unable to discover

to discover Destiny’s presence or the fluctuations of his Qi.
He could not find him!
After a moment of pensive silence, Di Tian let out a cold harrumph and decided to sit down. At the moment he did so, the four people several thousands of feet away coughed out blood. Their heads exploded, and they fell to the ground dead.
The seven corpses were all missing heads. Only their bodies remained. Their blood dyed the entire area, causing the place to be filled with a deathly silence. Di Tian did not pay any attention to any of this. He only lifted his right hand to form a seal before he flung his hand outwards. Immediately, the seven corpses shuddered… and they started crawling to their feet.
Once they climbed up, they ripped open their clothes to reveal their chests. An indistinct face of a ghost appeared on each one, and they all looked like they were screaming. The next moment, the seven corpses stormed towards seven different directions.
Everyone who came later due to their curiosity towards the pillar of light all found their heads exploding once they saw Di Tian, and when the face of the ghost appeared on their corpses, they would leave.
All of them left in different directions.
‘I’ll continue searching with my divine sense. I’d like to see how long you can hide from me!’ Di Tian closed his eyes and remained still.
This… was the disaster the old xun maker had told Su Ming about!
The disaster had already arrived, yet during that moment, Su Ming was still on the tiny island in the Dead Sea. He stood there quietly, as if he had lost his soul. A layer of fog gradually appeared around him, covering his body. It even covered the bald crane, and eventually, once it enveloped the entire island, it…
...looked as if it had disappeared from the Dead Sea!
Su Ming stared at the little girl standing before him, hugging a doll in her arms while looking at him with adorable, wide eyes. There was joy on the girl’s face, and it clearly showed just how happy she was at the moment.
"Tong Tong…" Su Ming stared at the girl before him blankly, and his body shivered. He did not just see this girl, but also saw… the incredibly familiar tribe around him that was etched deeply in his memories!
Dark Mountain Tribe!
The grass, the trees, the houses, everything, and even the familiar air… This was clearly the was clearly the Dark Mountain from his memories, the place he thought he could no longer return to… That fictitious place!
Yet even though he knew it was fake, even though he had seen Beiling and Chenxin and went through all the changes, at that moment, he could not deceive himself. So even though what he saw could not deceive him, it was still… the place he longed for dearly… his home.
Dark Mountain.
He saw Bei Ling standing in the distance, practicing with his bow and arrow. He also saw the tall, towering figure of Dark Mountain’s Head of the Guards, who was teaching his son how to fire the strongest arrow.
He saw Chen Xin sitting by the side, looking at Bei Ling with a gentle gaze in her eyes. There was a bowl filled with water in her hands, and she looked as if she was about to walk up and hand that bowl over to Bei Ling, who was sweating buckets.
He saw Wu La, who had died in his arms as she mumbled Mo Su’s name until she breathed her last. This stubborn girl was surrounded by a bunch of children, and she was telling them stories. The lively changes in her expressions and her bombastic words caused them to let out tinkling laughter, and within that laughter was an air of happiness that came from the depths of their hearts.
Su Ming also saw Lei Chen. His best friend and brother in all but blood had a dejected look on his lowered head at the moment, as he was being scolded nonstop by a middle-aged woman.
Su Ming stared at all of this blankly. He had already forgotten everything. His mind was empty. Tong Tong’s words seemed to have gone off into the distance, and he could no longer hear them clearly.
Then, he saw two men walking out of a big wooden house. One of them was Dark Mountain’s tribe leader, Chen Long. He had a frown between his brows, and looked as if he was troubled by something. The man following behind him was one that had carved himself deeply in Su Ming’s memories… Shan Hen!
The hunter was just as Su Ming remembered him. He was gloomy and as averse to speaking as ever. When he cast his gaze to his surroundings, his emotions could not be seen on his face, and he was just like a beast that had hid away its presence.

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