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Chapter 553: Gamble!
He was dressed in long white robes and had long hair that spilled down his shoulders. Si Ma Xin sat on the stone platform and looked at Su Ming. His handsome face was extremely attractive, and there was also an expression on him that spoke of a composure that would not be shaken even if the world crumbled. In fact, his smile held that same calmness within it.
However, his level of cultivation seemed to only be at the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm.
He was looking at Su Ming, and even though he might be smiling, there was a hint of coldness and ruthlessness in his eyes. He lifted his right hand, twirled a lock of his hair, and his gaze turned even colder.
"Su Ming, I often imagined the day we met each other again," Si Ma Xin said with a smile. His voice was even softer and darker. As it reverberated in the air, it caused a layer of ripples to appear in the world, which started spreading through the area around them.
The moment his words traveled forward, a glint suddenly appeared in his eyes, and his body strangely turned invisible in an instant. A finger filled with murderous intent stretched out from the air and touched the center of Si Ma Xin’s brows. However, that finger merely phased through his invisible body. When Su Ming walked out from the air, he lifted his head coldly.
Si Ma Xin’s body materialized in the sky before his eyes.
"You are still the same as before. You attack ruthlessly and without hesitation… But I am no longer as I was in the past." Si Ma Xin looked at Su Ming and shook his head as he chuckled. He lifted

his right hand and swung it forward, and distortions immediately appeared in the sky.
As the sky twisted, a scene gradually revealed itself, and the instant Su Ming saw that scene, he fell silent.
That scene was of an ancient world located in some unknown place. He saw Bai Su sitting on the ground, and he also saw an old man sitting cross-legged behind her. The old man looked pale and miserable. He would occasionally open his eyes, and sorrow as well as dead stillness could be seen within them.
Bai Su’s face was stark pale, but she continued standing before the old man resolutely. She did not look that much different from before, but the naivety and innocence in the past could no longer seen on her face. In its place were determination and resolution.
There was a frightening scar on her that ran through her entire face, startling to the eye.
She stood quietly and held a long black sword in her hand. Before her was an endless wave of gray-eyed living dead who no longer possessed their left arms!
These people moved forward slowly as they howled, and if anyone cast their eyes into the distance, they would find that there was no end to these living dead.
The ground was trembling further down ahead, and several giants hundreds of feet tall were running towards where Bai Su was. As they ran, they were swinging their arms and occasionally seizing the living dead blocking their path before placing them into their mouths and eating them. Their brutal eyes were trained on where Bai Su was located, and they were all charging towards her.
"Don’t worry. She won’t die in a short period of time. Over the years,

years, I only left that scar on her face. Otherwise, I didn’t harm even a single hair on her body," Si Ma Xin said in that soft, dark voice of his while standing in mid air.
"I just can’t accept it. I can’t accept losing to you all those years ago. Do you know how much I suffered in Freezing Sky Cave? All of this is because of you!" Si Ma Xin looked at Su Ming, and intense hatred was laced through his words.
Su Ming averted his gaze from the distorted screen of light and looked towards Si Ma Xin.
"Are you done talking?" He looked as calm as ever, and his body disappeared in an instant. When he reappeared, he was already standing beside Si Ma Xin. As he lifted his right hand, lightning sparks howled and exploded on his arm.
The lightning’s collapse turned into an endless wave of lightning sparks that swam about to completely surround Si Ma Xin, causing him to shatter with a bang.
Su Ming frowned. The instant he did so, Si Ma Xin’s voice traveled forth from the ground once again, and one among the endless sea of gray corpses started turning into Si Ma Xin as his face melted. He sat up and smiled towards Su Ming in the sky.
"I’m not done yet. Su Ming, I lost completely the first time we fought against each other. Now… we fight again!"
Si Ma Xin stared at Su Ming, and a strange smile appeared on his lips. The power within his new self was much stronger, and by the looks of it, he had already reached the peak of the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm.
"Our gambling chip will be Bai Su and her

and her father, your servant Zi Che, all the people still alive in Heaven Gate… oh, and also your senior brother Hu Zi.
"Let’s make a bet and see who among the two of us is stronger after the passage of these twenty years!"
Si Ma Xin’s words suddenly grew in volume, and his voice rumbled in the air. The whole world shook because of his voice, and the endless amount of gray-eyed corpses lying on the ground started rising themselves with brilliant gray lights shining in their eyes.
"Come. You’re late to this fight by twenty years!" As Si Ma Xin laughed, he charged straight towards the sky.
Su Ming’s pupils constricted. Almost the moment Si Ma Xin closed in on him, violet light shone on his entire body. He lifted the Undertaker’s of Evil Spear in his hand and threw it towards the incoming Si Ma Xin. At the same time, he turned into a long arc in the sky, and along with his long spear, they charged forward.
The instant both sides clashed into each other, a loud bang surged into the skies. Su Ming took a step backwards. His eyes shone with a cold glare, and Si Ma Xin’s incoming body was torn to shreds, pierced through by the long spear.
However, almost the instant he died, two gray corpses on the ground let out a long string of laughter and sat up, turning into Si Ma Xin. They were no longer in the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm, but were both in the middle stage of that Realm. In a moment, they flew up and rushed towards Su Ming.
He spread his divine sense outwards, and with a brief scan, his expression turned dark. He could not tell which of tell which of the two Si Ma Xins were real. Both of them seemed as if they were his original body!
"The great completion in the Great Art of Heartless Berserker Seed will turn everything in the world into me. Su Ming… if you can’t even break my Great Art of Heartless Berserker Seed, you will make me really disappointed."
"You talk too much," Su Ming retorted flatly and lifted his right hand.
Violet light surrounded his body, and the long spear appeared in his hand once again. Then, as if the spear had gathered all the violet light, the armor disappeared and the five hundred battle souls on the Undertaker’s of Evil Spear in his hands started materializing as if they were gaining physical form. In the midst of their silence, they looked towards Si Ma Xin with ruthlessness and murderous intent.
A sharp piercing howl sliced through the air as Su Ming tossed the long spear. It immediately caused the world to shake as it charged to the ground. The five hundred battle souls surrounded the long spear and exuded a wave of murderous aura as well as killing intent that surged into the sky. As it charged forward, the spear plunged down towards the ground.
From the distance, the spear that had gathered up all the power contained within the Undertaker’s of Evil Armor was a shocking sight that shook the sky and earth. It caused a violent gust of wind to stir up from the ground underneath, and it also made a sharp glare to appear within the eyes of the two incoming Si Ma Xins. However, a strange smile appeared on the corners of their lips.
The instant that long spear almost fell to the ground… a drastic change happened!

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