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The first day.

Rain was pouring even more heavily. Wind and clouds tumbled about in the sky. Lightning sliced through the air and thunder roared. The clouds became even thicker in the sky. From the distance, they looked as if they were about to descend to the ground and touch it.

On this day, Su Ming continuously charged through the Rune seven times, but he still could not surpass the changes in the Rune. It was as if two mirrors had been placed together, and all he could see was endless darkness. He did not know how far this darkness would stretch, but if he wanted to see the world in the mirror, then he needed to charge out of this darkness!

The first day.

Rain poured as if a basin of water had been turned over in heaven. The ground trembled, and those tremors were spreading through all parts of the land. Fine cracks covered the entire World of Nine Yin, and some mountains even looked as if they were about to crumble to pieces.

As the clouds in the sky continued tumbling about slowly, the whole sky looked as if it had turned into a gigantic vortex. Ninety-nine pillars of light connected the sky and earth in the World of Nine Yin, and if anyone drew the entire World of Nine Yin into a picture, they would be able to see in the picture they drew that it looked as if the rays of light were holding up the vortex in the sky!

During the last three days, Su Ming had tried over a dozen times to surpass the Rune, but all of them ended in failure. Still, he had begun to figure out some of the rules in the Rune. He had been using his specialty - his speed, while challenging the Rune, and under that extreme speed, he gradually saw some of the illusions distorting before disappearing.

‘I’ll just have to keep going at a high speed!’ After another failure on the third night, Su Ming stood on the first altar with sparkling eyes.

The fifth day.

More cracks appeared on the ground. Deep cracks tore through the ground in the World of Nine Yin with a loud rumble as if the ground was on the verge of collapse. As those cracks spread all over the land, many mountains crumbled. Stones fell off these mountains and fell into the bottomless cracks.

If anyone looked down from the sky to the ground, they would be able to see that the land seemed to have been destroyed, and the damage was spreading slowly towards the area, making it seem as if there was something that was going to charge out of the ground.

A large amount of rainwater surged into these cracks from the sky, but they were never able to fill them up. The vortex in the clouds started rotating faster. The loud booming sounds in the air turned into a sound that remained a constant in the World of Nine Yin.

Bolts of lightning flashed and crackled continuously in the vortex of clouds in the sky as if they wanted to blast off the center of the vortex.

Su Ming continued failing, and when the fifth day was over, he had already lost count of how many times he had failed without succeeding even once. However, he had already managed to make hundreds of illusions disappear under his high speed.

However, it was difficult for Su Ming to maintain this sort of charge for longer stretches of time. Because of that, he could not surpass all the changes in the Rune.

The seventh day.

At first glance, the vortex in the sky looked as if it was no longer spinning, but that was only because it was simply rotating too fast, which was why it gave off the false impression that it was no longer spinning. With that high rotation speed around, the booming sounds in the sky had turned into shocking roars. As they reverberated in the air, a gigantic face of a human appeared within.

The face possessed four eyes. The extra two eyes were at the center of the brows. As of then, all four of the eyes were shut. The face protruded from within the vortex, and the spot where lightning had filled the center of the vortex was right where the person’s fourth eye was.

This was the World Spirit, which was also the Spirit Vessel that had fallen into deep slumber as the Enchanted Vessel of the Sacred Yin World had turned into the World of Nine Yin!

When the face appeared, the destruction on the ground reached its peak. Even the Fated Kin’s valley had collapsed. Fortunately, the people had been prepared for this a long time ago. As of then, they had all gathered together, and under Nan Gong Hen’s guidance, were waiting for Su Ming’s return outside the altar.

When Su Ming was preparing to challenge the Rune on the altar, he had spread his divine sense outwards to tell Nan Gong Hen the precise time when the world would change and where he would be before that.

Since the fifth day, Su Ming had been sitting cross-legged on the first altar. He no longer went on to try challenging the altar, but chose instead to meditate quietly. Even as the seventh day went by, he still remained seated.

The ninth day!

On this day, most of the land had already sunk deeply. Nan Gong Hen brought the hundreds of Fated Kin away from the altar’s area. They could see Su Ming sitting on it not too far away, and could also see that the valley they had stayed in for the past fifteen years had completely collapsed. It was now gone without a trace.

They could also see that the place a hundred feet away from the collapsed valley had now turned into a ravine. It was as if the place where they were had now turned into an isolated cliff.

Two of the eyes on the gigantic human face that had emerged from the vortex in the sky were now trembling, as if they were slowly rising from deep sleep. The two eyes at the center of the brows were trembling rather intensely as well, as if they were about to open at any moment!

At that moment, the ninety-nine pillars of light also looked as if they were about to reach their limit. Seven of those pillars were rapidly fading away, and then disappeared altogether. After they were gone, another dozen something pillars of light also faded away, as if they could last no longer and were gradually disappearing.

Su Ming continued sitting cross-legged on the altar without moving. He had been like this for the past few days, and while he might not be moving, the Fated Kin that had been observing him had noticed that Su Ming’s aura had been growing increasingly stronger day after day!

He was practically getting stronger with each passing moment, and on the ninth day, distortions started appearing in the air around him, as if it could no longer withstand the amount of power Su Ming was accumulating in his body.

Several days ago, his body had still been glowing in gold, but at that moment, that golden light was fading away slowly. It did not disappear though. It was all absorbed into Su Ming’s body so that it would not spill outwards!

As Nan Gong Hen and the hundreds of Fated Kin kept their gazes fixed on Su Ming, time passed slowly, and when the ninth day went by, the tenth day arrived!

Not long into it, the eyes of the gigantic face in the sky shook even more violently. The clouds rumbled and moved about in the air, and even the spot where the altar was located was also shivering. As if it could no longer withstand it, cracks started appearing on the altar as well.

Right at that moment, a person in yellow robes appeared in the sky in a spot where the people could not see. He stood in midair, formed a seal with his hands, and pointed towards the sky.

"Spirit of the Enchanted Vessel, with my status as Chief Elder of the Spirits of Nine Yin, I call to you, rise from your sleep!"

The shivers on the face in the sky became even more violent, but it still could not open its eyes. It was as if there was a force contained within the spirit’s mind that made it difficult for him to wake up!

At that moment, the pillars of light in the World of Nine Yin were rapidly disappearing, and there were only twenty-seven left, which were all swiftly fading away. If all these pillars of light disappeared and the World Spirit did not wake up, then everything they had done would end in failure!

As those pillars of light disappeared and as the altar on the ground started breaking down, the Rune formed on the altar also looked as if it had loosened up. Once Su Ming absorbed the final ray of golden light into his body, he opened his eyes swiftly.

His gaze was profound, and not a single hint of golden light could be seen shining within his eyes. Su Ming had been accumulating his strength for the past few days, and during these days, he had completely ignored the world around him, placing all his focus on gathering up his power. The instant he opened his eyes, he charged forth with an indescribable speed.

This was the fastest speed Su Ming had executed during these past ten days!

Almost the instant he charged out of the altar, an uncountable amount of altars and an equally uncountable number of himselves rushing forward immediately appeared before him. However, almost the moment these illusory figures appeared, several dozens of them immediately started distorting and disappearing. Clearly, they were unable to keep up with Su Ming’s speed, and were all surpassed by him!

Everything before Su Ming’s eyes disappeared right at that moment, and the only thing that was left was the endless path of the altar that seemed like a black hole stretching out before him. He forgot everything and executed his fastest speed to charge forward. The illusory figures disappeared around him, and after a while, hundreds of them were gone, but there was still an innumerable numbers in front of Su Ming!

Making nearly a hundred figures disappear was his limit a few days ago. However, this was not so today. All the power in his Berserker Bones erupted forth, and he became slightly faster. As he charged forth, he saw illusions filling his entire field of vision, but as they appeared, a large number of them disappeared as well.

Su Ming did not know how much time had passed. He only knew that as he continued charging forward, time seemed to slow down. A large amount of the illusory figures disappeared, but there was still a large number of them remaining before him.

When sharp pain shot up through his entire body as he continued circulating his Qi, Su Ming knew that his body was showing signs that he had gone past his limit, but there were still a dozen something of his illusions far into the distance. He had surpassed most of them, but now, it was difficult for him to continue and surpass all of them.

‘Is this my limit..?’ Su Ming felt bitter. He knew that even if he turned into Destiny, it would still be difficult for him to surpass these illusions in fifteen breaths!

However, right at the moment that rush of bitterness rose in his heart, suddenly, the sky roared. As the ground trembled, the first altar that was the only altar that truly existed suddenly cracked with a bang.

This was due to the change in the world. It was caused by the World Spirit rising from his slumber. The instant the altar started breaking down, Su Ming immediately noticed that the dozen something illusions before him froze simultaneously.

Their action immediately made Su Ming’s eyes shine with a strong light. Without a single bit of hesitation, he charged forward. As he did so, his body turned into a vortex, and when he rushed out of the vortex, the boy who was Destiny appeared!

With just one step, he made all the dozen something illusions stop eternally at the moment they froze up. They repeatedly froze up and moved back, and when fifteen breaths were over, Destiny turned back into Su Ming, and he was already less than five feet away from these illusions.

Yet even though there were only five feet left, he had already surpassed all the changes in the Rune. He felt his body crashing into something that seemed like a membrane. That membrane stopped his body from passing through, but it could not stop his eyes from looking into it!

He saw…

Almost the instant Su Ming looked in the world in the mirror, the old man in yellow robes spread his arms wide open in the sky of the World of Nine Yin. When there were just three pillars of light remaining, a low roar could be heard from the sunken ground.

"World Spirit, rise from your slumber!"

Along with the muffled roar before came a dried up arm that stretched out from the depths of the abyss in the sunken ground. Right behind that arm was a gigantic head of dried wood, along with a monstrously huge body that was ten thousand feet tall!

The figure looked like a person carved out of a block of dried wood from a big tree that was ten thousand feet tall!

His head was the one that had been hoisted up on the Shaman City in the past, and his body was the true body of the yellow-robed old Spirit of Nine Yin!

The instant those roars that shook the sky reverberated through the air, the final three pillars of light were extinguished. But right at the moment they faded away, the eyes on the gigantic face in the vortex flew open, along with the third and fourth eyes at the center of its brows!

The World Spirit had risen from his slumber!

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