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None of the Fated Kin in the valley noticed Su Ming’s departure, and even though he disappeared, the wisp of his divine sense he left in this place still allowed him to sense everything happening in this place. If anything happened during this period of time, he could just warp and return as quickly as possible.

The pain that reached Su Ming through the faint waves of ripples from the crimson dragon, however, had his heart burning with extreme anger. The crimson dragon might have been created by Hong Luo, but its loyalty could be seen clearly when it returned to Su Ming without any hesitation when it saw him during the treasure gambling event in the World of Nine Yin.

It followed him all along the way, and even when Su Ming entered the Candle Dragon’s carcass, the crimson dragon remained outside to wait for him until an accident happened. And Su Ming could already imagine that this so called accident was largely related to the old Spirit of Nine Yin he had rented in the past.

He absolutely had to rescue the crimson dragon. He might have had deep experiences with the strength of the Spirits of Nine Yin, but he was the crimson dragon’s master. Giving up on it when it was in danger was something he could not do.

Because he could not find his home, Su Ming valued his relationships!

Because his family was not around, Su Ming valued all forms of love given to him!

While there might not be any form of love between him and the crimson dragon, but just its loyalty alone was enough for Su Ming to not retreat and give up on it in fear.

"Spirits of Nine Yin…" Su Ming charged in midair and turned into a long arc. His eyes shone with a freezing glare. As he lifted his right hand, Han Mountain Bell appeared on his palm.

His gaze fell on the bell, and after a moment of silence, Su Ming looked at the strand of hair belonging to the first God of Berserkers wrapped around his finger. There was not much left of the strand of hair, but there was a resolute look on his face, and he traveled even faster.

Once he finished nursing his Nascent Divinity, he became much faster than before, especially when he combined his speed with his warps. The long arc that was slicing through the sky would occasionally disappear, and when it reappeared, it would be much further away from where he was previously in the world.

Su Ming’s journey took several hours. As he charged forward, he came to a swampland. That swamp did not exist fifteen years ago. As of then, it covered an area of several hundreds of thousands of feet. Occasionally, bubbles would pop up on the surface of the swamp. Once they burst, they would turn into a layer of green fog that filled the air above the swamp, causing all the people who came to this place to only see fog.

Su Ming did not go to the Spirits of Nine Yin in a fit of recklessness. Instead, he came to this place. This was the place that had appeared in his mind when he used his divine sense to sweep through the land, the place where his Poison Corpse was.

If he wanted to go to the Spirits of Nine Yin, then he had to make good preparations. After all, he had incredibly great experiences with the power of the Spirits of Nine Yin in the past.

At that moment, he stood in the air above the swamp. As he lowered his head, golden light shone in his eyes and his gaze pierced through the fog below him to land right in the swamp. A familiar wave of ripples started fighting against his divine sense from the swamp immediately after.

At the same time, a low, muffled roar suddenly shot up from within the swamp. It shook the fog in the area, and the roar was filled with ruthless brutality, as if it harbored intense dislike towards Su Ming’s divine sense exploring the swamp.

"These fifteen years of freedom were hard to come by, and it allowed you to obtain new intelligence… but how dare you not come forth when you see me?! If I could capture you when you were alive, I will be able to do the same even when you have new intelligence," Su Ming declared flatly, then lifted his right hand and pressed it downward swiftly in the direction of the swamp on the ground.

Golden light started flashing violently on his body, and a great force shot out from his right hand, charging straight towards the swamp. Muffled booming sounds reverberated in the air, and a gigantic mark of a palm appeared in the swamp. This sunken mark was created by the force when Su Ming pressed downwards.

As the swamp trembled and the mark of his palm continued sinking downwards, the low roars from the swamp started growing in volume. After a moment, when the mark of the palm had sank several hundreds of feet downward, making it seem as if the entire swamp had sunk deeply into the ground, a green hand swiftly shot out from the swamp. It crashed into that mark of Su Ming’s palm as it continued sinking downwards, and a loud, shocking boom rang in the air.

The swamp looked as if it had collapsed. A large amount of mud and water splattered everywhere, but the Poison Corpse that Su Ming was looking for still refused to come out of his hiding place, as if he was evading Su Ming. This was an action born out of his natural instinct!

"I see, so you aren’t coming out." A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes, and he activated the full force of his divine sense to charge into the swamp. It swiftly infiltrated the place, and as it swept through the place, Su Ming saw a large amount of skeletons belonging to humans and beasts. He also saw a figure squatting in the depths of the swamp. His eyes were shining with a dark light, and he was roaring.

Without even the slightest bit of hesitation, Su Ming had his divine sense charge towards the figure, and in an instant, his divine sense enveloped that figure. Once he did so, he immediately discovered that while the brand he had left on this figure still remained, it was already incredibly dull. Clearly, over the past few years, this Poison Corpse had been constantly attacking it.

"Poison Corpse, return to me!" Su Ming muttered and used his divine sense to pull at the brand he’d left on the Poison Corpse in the past. The Poison Corpse immediately started shivering violently and his roars became more intense. He started moving swiftly in the depths of the swamp, as if he wanted to avoid Su Ming’s divine sense.

However, the strength of Su Ming’s divine sense was no longer something that the Poison Corpse could dodge or hide from. After a moment, the Poison Corpse seemed to have decided to attack. His roars filled with a murderous air, and without care for anything else, he charged straight towards the surface of the swamp.

Right before his eyes, a green figure rushed out of the swamp, and bringing with it a rotten stench and the miasma of corpses, it closed in on Su Ming in an instant.

Su Ming stood in midair, looking as composed as ever. The instant the green figure approached him, he lifted his right hand and swung it before him. Immediately, a large amount of lightning arcs started swimming swiftly around his body. At the same time, a large amount of lightning sparks flashed in the sky as rain continued drizzling down from the clouds.

As Su Ming swung his arm, those lightning sparks left his body and gathered on the green figure. In the blink of an eye, they came into contact with the green figure, and a large, thunderous rumble rang in the air. From the distance, it looked as if the green figure could attract lightning, because the numerous lightning sparks that looked like dragons and had crawled out of thin air struck down on it with loud, rumbling sounds!

That green figure let out a muffled groan, but it was completely unperturbed by the lightning strikes. It continued approaching Su Ming without once stopping, and the instant it was only thirty feet away from Su Ming, a puff of poisonous fog gushed out of its mouth. That poisonous fog was black and green in color, and it started spreading outwards rapidly, as if it had exploded, looking as if it could completely envelop Su Ming within.

Immediately, the spot where Su Ming was previously was shrouded completely by poison fog. The poison was so strong that it seemed to contain life. It started spreading outwards without stop, and the green figure let out a smug howl. A murderous glint appeared in its eyes, and it was just about to rush into the fog, but right at that moment, the air behind it that was devoid of fog distorted, and Su Ming walked out of the distortions with just one step.

The green figure immediately noticed him when he walked out. Just as it was about to turn around, Su Ming let out a cold harrumph, then lifted his right hand and tapped the green figure through the air!

Piercing golden light immediately burst forth from the tip of Su Ming’s finger. That golden light instantly turned into the strongest ray of light in the place and landed on the green figure.

The green figure let out a screech of pain and quickly retreated, thinking of shrinking back into the poison fog. Su Ming did not wait for it to retreat into the fog and swung his arm forward, which resulted in a whirlwind.

That whirlwind spun rapidly and stirred up endless violent gusts that charged into the fog faster than the green figure could. As they spun, that large amount of poisonous fog was blown away and left with the whirlwind, causing the green figure to be unable to blend into the poison fog.

The green figure’s footsteps came to an abrupt halt, and it turned around to start howling and roaring loudly at Su Ming. It was also right at that moment that its appearance was revealed. This was a person with green fur growing on him. That green fur was like rather sharp looking needles, and they covered his entire body!

His eyes glowed with a green light, and he was glaring at Su Ming. At the center of his brows was a tuft of white fur!

As he breathed, puffs of black poison fog came from his mouth and nose before they were sucked back into his body, in a cyclic manner.

It could still be somewhat seen that this was Su Ming’s Poison Corpse from the past!

It was unknown as to what sort of serendipity he had run into during these fifteen years that changed him in this way, but by the ripples coming from his power, he was clearly much stronger than he was in the past. By the looks of it, he was currently equivalent to a powerful Berserker in the middle stage of the Berserker Soul Realm!

The poison fog was especially alarming, or else Su Ming would not have chosen to dodge it by warping when it appeared moments ago. He could tell with just one glance that there was an unknown poisonous substance in that poison fog besides the small snake’s poison, and the fusion of these two different types of poison in that poison fog was able to instill fear in other people’s hearts.

Once the Poison Corpse let out a roar towards Su Ming, he moved but no longer attacked, choosing instead to charge towards the swamp on the ground.

Su Ming remained calm, but there was a whirlwind spinning around him, which could scatter away all poison fog. When he saw the Poison Fog rushing towards the swamp, he did not stop him. Instead, he lifted his right hand and seized the air. Immediately, a large spiked club appeared in his hand.

Almost the instant that Poison Corpse charged into the swamp, Su Ming lifted the spiked club with his right hand. That spiked club instantly grew bigger, and when it was nearly one thousand feet long, Su Ming rammed it down on the swamp.

A muffled boom that shook the entire region reverberated through the air. The instant the spiked club fell on the swamp, a powerful tremor instantly swept through the entire area, causing it to be instantly squashed, and a powerful rebounding force erupted forth. That force spread out in a moment, causing the Poison Corpse that was about to rush into the swamp to be bounced out against his will.

The instant he was rebounded, Su Ming closed in on him like lightning. With his right index finger, he tapped the Poison Corpse’s chest through the air, causing the Poison Corpse to continuously retreat with panic on his face.

"If I can turn you into a puppet, then I can naturally wipe you off of the face of earth. But since you now have intelligence, make your own decision. Will you continue following me, or… suffer a true death here and now?!"

Su Ming stopped moving and had his divine sense envelope the Poison Corpse. The taps he delivered on the Poison Corpse’s body all contained a few wisps of his power of Bone Sacrifice. He just needed a single thought, and this Poison Corpse would explode.

In his fear, the Poison Corpse started roaring madly and the poison fog in his body spread out swiftly until his entire body was covered in fog. He was just about to run when Su Ming’s lips curled up in a cold smile. He did not chase after the Poison Corpse, merely let a single thought surface in his head, and a loud bang immediately traveled forth from within the fog.

Another six bangs rang out consecutively, and with one wave of his arm, the whirlwind around his body spread out and swept away the fog, revealing the Poison Corpse in midair. His body was a wreck, eyes dull, and blood was trickling out of his mouth.

He looked incredibly weakened, and when he looked at Su Ming, the fear in his eyes grew stronger.

"Will you die, or will you obey?" Su Ming looked at the Poison Corpse and asked languidly.

Struggle appeared on the Poison Corpse’s face. After some time, he lowered his head and knelt before Su Ming, letting out sobbing sounds as he allowed Su Ming’s divine sense to charge into his body and fuse with the brand he’d left in the past.

Then, no longer bothering with the Poison Corpse, Su Ming looked in the direction where the Spirits of Nine Yin were and moved there. The Poison Corpse followed behind him obediently, occasionally turning his head back to look at the swamp, not being able to bear parting with the place.

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