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"Fifteen years ago… There wasn’t just one End Shaman in the World of Nine Yin, but three! Besides the powerful Shaman from the God of Shamans Temple who was originally supposed to be here, there were also other powerful Shamans from other tribes.

"Right after the treasure gambling event was over, quite a number of Shamans parted ways to head to the three grounds that would allow them to receive their inheritance...

"The nightmare started at that time…

"I will never forget that day for all eternity. All sorts of changes kept appearing without stop within those one million lis around Shaman City, and those changes were like a strong repelling force that was trying to chase all of us outsiders out from the World of Nine Yin.

"The ground shook and numerous cracks appeared on the land. The Sacred Bats flew out from those cracks, and at that time, the ninth moon in the sky was blood red. The entire ground was dyed in a bloody glow.

"Those forests that spanned endlessly seemed as if they had been revived. The trees started moving, and strange, piercing screeches that sounded like crying sounds echoed in all directions.

"Vortexes that spun rapidly appeared one after another in the sky. As they spun, black rays of light descended from within, and all those who came into contact with them would immediately find that light fusing into their souls, causing their souls to leave their bodies, turning them into a part of one of the three sacred races in this land, the Drifting Roamers.

"A change also happened to the Spirits of Nine Yin at that moment. They no longer complied with the promise made between them and the Shamans in the past. Instead, they started killing and chasing away all the Shamans in the World of Nine Yin.

"The source for all this is because of a plan made by the Shamans, a plan that was made by the God of Shamans Temple and was agreed upon by all the big tribes!

"That plan was to completely open the passages leading to the World of Nine Yin so that all the people from big tribes could come to the World of Nine Yin at the same time and without any sort of restrictions!

"The Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands is approaching and we are forced to fight against the Berserkers to snatch their land. As the main instigators, the God of Shamans Temple coordinated with all the big tribes and the Immortals who came to the land of the Shamans to execute the plan, all for the sake of preserving as many lives and obtain the highest levels of protection when the Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands fell on the entire Land of South Morning!

"They laid out the structure for a powerful Relocation Rune so that they could turn the World of Nine Yin into a safe haven for the big tribes in the land of the Shamans and the God of Shamans Temple when the Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands arrived!

"Perhaps the God of Shamans Temple had been making preparations for this plan since a long time ago. Perhaps they weren’t even thinking about using this place as a safe haven, but were thinking of using it for some other purposes. But at that time, as the Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands continued closing in on us, the God of Shamans Temple worked with the big tribes and the Immortals and eventually laid out this Rune in Shaman City!

"If you go to the ruins of Shaman City, you should still be able to see the Rune’s remains.

"The eventual activation of the Rune caused a series of drastic changes in the World of Nine Yin. When we opened the passage and allowed all the people from the big tribes to enter, the Spirits of Nine Yin cast some sort of unknown divine ability, and the head hoisted on the stone pillar that reached the sky in Shaman City was revived…

"His revival marked the beginning of this disaster.

"The Rune collapsed. The passage in the sky that was opened by the Rune was sealed, and Shaman City was destroyed… These are the things I know and saw. Perhaps there are some other secrets that aren’t privy to common people. I don’t know about those things.

"But the Spirits of Nine Yin didn’t expect that there was more than one Rune. The Shamans laid out three Runes in three different spots in the World of Nine Yin. But… the sudden appearance of this terrifying storm caused the Shamans’ plan to fail entirely.

"I still can’t forget that storm. Sandstorms raged through the sky and turned into a gigantic figure. Wherever it went, all the living beings would be reduced to skeletons.

"The other two Runes were destroyed, and most of the Shamans in this place escaped through the last Rune before it was destroyed, but perhaps it was because the races here left us a small path of survival intentionally that they managed to do so…

"There were some people who didn’t manage to escape. When the Rune was destroyed, they were forcefully made to stay in this place, and after going through a cycle of death and elimination among their numbers, these people gathered together. At that time, they numbered to ten thousand people, but now, only several hundreds remain. These people are us."

The nine moons hung high in the sky and shone brightly. The land was not really dark, but if anyone looked into the distance, they would find that the spots in the distance were still dark and they could not see those places clearly. There were only a few areas illuminated well by the moonlight.

A bonfire burned weakly in the valley. Wisps of green smoke twisted with the wind as they floated into the sky and fused with the darkness.

Nan Gong Hen sat beside the bonfire. His soft words echoed in the sky, and just like the green smoke, they eventually fused with the darkness.

Su Ming sat before him in silence as he listened to Nan Gong Hen describing the events from fifteen years ago. In his mind, he began drawing the scenes that had happened in the past.

He was shocked by the Shamans thinking of using this place as a safe haven. If they had truly succeeded, then when the Catastrophe of the Eastern Wastelands was over, the Shamans’ big tribes would have not suffered even the slightest bit of damage.

"Are these Drifting Roamers you speak a group of souls that drift through the land as if they have no intelligence whatsoever?" When Su Ming recalled seeing Ahu in Shaman City, he sighed.

"Those are Drifting Roamers of the lowest level. They don’t have any sort of will as they did when they were alive. Based on the experience I have fighting against them over these past fifteen years, this is a sacred race that acts as leeches. This is the only way for them to grow.

"They will attach themselves to the souls of the living and absorb their power to grow. The moment that soul is destroyed marks the completion of their growth. Their strength will also differ based on how strong the soul they have attached themselves to was," Nan Gong Hen said calmly.

"Is there a way to save them?" Su Ming looked towards Nan Gong Hen.

"We tried before, but even after we used everything at our disposal, we had no success. Once these Drifting Roamers attach themselves to the souls, they will be as one, and it’ll be difficult to separate them… But I did hear that you Berserkers have a Phantom Dais Tribe [1]. Rumors have it that they have researched Arts about spirits deeply, perhaps they could save these souls."

Nan Gong Hen lifted his head and looked towards Su Ming. If he still did not know that Su Ming was a Berserker at this point, then there was no way he could have become the leader of Fated Kin.

In truth, once Su Ming stopped wearing his mask, his Berserker Mark had told Nan Gong Hen everything. Many people had also been able to tell through his conversation with Di Tian’s servant and their different Arts when they fought.

However, they were no longer Shamans. They were Fated Kin. It did not matter to them where Su Ming came from, much less that he was a Berserker.

"These are all the things that happened fifteen years ago. Respected senior Mo, please don’t take to heart what happened during the treasure gambling event. I honestly could not make any sort of decision that would be unfavorable for the God of Shamans Temple…" Nan Gong Hen sucked in a deep breath, stood up, and bowed deeply towards Su Ming.

"You don’t have to do this, brother Nan Gong." Su Ming shook his head.

"Respected senior Mo, please, become the sacred spirit of Fated Kin…" Nan Gong Hen bowed to him once more.

Su Ming hesitated for a moment.

"With your power, you might still be the best among all Latter Shamans. Even if you can’t fight against End Shamans, you will still be one of the powerful warriors in the entire Land of South Morning, and you will definitely shock the world with just one gesture!

"We aren’t able to leave, and it’s difficult for us to survive here. If you abandon us, then before long, all Fated Kin in this place will die… I don’t mind dying, it doesn’t matter to me, but there are quite a number of children who were born here, I…" Nan Gong Hen looked at Su Ming and whispered softly.

Su Ming looked at Nan Gong Hen, and after a long while, he closed his eyes. Time trickled by, and after time taken for the burning of an incense stick, he opened his eyes and gave a nod towards Nan Gong Hen.

"If there is really no way for us to leave, I will protect Fated Kin, but similarly, if I manage to find a way out and return to the Land of South Morning, all of you will still have to respect me.

"Will you agree to this?" Su Ming asked languidly. The existence of Fated Kin touched his heart, and it was also difficult for him to completely reject Nan Gong Hen when he had been begging him time and again.

However, it was unfair if Su Ming only gave and received nothing in the end. That was why he also listed his own demands when he agreed to Nan Gong Hen’s request.

"We Fated Kin are an abandoned race. We will never forget the great kindness you have showed us! Once we revere you as our sacred spirit, we will forever abide to your words!" Nan Gong Hen declared solemnly.

Su Ming looked at Nan Gong Hen and nodded his head after some time. Then, he stood up and walked towards the valley. Inside, there was a cave abode that had been specifically emptied out for him.

Nan Gong Hen looked at Su Ming walking into the distance and sucked in a deep breath before casting his gaze at the sky.

"Can we go back? It’s been fifteen years. She, too, disappeared from the World of Nine Yin at that time. Where could she be now?" Nan Gong Hen muttered sadly.

When Su Ming entered the cave abode, he sat down with a calm face, then waved his arm, and immediately, the area before him became obscure. When that obscurity disappeared, the old man in black who had lost all four limbs appeared before him.

"Why do you always call me Destiny?" Su Ming asked unhurriedly.

The old man’s face was pale. He had his eyes closed as if he was deep in sleep, and he did not say a word.

Su Ming waited for a moment, then lifted his right hand. As he did so, the small virescent sword instantly appeared. Once it gained its form in his hand, Su Ming wrapped his fingers around the hilt, and then, he stabbed the old man’s throat before he started slowly dragging the blade down.

"I’ve planted herbs in people several times in the past. The seeds from these medicinal herbs will absorb a person’s life force and grow through their flesh and blood. All those in whom I have planted these medicinal herbs suffered greatly," Su Ming stated languidly.

The old man remained unmoving, as if he did not hear a single thing, as if he was still deep in sleep.

"You Immortals can Possess others, that’s why you don’t mind the agony you have to bear in your body." Su Ming’s blade had already sliced up a palm sized wound on the chest. Blood gushed out from that wound, but the old man paid no attention to it.

"If that is the case, then let’s see just how much you can endure." With the calm words in the air, Su Ming put away his virescent sword and pointed at the old man’s wound with two fingers. Immediately, a strong gust of wind howled in the air and seeped into the person’s body through that wound.

That gust of wind was a powerful breeze formed by Su Ming as the Wind Berserker. The wind swept through the old man’s flesh and blood with a howl, incessantly tearing at his organs. The pain that came from that barrage caused the old man to tremble furiously. He opened his bloodshot eyes swiftly and glared at Su Ming.

"Why do you always refer to me as Destiny?" Su Ming looked at the old man and asked flatly.

"Bastard, do whatever you want. I’m not even afraid of death, why should I be afraid of your petty tricks? I will not tell you the things you want to know!

"If you want to know, then go on ahead and perform a Soulsearch. But even in my weakened state, with your power in the Soul Formation Stage, you will only be able to torture me, you will not be able to search through my soul!" The old man bore through the severe pain in his body by gritting his teeth and sneering coldly.

Yet in truth, even though he looked incredibly tough, the fear in his heart towards his future was incredibly great.

Translator’s Note:

1. Phantom Dais Tribe: The tribe where Su Ming and his senior brothers broke into to save Zi Che.

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