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"What now?! Are you actually not letting us go?!" The Golden Thread Sacred Bat turned around swiftly and glared at Su Ming from midair. His voice was ghastly and held a slightly sharp edge.

"This is the World of Nine Sanctities, and we Sacred Bats are one of the sacred races. You Shamans only number to hundreds, do you really want to be destroyed! And you, even if you have extraordinary power, you’ve already offended us, so you will definitely die!" The Golden Thread Sacred Bat’s voice was dark, but Su Ming could tell with just one glance that he was just putting up a tough act.

As that Golden Thread Sacred Bat spoke with that piercing voice, the other Sacred Bats around him put on ferocious looks once again. Red filled their eyes as they glared at Su Ming. They might be afraid, but at that moment, they had to put up such an appearance.

"Senior… Senior Mo, just let them go…" Nan Gong Hen hesitated for a moment before he whispered to Su Ming.

Su Ming cast a look at Nan Gong Hen. Since the people here did not want to engage in more fights, then as an outsider, it was only natural that he did not meddle too much. Once he asked about the things he wanted to know, then Su Ming would set off to do what he wanted to do. He would not stay here for long.

"At least you Shamans know your place!" The Golden Thread Sacred Bat let out a sigh of relief within, but he still let out a cold harrumph while appearing as fierce as ever. He was certain that these Shamans would not dare provoke them too much, but he was incredibly worried about this Mo Su who was extremely terrifying in his eyes. He was just about to leave swiftly...

But right at that moment, the originally unconscious Tie Mu struggled to open his eyes. Supported by his tribesmen, he spoke to Su Ming hoarsely.

"Don’t let them go! How can we let them go when they’ve killed so many of our people! If it wasn’t because of your presence here, we would have been wiped off! Our entire race would have died… They have brought too much grief and resentment to us! We have to take revenge!"

"But…" Nan Gong Hen hesitated for a moment.

"But what?! If we let them go, will they be grateful to us? Are they going to stop coming after our lives?! Are they going to stop hunting us as if we’re prey?! Nan Gong Hen, you imbecile!

"Brother Mo, I beg of you, please attack them. Don’t let a single one of these Sacred Bats leave! Kill every single one of them!"

Tie Mu struggled to move his mouth. In his agitation and rage, he coughed out a large mouthful of blood, only managing to not fall unconscious again after clenching his jaw tightly. His ragged breathing turned his originally old face even older, and he now looked like an oil lamp that might extinguish at any moment.

"As long as you help us, then we will listen and fulfill all your requests. We will even acknowledge you as our master!"

A faint, red flush had appeared on Tie Mu’s face, and it was clearly the sign that this was the last ounce of his strength, just like the last burst of light from an oil lamp that was about to go off.

The Golden Thread Sacred Bat’s expression changed drastically in the sky, and without even a hint of hesitation, he quickly ran off, not even bothering with the kinsmen around him.

"As you wish, but you don’t have to acknowledge me as your master."

Su Ming cast a glance at Tie Mu. The things that happened between him and this old man appeared in his head. These memories were originally rather clouded, but as of then, they were gradually getting clearer.

This old man was already at the last vestiges of his life and would not be able to last long. Even if they had a miracle cure with them right at that moment, it would still be difficult for them to preserve his life, unless he could be like Su Ming and obtained a serendipity given by the Candle Dragon.

Su Ming sighed, then averted his gaze to look at the valley around him. He lifted his right hand and seized at the air, and immediately, one of the Fiend Bows flew out from the hands of the Battle Shaman standing outside his cave abode. Su Ming caught it in his hands.

With the black Fiend Bow in his hands, he took a step in midair. When he was in the sky, he looked at the hundreds of Sacred Bats scattering and fleeing. His gaze gradually turned cold, and with his left hand holding the bow, he lifted his right hand to pull the bowstring. With a hum, the Fiend Bow that could only be used by Battle Shamans was fully drawn.

As the bow was drawn, wisps of golden light spread out from Su Ming’s body and gathered into a golden arrow. The instant Su Ming’s right hand released the bowstring, golden light shot out and stirred up a wave of ripples that shook the sky. The arrow charged into the distance as if slicing through the entire sky. With a loud bang, the arrow shot through several Sacred Bats, and they died, shattered.

Su Ming did not stop. He drew the Fiend Bow once again, and immediately the attention of all those around him, especially the Battle Shamans, filled with feverish zeal as they looked at him.

After all, Battle Shamans could only draw these Fiend Bows once, and if they wanted to draw that bow twice within a short span of time, they would have to pay a devastating price.

However, Su Ming was drawing that bow twice in a row, and there was not a single pause during the entire process. From this alone, it was clear that the strength of his physical body had already surpassed the Battle Shamans here by several fold.

The second arrow, the third, the fourth, the fifth…

Su Ming stood in the sky and continued drawing that bowstring, doing it so quickly that eventually, he was practically already drawing the bow right after letting go of the bowstring. Buzzing sounds sliced through the air, and booming sounds filled the sky and earth. A large amount of ripples charged through the sky.

Each arrow that was fired would stir up a loud bang, and several Sacred Bats would die as they screamed in pain. It did not matter how quickly they escaped and how far they were from Su Ming at that moment. The arrows would rush towards them to take their lives, to destroy them one by one with a presence that shook the skies.

In the span of thirty breaths, Su Ming fired around ninety arrows, causing the sky to distort and those booming sounds that lingered in the air to overlap with each and create a sound so loud it was deafening. It also made the Sacred Bats who had already escaped far in the distance feel their hearts quake in fear; they looked as if they were scared out of their wits. To them, the span of these thirty breaths was akin to hell, and one where they had turned into prey!

Every single time the sharp whistle came from behind them, one of their kind would die while screaming shrilly, and every single time the buzzing sounds echoed in the air, there would be a high chance that it would be the last sound they would ever hear in their lives.

This extreme terror was enough to make anyone’s soul and mind completely shatter. In the span of thirty breaths, the bats’ numbers were reduced to less than twenty from their initial hundreds, and they had all been fleeing!

This terror made the remaining Sacred Bats let out piercing shrieks of fear as they trembled. Then, in their desperation, they started fleeing madly with the fastest speed they could muster.

When Su Ming drew the Fiend Bow once again, it snapped in two with a bang. Su Ming’s continual usage had actually become too much for it and it shattered!

The Shamans who were looking at Su Ming all had their mouths hanging open in shock. They knew very clearly just how powerful the Fiend Bows were, and the more they knew, the more shocked they were by what they saw.

It was especially so for the Battle Shamans. They were struck completely dumb, because they simply could not imagine just what sort of power a person would need to make a Fiend Bow shatter from inability to withstand continuously being drawn.

Su Ming tossed away the broken Fiend Bow and took a step forward. With that one step alone, he disappeared. This sort of disappearance was not because he was traveling so quickly that people could not see his movements clearly, he had truly disappeared. This was… warping!

The instant Su Ming disappeared, he reappeared in the distance, right before one of the Sacred Bats. That Sacred Bat had not even noticed the arrival. In fact, before Su Ming’s reflection could enter his pupils, Su Ming had already left.

The moment he left, the Sacred Bat charged another several dozens of feet forward before he opened his mouth, and as confusion appeared in his eyes, a bloody hole emerged at the center of his brows, and he plummeted straight down to the ground.

The same scene happened in succession in the sky. Most of the Sacred Bats spread in the area met the same fate. Before they even noticed it, their lives had already been taken away.

One of the Violet Thread Sacred Bats had actually managed to detect Su Ming appearing before him, but he could not dodge his aloof tap of a finger at the center of his brows.

To that Violet Thread Sacred Bat, that finger felt as if it was the law of the universe. When it appeared, it gave the Sacred Bat a feeling as if he could not escape his fate. Then his vision darkened and his head exploded with a bang.

Su Ming pulled his finger back. This particular jab did not have a name. It was a killing move that he had polished after going through countless incarnations and an endless amount of years in the Undying and Imperishable World.

That jab contained the fusions contained within the Undying and Imperishable World. It might not be Su Ming’s fusion between the past and future, but the concept of binary opposites was still contained within it!

At that moment, there were only two Sacred Bats who were fleeing madly in the world. One of them was the Golden Thread Sacred Bat. The other was a Violet Thread Sacred Bat that had cast some sort of mysterious Art, allowing his speed as he fled to be almost on par with the Golden Thread Sacred Bat’s despite the fact that he was injured.

These two people people were fleeing in two different directions, and they were incredibly far from each other. When Su Ming looked over, only two small dots remained of them, and they were becoming increasingly indistinct.

With a calm expression, Su Ming lowered his head and looked at the small snake which had its head lifted on his shoulders. When a finger pointed at the Violet Thread Sacred Bat in the distance, the small snake immediately shout out like lightning from Su Ming’s shoulders with a hiss, charging straight towards that unfortunate creature.

As for Su Ming, he stared at that Golden Thread Sacred Bat with a hint of curiosity in his eyes. In truth, even if Tie Mu had not woken up and even if Nan Gong Hen had suggested that he did not completely kill these Sacred Bats, Su Ming would have still followed them in secret.

‘These Sacred Bats look incredibly similar to the Wings of the Moon… Could it be that there is some form of connection between them? I also saw that dead person mentioning the third God of Berserkers when I was in the Candle Dragon’s body… The Wings of the Moon were transformed from Fire Berserkers, and in my memories, the Fire Berserkers were destroyed by the God of Berserkers.

‘I wonder if there is some sort of connection here.’ A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes, and he disappeared from the spot.

The Golden Thread Sacred Bat’s face remained as dark as thunderclouds in the sky, and there was fear as well as wariness in his eyes. He could sense that all his kinsmen had died. Once again, he was struck by a strong sensation of how terrifying this Mo Su was.

‘Damn it, why did I run into such a terrifying existence? His physical strength alone can allow him to endure the brunt of a dozen something attacks from Violet Threads. This sort of power has already far surpassed what I can withstand!

‘Even the Chief Elder would have difficulty doing this! Just what sort of skills did he practice? How did he actually manage to do this?!

‘His name is Mo Su. Judging from the Shamans’ reactions, they are incredibly familiar with this person, and most of them were shocked. If that is the case, then this person wasn’t this powerful in their memories. Just what sort of serendipity did he receive in the World of Nine Sanctities that turned him into such a terrifying existence?!

‘The tenth moon… Could it be?’

The Golden Thread Sacred Bat sucked in a sharp breath when he thought of a possibility. In his mind, the memory of a crack appearing in the tenth moon in the sky a month ago surfaced in his mind, and he remembered just how that crack looked - as if there was someone who was trying to rip it apart from within.

When the Golden Thread Sacred Bat’s thought of that, his expression changed drastically.

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