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Chapter 480: Walking Out!
The wave of power was the last of what remained of the Candle Dragon. As its gigantic body rapidly vanished, that wave of power charged towards Su Ming and surged into him from all over his body as if it wanted to stuff him up until he exploded.
If Su Ming’s previous self, whose blood and bones had not gone through the mysterious change, came face to face with this power, then besides using all his power and attention to absorb that force, he would have no other way to deal with it. He would increase his Berserker Bones until eventually being forced to attempt breaking through into the Berserker Soul Realm once again,.
However, all of Su Ming’s bones, flesh, and blood right then were like that of a newborn, and his body had a strong desire for the Candle Dragon’s life force and aura. Like a bottomless pit, it began rapidly absorbing the power surging into him.
Rumbling sounds came from within Su Ming’s body. As those sounds reverberated in the air, all his bones started swiftly turning gold. His blood, flesh, tendons, and everything else also slowly started gaining a faint golden glow as that power rushed into him!
A sacrifice of all of his bones. This change that had never happened to any of his ancestors and would perhaps not happen to anyone else in the future appeared on Su Ming’s body under the Candle Dragon’s blessing!
He could clearly sense his body becoming stronger and his power rising at an unimaginable pace. That sort feeling, as if he held the sun, moon, and stars in his hands, made Su Ming’s hair move without wind, caused him to look as if he was a God of War, shining with golden light as he stood there!
His eyes were closed and his entire body sparkled gold. If there was anyone else in the place, then they would surely be shocked greatly when they saw Su Ming. The presence coming from his body was clearly that of a Berserker in the Bone Sacrifice Realm, but the presence was so great that it would give them a feeling that he was even more terrifying that those in the Berserker Soul Realm!
This was a paradox, but it was a feeling that truly existed!
As all of the Candle Dragon’s remaining power finally entered Su Ming’s body and as the Candle Dragon’s gigantic body disappeared rapidly before his eyes, everything around Su Ming turned into ashes and scattered away. When the sky, the earth, and the heavens in the World of Nine Yin were revealed to him, Su Ming opened his eyes. A golden light flashed in his eyes, and that light seemed to pierce through air, through the world, turning into the most brilliant ray of light in the planet!
A light that could take someone’s breath away, a light that could steal away people’s souls!
Golden light covered Su Ming’s entire body. He did not waste even a single bit of the Candle Dragon’s power. Besides the portion used for the Soul Formation for his Nascent Soul, everything else had turned into power accumulating in his blood, flesh and bones!
Right at that moment, a sixth of all the bones in his body had turned into Berserker Bones, and it was the same for this flesh and blood!
The path he would take would be different from all Berserkers in the future. Even the first God of Berserkers had not walked on this path. This was a path that belonged only to Su Ming - his path of creation!
From the Undying and Imperishable Realm, Su Ming had gained an understanding regarding the fusion of the past and future. He had gained an epiphany regarding the fusion of binary opposites. His body had also taken form in this world that had never been seen before. He might look like a Berserker in the Bone Sacrifice Realm, but could he truly still be considered to be in the Bone Sacrifice Realm?!
Almost the instant Su Ming opened his eyes, the beautiful woman’s head dissipated. The small snake rushed out with a hiss. It did not seem too different from before, but its eyes were burning brightly,

and there seemed to be a vortex hidden in the depths of its eyes that could suck away the souls of all living people. If anyone looked into its eyes, they would think that their minds had gone blank.
When it saw that Su Ming was uninjured, the small snake gradually stopped hissing. It flew into midair, and pain along with resolution appeared on its face. At that moment, cracks tore through its body as if it was shedding its skin, and as those cracks emerged, the small snake started trembling nonstop and its body was slowly elongating.
Once the small snake, who had received the legacy of the Candle Dragons, saw that Su Ming was safe, it started going through the evolution that would happen after it received its inheritance - to become a true Candle Dragon!
As Su Ming looked at his snake, he could feel its resolve and determination. This shedding of skin was akin to a metamorphosis that would revert the snake back to its roots. It meant that what little blood of the Candle Dragons was in its body would completely burn up to fill the entire body so that it could turn into a true Candle Dragon!
With the help of the inheritance, the possibility of success for the small snake was incredibly high. The legacy was like a guiding path, like a lamp in the dark giving the small snake directions as it went through its metamorphosis.
"Perhaps I can help you!"
Su Ming lifted his right hand and patted his storage bag. Immediately, a brocade box flew out, and once it appeared, it rushed straight towards the small snake. During the process, the brocade box turned into ashes, and a purple shadow spread out from within.
That item was the thing he had bought in the auction hosted by Western Sea Clan near Freezing Sky Clan - Purple Harmony!
This was a strange item that could grant a sliver of a chance for ferocious beasts to revert to their roots. However, the risks were too great, and if they failed, then they would die!
This was why Su Ming had not dared to use it on the small snake previously. Now it had inherited the Candle Dragon’s legacy, which was equivalent to it finding the correct path to revert to its roots, so the dangers of this Purple Harmony would naturally be taken away. It would only serve to help the small snake!
When the small snake saw the Purple Harmony, it’s eyes shone with a brilliant light filled with excitement. With a hiss, it charged straight towards that purple light and swiftly fused with it.
As the small snake devoured and fused with that Purple Harmony, purple light filled the air. It was like a layer of fog, making it difficult for people to see what was inside. Su Ming stood in his place, and when a faint golden light appeared in his eyes, his gaze immediately penetrated through the purple light. He saw that the small snake’s expression was no longer in pain, and its body was going through a metamorphosis.
Su Ming was slightly relieved and averted his gaze to look at his own body. He did not seem any different from before, but he could sense just how powerful he had become.
"With the clone and the Poison Corpse helping me, I could fight against Latter Shamans, who are equivalent to Berserkers in the initial stage of the Berserker Soul Realm… But now, I wonder just how far I can go without any help," Su Ming mumbled. He sucked in a deep breath and looked at his Nascent Divinity. It had its eyes closed and was floating in midair, still and unmoving.
As Su Ming looked at his own Nascent Divinity, he fell silent for a moment, then looked at his surroundings, and suddenly frowned.
He remembered that when he entered the Candle Dragon’s gigantic body, due to force repelling everything it did not recognize, the crimson dragon was blocked outside and could not follow him in. The Poison Corpse in the Berserker Soul Realm was also left behind. Ji Yun Hai was also there, along with the old Spirit of Nine Yin.
However, the Candle Dragon’s body had disappeared, and Su Ming could not find the crimson dragon, neither could he find the puppet and the Poison Corpse. The old spirit was also gone without a trace.
‘Just how many years have gone by..?’ Su Ming stayed silent. Just as he was about to avert his gaze, something suddenly caught his attention. He saw a dark light flashing at the spot in the distance where the Candle Dragon’s body had disappeared.
The fog in this place had long since disappeared. The whole area looked empty, which made that dark light stand out like a sore thumb. When Su Ming saw that dark light, he seized at the air with his right hand. Immediately, that dark light charged towards him and floated before his body.
It was a snake’s scale!
It was the Candle Dragon’s scale, a scale that was left behind despite the fact that its body was destroyed! Su Ming looked at the scale, and gradually, a sparkle of surprise alighted in his eyes.
‘The Candle Dragon looks like a python, so the scale it left behind after it disappeared…’ A glint appeared in Su Ming’s eyes, and immediately, his Nascent Divinity opened its eyes while floating beside Su Ming. There was a brilliant light in its eyes, and with one move, it disappeared as if it had fused into air.
After a moment, four scales charged towards Su Ming from the spot where the Candle Dragon’s body had disappeared. As they gathered with that one scale he had found previously, the five scales floated before him and shone with a strange, dark light.
Almost the instant those scales came towards Su Ming, the air beside him distorted and his Nascent Divinity appeared. Then, without a single pause, it went towards him and fused into his body.
"The last ingredient required for the Welcoming of Deities is the scale from a python’s tail. I wonder if the Candle Dragon’s scale has the same effects. If it does, then I’ll be able to create the Welcoming of Deities," Su Ming mumbled under his breath.
He had first learned about the Welcoming of Deities in Dark Mountain, and so many years had passed since then. If he could use this scale, then he would have finally managed to gather all the ingredients for this pill.
Once Su Ming put away the scales, he sat down cross-legged, and as he waited for the small snake’s metamorphosis, he spread his divine sense outward in all directions. However, his Nascent Soul had just gone through Soul Formation and needed some time to nurse itself back to health, which was why Su Ming did not spread his divine sense too wide. But, even if he had just spread out a small portion of his divine sense, all the things he could see within the area still left him in shock.
Gradually, Su Ming’s expression changed. At times, there would be confusion on his face, and sometimes, there would be surprise, and at other times, he would seem pensive.
The world he saw with his divine sense was greatly different from what he remembered. He grew uncertain about just how many years had passed by in the world.
Since he could not spread his divine sense too far away, he could not sense the presence of the crimson dragon, the Poison Corpse in the Berserker Soul Realm, and the puppet. Eventually, a dark, cold look appeared on his face.
Ten days went by in the blink of an eye. During those ten days, Su Ming remained sitting in his spot. He had already retrieved his divine sense and had used the time to stabilize his power.
The small snake had also completed its metamorphosis during those ten days. With a cry that shook the skies, the purple light in midair disappeared, and what took form before Su Ming was a red snake that was an arm long and two fingers wide!
There was a bump on the snake’s head, along with a crack at the center of its brows. That crack was the spot for its third eye, but it remained shut, and the snake did not open it.
There was a profound gaze in its eyes, and no matter where it looked, distortions would appear in the air around its eyes, as if those eyes were absorbing some faint, unknown power from the air itself.
There was a murderous aura in the small snake’s hiss, but once it finished hissing, it turned towards Su Ming, and there was a dependent and gentle gaze in its eyes. It charged towards him and let out a delighted cry at his side, like a child playing before his parent.
Su Ming smiled softly as he looked at the small snake. After a long while, he lifted his head and looked at the sky.
"Let’s go. We’re leaving this place."

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