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When Su Ming pressed down on that remaining half of the stone statue, cracks immediately appeared on it. As cracking sounds appeared along with the spread of the cracks, the black crane that had already become one thousand feet big charged towards Su Ming with a huge gust of wind from behind him.

"I gave you a wide path to tread, but you didn’t take it. There was no road leading to hell, but you forced your way into it. I’m going to kill you!" With a ferocious expression, the one thousand feet black crane closed in on Su Ming with its gigantic body in a instant, bringing with it a murderous aura. With a flap of its wings, that strong gust of wind immediately forced the people on the ground to be pushed back incessantly.

However, when that wind fell on Su Ming, it only managed to make him stop for a moment and did nothing else. He turned his head around and cast a glance at the one thousand feet black crane, then lifted his right hand and struck down the cracked half of the stone statue.

The instant, his palm struck, the eyes of the Nascent Soul in Su Ming’s body sparkled. A mighty power surged from his arm into the stone statue with a bang.

The stone statue immediately shattered in pieces and the fragments shot in all directions, but there was nothing in there. Su Ming could not help but frown.

He had scanned that statue with his divine sense previously, and had clearly felt a faint wave there. It was this wave that stirred up the power of the world in the area and made it turn into that big crane in midair.

"Hmph, fine. Your Grandpa Crane will give you one more chance. If you leave immediately, then I will let this slide, if you don’t… then don’t blame me for attacking you. I’m telling you, I’m very powerful!" The one thousand feet crane seemed to have let out a sigh of relief and stared at Su Ming in midair while speaking sternly.

Su Ming’s eyes sparkled. He turned around swiftly, and with one step, he arrived at the previously shattered rock at a lightning fast speed. He grabbed one of the stones, then the illusionary shadow of a palm appeared on his right hand. With one squeeze, that illusionary shadow also seized that rock, and with a bang, that rock immediately shattered. There was nothing inside.

But Su Ming did not stop there. In a flash, he arrived at another rock, then did the same thing he’d done previously—he crushed it again.

"You bully!" Panic and terror rose in the one thousand feet large crane in the sky. It looked as if it was beyond rage. With a flap of its wings, it let out a piercing screech.

"You must think I’m full of empty threats, that’s why you’re not scared. All right, looks like I have to go back on the promise I made years ago. Once I beat you up, let’s see whether you still think that way!" As the one thousand feet crane cried out shrilly, it started spinning in midair, and as it did so, black feathers instantly shot out from the vortex.

Su Ming had his hand around a stone at that moment. Once he crushed it, he immediately felt something dangerous charging towards him. He did not turn his head back but took a step forward and his body immediately disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was already a hundred feet away from his previous spot. With a bang in the sky, the ground trembled, a countless number of rocks and dust rolled down the mountain, and a gigantic pit formed below.

At the same time, feathers flew out swiftly from that deep pit. They whistled as they flew into the air and charged towards Su Ming.

"Heh heh, now you see how powerful I am, right? Well, even if you want to leave now, it’s too late!" There was smugness in the crane’s voice coming from the sky. At that moment, it changed once again and transformed into a vortex. This time, even more feathers charged out and went towards Su Ming.

The entire sky was practically filled with black feathers. All of them were incredibly sharp, and as they whistled in the air, they chased after Su Ming. His clone’s gray eyes sparkled. He did not manage to dodge those feathers chasing after him even after several warps.

In fact, as he continued dodging, there were already seven to eight feathers that had managed to pierce his body. They quickly melted and turned into wisps of black smoke that seeped into his body, going straight for his Nascent Soul.

Su Ming let out a sharp cry. His body flashed once again and he reappeared on the ground. The feathers in the sky came after him. The instant they charged towards him from midair, he stretched his arms out wide, and immediately, the black beetles turned into black clouds that came towards him in an instant.

Before those feathers managed to pierce through Su Ming, the black beetles had already covered his entire body, causing the clone to return to being covered head to toe in black, regaining his tall and big man’s appearance.

Booming sounds shot up once again, and the feathers fell on Su Ming’s body like rain, causing the ground beneath his feet to shatter because of it. The earth sank in, and Su Ming also fell into that pit, sinking further and further down. The feathers stabbed his body, turning into black smoke that tried to seep through the dense black beetles and crawl into him.

In the blink of an eye, booming sounds from the pit filled the air. When all the feathers disappeared, the members of Black Crane Tribe who had witnessed everything immediately cheered.

The large crane in midair also looked incredibly pleased with itself. It flapped its wings and let out a few fake coughs.

"Due to the promise I made in the past, I originally did not want to injure him heavily, but this person did not appreciate my kindness. Oh well, remember to offer me more sacrifices. I’m tired now. I need to…"

As the large crane spoke, its voice suddenly died down, and it narrowed its eyes to the point that it looked as if it wanted to squeeze its eyeballs out of its sockets. It whipped its head around to look at the pit underneath.

Right before its eyes, it saw a pressure spreading from the pit, and it was soon followed by a brilliant flash. As that light shone, a small person about the size of a palm could be seen floating within!

That person’s face was dark and he no longer bore Ji Yun Hai’s appearance. That small person was naturally Su Ming’s Nascent Soul!

The body of this type of Nascent Soul was something the people of Black Crane Tribe had never seen before. Once they saw it, they were all taken aback, and the Patriarch, who had lost his heart but was still alive, also widened his eyes.

"Nascent Soul! You’re an Immortal! Damn it! How dare a Nascent Soul like you fly out at your level? Go back! Do you know that just a gust of wind of Yin and your Nascent Soul will shatter? Y-Y-You… Go back!" the large crane immediately cried out in a panic.

Su Ming’s Nascent Soul floated out of the pit, and with sparkling eyes, he looked at the screaming crane. The crane was greatly different in his eyes now. It was just an illusion, and only the black feather in its body was real.

Ignoring the black crane, Su Ming immediately lowered his head and swept his gaze through the land with a dark light in his eyes. Then with one step, he immediately warped away. When he reappeared, he was already on a broken stone located not too far away. He seized at the air with his tiny hand, and immediately, that stone charged towards his palm.

"Bro! Let’s have a proper talk! Don’t…" The large crane immediately cried out, and as it screamed, before Su Ming managed to catch the stone that was being sucked to his hand, that stone exploded and shattered on its own. A black ray of light flew out from within, and inside that light was a small black crane that was the size of a fist.

The small crane looked incredibly cute. It did not have a lot of feathers, only a few. At first glance, it did not look like a crane, but instead was more like a long-necked chick that had its feathers plucked out.

At that moment, the small crane looked like it was in a state of panic. It charged forth, as if it wanted to run away, but with a glint in his eyes, Su Ming’s Nascent Soul swiftly gave chase. The small crane let out a shrill cry, and it became much faster, charging straight towards the large crane in the sky.

At the same time, the large crane in the sky shuddered and its body instantly began fading away, eventually turning to a feather, and when the small crane wanted to seize it with its mouth…

Su Ming’s Nascent Soul opened his mouth wide and a ray of green light shot out. It was naturally the small virescent sword, and it was charging at a speed much faster than Su Ming’s to appear before the small crane.

The few feathers on the small crane’s body immediately stood up. It let out a shrill cry and no longer bothered about that black feather. With one turn, it ran off into the distance swiftly, and with just a few flashes, it disappeared without a trace.

Su Ming’s Nascent Soul grabbed the black feather, then fixed his gaze at the spot where the small crane disappeared, quickly giving chase.

"Damn it, I am the Sacred Beast of Celestial Dao. I could have killed a puny Nascent Soul Cultivator like you with just one breath. Now, the cranes have fallen, and the land of the Berserkers is being trampled by others. Y-Y-You… Just you wait!"

The small crane immediately shot forth and avoided that ray of green light that charged by its side. It shuddered in fear, and its pathetic look made it seem even more like it was a long-necked small chick that had lost its feathers… It became even faster.

Su Ming’s Nascent Soul was right behind and continued with his relentless pursuit. He had already naturally seen through the strangeness of the crane. It should be from the Immortal Tribe, and now that he ran into it, he would definitely not let it go so easily.

"You were the one who forced me. I’ll… I’ll fight you!"

When the chick saw Su Ming closing in, it found that the green rays were becoming more frequent, and coupled with the dejection it felt, along with its very important feather being snatched away, that small chick… The more the small crane thought about it, the more upset it became. At that moment, it turned around and madness blossomed in its eyes.

"Celestial Dao, Sacred Light!" it cried out in a shrill voice, opening its mouth wide to breathe out a puff of air at Su Ming. That puff of air was invisible, and the instant it was exhaled, a strong light shone out of nowhere.

The power of the world around them was absorbed towards them, causing the ray of light to shoot through hundreds of thousands of feet as if it was the sun. It did not rush towards Su Ming but exploded abruptly between the two of them!

There were no booms, only an almost violent gust of wind blowing past. There was a powerful propelling force contained in that wind, pushing Su Ming’s Nascent Soul back. At the same time, the small crane also let out a shrill cry of pain. It was pushed back, causing its speed as it escaped to increase exponentially, and in the blink of an eye, it disappeared.

"When did this damn Sacred Light of Celestial Dao become so weak?! I wasn’t boasting earlier, I could destroy a world with just one breath, but now, I can’t even kill a small Nascent Soul Cultivator… Just you wait!

"I’m a bird that holds onto my grudges! A lot! Immensely" As the small crane left, its voice also gradually became weaker. As for Su Ming, he was pushed back by that violent gust of wind, and his Nascent Soul was left several tens of thousands of feet away. He executed several warps and only then did he manage to avoid the impact of the force. Yet even so, his Nascent Soul had already become quite transparent because of it.

He stood in midair, not bothered by the transparent condition and weakness of his Nascent Soul. Instead, Su Ming stared in the direction the small crane had ran off to, then after some time, he let out a cold harrumph and turned around to leave.

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