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At the same time Su Ming went through the pain of the threads crawling into his heart, bumps appeared on various spots of his body.

These bumps were almost the exact same as the bumps that had previously exploded in the sky, causing him to no longer look like a human.

The pain made Su Ming’s laughter grow louder. His body shot into the air with one leap, and as the Dragon of Earthen Aura continuously shrank, he started forming seals with his hands. Once he entered the head of the dragon, he brought the Dragon of Earthen Aura with him while charging towards the sky belonging to the Immortals.

As the sixty-seven bumps exploded in the sky, the sixty-seven black cicada like insects with wings growing from their backs charged out!

As these strange insects screeched, they charged towards the Dragon of Earthen Aura. They all crashed into each other in the sky once again. Booming sounds echoed in the air once more. The Dragon of Earthen Aura had already completely flown off the ground and did not care about those insects crawling into its body, neither did Su Ming care about the intense pain in his body. With the Dragon of Earthen Aura, he charged towards the sky belonging to the Immortals.

"Di Tian, if you can bring down heavenly punishment, then I would rather destroy heaven itself and destroy my blood as an Immortal forever. I will no longer be an Immortal!"

As the red-haired Su Ming howled in fury, he crashed into that sky along with the Dragon of Earthen Aura. Booming sounds reverberated through the air. Ripples, waves, and cracks started appearing in the sky!

Yet similarly, that Dragon of Earthen Aura started shattering inch by inch. Once it rammed its entire body into the sky, it crumbled and started dissipating. Su Ming coughed out a huge mouthful of blood. There was not a spot on his body that did not hurt. His entire body was covered by a large amount of bugs, and the aura of death started coming off his body.

As for the sky belonging to the Immortals, it only suffered a ring of cracks, and those cracks were rapidly recovering right as he watched.

"Thine appearance was a mere incident. It is finished. Thy soul shalt disappear under the punishment of six upon seven days. All shalt return to its original state."

"Finished? Not just yet!"

Right after Di Tian said those words, the red-haired Su Ming called out with a strange voice. He spoke that despite having his entire body torn apart by the swarm of black insects, despite having the boils bursting apart on him, despite having the nine threads shredding his organs, and despite having a dense layer of aura of death emanating from his body.

"I remember now. I am not Su Ming… I am Hong Luo! I am the Progenitor Hong Luo!"

Su Ming’s eyes were originally closed, but at that moment, he opened them, and there was a brilliant light shining within them. Right at the instant before his soul disappeared, his originally faded memories suddenly cleared up as he was pushed towards his death.

He remembered his identity! He remembered his own name!

"I am the Progenitor Hong Luo, I am the son of the Emperor of Immortals. Aren’t I right, my beloved senior brother, Di Tian?!" Su Ming’s eyes sparkled, and his body trembled. Immediately, his divine sense shot out and pushed all those insects ten feet backwards, but they were not injured. Those insects rushed towards him once again.

"I remember now. You were wary in the past, that’s why you didn’t dare kill me but sealed me in Destiny’s body! I remember now! Destiny… Haha! Is this body Destiny’s body?

"I remember now. This is the land of the Berserkers. This is the home world of the first God of Berserkers… Once the first God of Berserkers passed away, you invaded this place with the others to execute the plan to kill the second God of Berserkers. When you came back, you brought with you a pair of babies. One of them was dead and the other alive. The one alive must be in whom my soul is residing at this moment!

"He must be the baby personally named by my father after he examined it himself!" The red-haired Su Ming spoke with an eerie voice.

Di Tian’s expression remained aloof. He did not speak but simply lifted his right hand to point at the red-haired Su Ming. Immediately, the boils on Su Ming’s body rotted away, and the insects around him swarmed towards him and crawled into those rotting spots. As they devoured in frenzy, the nine threads in Su Ming’s body also pierced through his heart!

The aura of death enveloped the red-haired Su Ming, and a strange smile suddenly appeared at the corners of his lips.

"My dear senior brother, could you perhaps have forgotten about this one Art I have with me..? This is also the reason you couldn’t kill me, right..? Because of the Origin ancient Art we have as members of the Immortals’ royal family!

"Enduring Ten Lives!"

The moment the smile appeared on the red-haired Su Ming’s lips, all his life force abruptly disappeared and he breathed his last. However, the instant he died, his disappeared life force immediately reappeared, and this time, his presence became much stronger.

Those black insects that had crawled into his body immediately fell back and exploded outside his body, turning into a large amount of black fog that tumbled backwards. His body started rapidly recovering. The rotting wounds caused by the boils instantly healed. Even the nine threads that had crawled into his body were once again forced under the layer of his skin, and they looked as if they were about to be forced out of his body as well.

"When I say you must die, then you must die, because… there can be no two rulers! " Di Tian’s expression still remained unchanged. He said those words unhurriedly, but the moment he spoke them, the recovery of the red-haired Su Ming’s life force came to an abrupt halt.

Not only was it forced to a stop, it also started showing signs of reversal. The recovered wounds appeared once again, and the nine threads that had been forced under the skin crawled into Su Ming’s body once again. The black insects that had shattered and dissolved into black fog around him appeared out of nowhere, and gathered together to turn into the sixty-seven tiny black insects once again. Then, as if time had went back, they charged towards Su Ming.

"This is the ancient Art that is only inherited by those possessing the blood of the royal family of the Immortals. You actually mastered it..? Looks like my father’s fate was grim…" The red-haired Su Ming’s face was pale as he spoke bitterly.

"You should not have awakened. It is still long before the seal is to be released. Now, I have restored order, and everything has returned to normal." Di Tian spoke calmly and lifted his right hand, swinging it at the red-haired Su Ming.

Immediately, a gust of wind from emptiness itself appeared before the red-haired Su Ming. The instant it touched his body, he was surrounded by the aura of death. A large part of his body started decaying. The black insects tore at his flesh, and his organs had already been pierced through by those threads. There was only a hint of his life left, and that hint was also rapidly fading.

As the wind from Di Tian’s swing landed on Su Ming’s body, a gust of red air immediately spread from Su Ming’s eyes, ears, nose, and mouth that turned into an illusory figure behind him. The appearance of that figure was different from Su Ming’s. He had a handsome face that gave off a strangely enchanting feeling. That… was the real Hong Luo!

At that moment, his illusionary body was rapidly fading away. As his soul was forced out of Su Ming’s body, those insects in Su Ming’s body crawled out simultaneously to charge at the soul. The nine threads also flew out and seeped into Hong Luo’s disappearing soul. At the same time, the sixty-seven boils manifested on Hong Luo’s illusory figure, and they were rapidly bursting apart.

"Am I about to die..? Is this how it feels to die..? But I don’t regret it!" A dazed look appeared the illusory figure of Hong Luo’s soul before he started laughing loudly.

As the soul was separated from Su Ming’s body, the wind that was blowing against him surged inside in an overbearing manner, causing the injuries suffered by his organs to instantly recover. The rot on his body also disappeared immediately, causing him to return to the exact same manner before he was injured. The power within his body also started clearing away all of Hong Luo’s power, the power which had made him become powerful so swiftly.

All of this was happening just as Di Tian had said. He wanted to restore order. He wanted to return everything back to the state before this accident happened, forcing everything to act according to his will. He would not allow anymore accidents to happen!

Yet right at the instant Di Tian’s power started restoring things to thier original state in Su Ming’s body, Hong Luo, in his daze as he continued disappearing, seemed to have seen something, and a blank look immediately appeared on his face. A glint suddenly shone in his eyes, and he immediately turned his eyes to look towards Su Ming, who had his eyes tightly shut.

"Destiny… Destiny… I understand now, Di Tian, I understand now! So this is your plan! If that’s the case, before I die, I will help him!" Hong Luo suddenly laughed loudly. A strange light appeared in his eyes, and the instant his body disappeared, the illusory figure of his soul suddenly erupted in flames.

"The ancient legacy of the blood kin of Immortals - Path to Life!"

As Hong Luo laughed, the illusory figure of his soul continued burning. At that moment, only his head was left, and two rays of dark light shone in his eyes before they flew out and landed on Su Ming’s body.

All of this happened too quickly, and for the first time, Di Tian’s expression changed. He lifted his right hand and pointed forward. The instant those two rays of dark light closed in on Su Ming, they immediately shattered into dark sparks before scattering away.

Yet at that moment, those scattered dark sparks gathered up together once again, and with a speed Di Tian could not stop, they shot into the center of Su Ming’s brows.

Instantly, the energy of the dark sparks erupted in Su Ming’s body with a bang, crashing against Di Tian’s force that was clearing up the power within him. Those two waves of force clashed against each other in his body, causing blood to trickle out of the unconscious Su Ming’s mouth and his body to pummel down the ground. Right then, even Di Tian did not notice that under the guidance of the dark light left behind by Hong Luo, Su Ming was plummeting towards the mountain in the land of the Shamans underneath, right at the octagonal altar at its top, and straight towards the stone coffin at the center of the altar.

At that moment, even as the illusionary figure of Hong Luo’s soul burned and gradually disappeared midair, his laughter and his voice continued echoing endlessly in the world.

"I have practiced Daoism for thirty thousand years… Now I shall turn back and become a mortal, I will not be an Immortal!" Hong Luo’s ancient voice gradually faded away, but his words echoed in Di Tian’s ears, and they also echoed… in Su Ming’s soul!

Su Ming’s body landed on the coffin at the center of the octagonal peak of the tower with a crash. Blood flowed out of the corners of his mouth and fell on the coffin.

With an expressionless face, Di Tian turned around and walked towards the peak of the mountain on the ground, or more precisely, towards Su Ming lying at the cover of the coffin at the center of the octagonal altar.

His Emperor’s robe had already become dull. Even his crown had lost its golden glow. A large amount of wrinkles had appeared on his face. At that moment, he no longer looked as if he was a middle-aged man. Clearly, the fight against Hong Luo was not as easy as he had made it seem.

"All is over."

Di Tian landed on the octagonal altar, but the instant he got closer to Su Ming, for the first time, his expression drastically changed!

Because he saw a pair of eyes!

Su Ming had opened his eyes!

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