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The old man’s speech was a little weird. When Su Ming heard it, he frowned.

"Speak properly!"

"Huh? What? This mountain is yours!" The old man was momentarily stunned, then quickly slowed down his speech and repeated his words.

"Who are you?" The four heads of the gigantic creature in the sky cast the old man beneath a glance at the same time as they asked with a booming voice.

"Sir Soul Catcher, this old man’s the Patriarch of White Bull Tribe, name’s Bai Ge. This all’s a misunderstanding, just a misunderstanding. I didn’t come here for the mountain. I just heard from my tribesmen that you came here so I was a little excited and fired up. That’s why I brought my tribesmen here to greet you.

"Um, I even prepared a gift for you. Please accept it. We still have something to do in our tribe, please excuse us." The monkey-faced old man quickly fumbled about in his bosom and brought out a Shaman Crystal that was even smaller than his fingernail. His heart clenched in pain at the thought of parting with it, but he had to give it up. He placed the crystal on the ground respectfully.

Any of the Shaman Crystals Su Ming could bring out were easily bigger than that small Shaman Crystal, but that old man’s respectful but also pained expression as he looked at the crystal made it seem as if it was as big as a fist.

"Since you’re here, you don’t have to leave in a hurry. I’m currently training here and it is inconvenient for me to receive you. Just wait here for a while."

Su Ming frowned. Once he finished speaking, he no longer paid any attention to that man. The old Shaman had extraordinary power. Even if he had yet to attain great completion as a Medial Shaman, but he had already arrived at the peak.

However, Su Ming was not bothered by it. With the Fire Ape and the strange snake protecting him, the old man would not be able to do anything against him. Besides, Su Ming also wanted to use the chance while he refined Han Mountain Bell once again to shock this person.

This was something he thought of when he saw the old man’s fear just now.

The monkey-faced old man groaned in his heart when he heard it. He might not be able to tell Su Ming’s level of cultivation, but the gigantic ferocious beast in the sky was already enough to shock him and make the old man feel respect towards him.

He was certain that this gigantic ferocious beast was a sacred beast. He might not have ever heard about it, but it was clear that the person in the mountain was practicing an incredibly powerful Spell, which was why he could call out something like the projection of that sacred beast to descend in this place.

‘Just where did this person come from? Only four of this sacred beast’s heads have awakened, and it’s already enough to make me scared. If all the heads wake up…’ Bai Ge licked his lips and regretted his decision to come forward. He began to hate that tribesman who told him the enemy in this place had left.

At that moment, Su Ming was sitting in his cave abode with his legs crossed and his eyes shut. His hands were rapidly forming various hand seals before him. All of them were filled with a strange power he had vaguely sensed when he was refining Han Mountain Bell in the past.

As he changed those hand seals, the power of the world in the cave started surging towards him in large amounts to gather on his hands. It was as if those hand seals could allow him to move around the power of the world as he pleased.

Su Ming felt his spirits lift, and his speed grew even faster. Eventually, his hands turned into a blur, and there were numerous afterimages left behind.

The four heads of the nine-headed beast above his cave abode let out a roar towards the sky, causing the weather to change and an endless amount of ripples to spread out.

At that moment, suddenly, one of the slumbering heads shuddered, as if it was about to wake up from the roars of the four heads.

In the cave abode, Su Ming’s speed as he made those seals became faster. Sweat beaded on his forehead. His divine sense had completely surged out, as he continued making those hand seals to fuse with the power of the world, then all of them were pumped into Han Mountain Bell. However, no matter how much of that strange power he sent into Han Mountain Bell, it still felt like throwing a stone in an ocean. There was absolutely no reaction.

Suddenly, he felt a faint hint of a reaction. It was as if there was a barrier in Han Mountain Bell. And if he did not break it, then it would be difficult for him to perform a more in depth refinement. The moment Su Ming sensed the barrier’s presence, he fired up all his divine sense, then fused it all with the power of the world to continuously crash into it.

"Open up! Come on, open up!" Su Ming mumbled with his eyes closed, and more sweat poured down his forehead.

As Su Ming’s spoke, the roars of the four awakened Aquatic Dragon heads grew stronger. They moved about and continued roaring. The waves of sound that were formed shook the world, causing the old man’s ears to ring.

His face was pale. He looked at the four Aquatic Dragons in the sky and had the feeling that he was a mere ant.

As the roars reverberated through the sky, the head that was lying at the side started trembling even more furiously. Signs of struggle could be seen on its tightly shut eyes, as if it was about to wake up!

With Su Ming’s divine sense continuing to crash against the barrier, the fifth head that had been asleep for an unknown amount of years looked as if it was about to wake up at any moment. The feeling Su Ming had became stronger. He could tell that once that invisible barrier was broken down, then the fifth head would open its eyes.

Taking over the first head meant that he obtained the basic level of control over Han Mountain Bell.

Taking over the second head allowed him to obtain the power to stun souls with Han Mountain Bell’s chimes.

Taking over the third head made him feel the strength of the bell’s defenses. He obtained the power to fuse that bell into his body so that he could defend himself.

When he took over the fourth head, he had sensed some hand seals in his head, allowing him to control the bell easily to seal things.

While Su Ming might not know what sort of ability he would gain once the fifth head woke up and he took it over, he looked forward to it.

That sort of anticipation became stronger as time passed by. However, the barrier Su Ming could sense within Han Mountain Bell still remained unbroken, even under the continuous barrage.

It was as if there was always a little bit of something lacking!

The roars in the sky were going for almost an hour. The ground, too, trembled under those incessant roars, and there were even stones breaking off from the mountain range and falling to the ground.

Su Ming gradually started trembling, and his divine sense was also starting to wither a little. The Fire Ape was looking rather anxious by his side. With its intelligence, it had grown to feel respect towards the ferocious beast in the sky.

However, to that rod snake, this sort of respect did not exist. There was only a strong sense of brutality within it that made it stare at the gigantic beast in the sky with uncertainty and a murderous aura through the small holes above it.

It was as if it had run into its mortal enemy. Buzzing sounds rose from the rod snake’s body and its scales started standing up. If that creature did not have Su Ming’s scent, which he was familiar with, then it would have rushed out right the moment it appeared and fought against it until one of them died.

The medicinal cauldron was still as usual in the cave abode. There was not a hint of change in it. However, the old Berserker in the other stone chamber started trembling violently. His face was pale and most of his blood had already flowed out of his body. What remained of it was absorbed madly by the herbs on him. His soul was also being absorbed by the three Spirit Plunders, as if it was being sealed off.

He, who was originally weakened to be begin, started to hear booming sounds going off in his head as he continued listening to the continuous barrage of roars, and he started struggling to fight back against it.

He was not the only one acting that way. The six members of White Bull Tribe who were standing beyond the mountain range had all fallen to the ground, trembling. Their faces were pale and bloodless. Four among them had become unconscious, and while there were still two who were awake, they had dazed looks on their faces, and they did not last that much longer either. Soon, they, too, fell to the ground unconscious.

As for the monkey-faced old man, he was sitting cross-legged on the ground while circulating his power. He wanted to fight back, but once he coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood, he found, to his shock, that the voice was growing stronger, and had already reached a level that was difficult for him to resist.

He was very close to the mountain range, unlike his six tribesmen who had run far away since a long time ago. A life threatening sense of danger blossomed in his heart, and in his terror, he immediately drank a mouthful of fresh water from the stone bowl in his hand. A large amount of white fog spread from his body, allowing him to resist it.

‘It still won’t open!’

Su Ming’s hair was a mess, and as he continued forming those hand seals, he lifted his right hand and slammed it on his chest. Immediately, a large amount of spirit stones flew out and scattered around him in the cave abode, over the dust of many of their predecessors.

As these spirit stones appeared, Su Ming’s divine sense was replenished. It circulated in his body like liquid in that opened path in his body, making him let out a low roar.

"Open your eyes, fifth head!"

As Su Ming roared, he pushed both of his hands forward. With that one push, all the spirit stones around him exploded once again. His divine sense guided a large amount of power from the world to charge into Han Mountain Bell and straight onto that wall, crashing into it madly.

At the same time, the roars from the four Aquatic Dragons in the sky became stronger. They were not sending their roars all over the place either. All of them went to the struggling and trembling fifth head and started roaring at it fiercely.

Su Ming only felt a shocking boom go off in his head, and his divine sense crashed through that barrier in Han Mountain Bell like a flood. Once it did so, his divine sense surged in, and it was also at that moment that the fifth head opened its eyes. There was a merciless look within them, but Su Ming’s shadow was rapidly gathering in the pupils.

Right when Su Ming’s shadow was completely formed in the eyes of the fifth head, it lifted its head and let out a roar, mixing its voice with the roars from the other four heads, creating a shocking boom that reverberated in the sky.

"Nine, Headed, Dragon, Southern, Emperor, Absolute, Genocide!" When the five heads roared, a voice speaking could be faintly heard.

The monkey-faced old Shaman could no longer withstand the pressure. He coughed out a mouthful of blood and fell to the side unconscious.

The moment these five heads roared, a large amount of information pertaining to the legacy of Han Mountain Bell appeared in Su Ming’s head. Within that chaotic mess, he learned of the ability Han Mountain Bell gained after the fifth head opened its eyes.

It was the power to temporarily allow the Vessel Spirit residing in the bell to gain form!

Su Ming’s breathing quickened and excitement brightened his eyes. He brought out a large amount of spirit stones once again and lifted his head to stare at the gigantic ferocious beast in the sky. Resolution appeared on his face.

"I might as well do it in one go! I’ll let the sixth head awaken as well!"

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