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As the giants formed from the flesh and blood of the ferocious beasts charged towards Tian Xie Zi, he was also closing in on them with a savage look on his face. They crashed into each other with a bang, and those giants shattered, but Tian Xie Zi merely continued onward while laughing madly.

All the Shamans that stood in the area he passed by would find a bloody hole appearing on their chests, and there was emptiness inside the hole. Their hearts were gone.

Their hearts were dug out by Tian Xie Zi. Once he crushed them, the blood from their hearts fused into the air and appeared inside his sea of blood.

When he saw this sight, Su Ming sucked in a sharp breath. He looked towards the sea of blood behind Tian Xie Zi. That sea of blood…

"Could it have been created due to Master’s slaughter..?" he mumbled.

The dozen Shamans who had swelled up, treating their physical bodies as their strongest weapon, with totems tattooed on their faces, hurled their fists forward with a force that made the air distort. Right at the moment these people attacked Tian Xie Zi together, he waved his arm and the purple long robe on his body instantly grew bigger. In the blink of an eye, the purple robe covered the entire area, including the dozen Shamans.

This scene only lasted for an instant. When Tian Xie Zi’s purple robe reverted to its original size, bloody holes appeared on the chests of those men, and their hearts were all gone.

"The Spirit Medium of the Shamans, the Spirit Medium who only pities the dead but is cold towards the living… I killed one of you before, and I love fighting against people like you the most. Today, let me slaughter to my heart’s content!"

When Tian Xie Zi let out an eerie bark of laughter, the sea of blood behind him turned into a giant mouth and opened it wide to swallow the Shamans.

The moment it swallowed the Shamans, many of these Shamans trembled, and as they did so, a fist appeared on their chests and started squirming there. Pain appeared on their faces and their chests exploded. Their hearts flew out of their chests and were crushed, then the blood from their hearts spilled out and was absorbed into the mouth formed from the sea of blood.

At that moment, a soft, cold snort appeared under the sky in the land belonging to the Shamans. Su Ming immediately turned his gaze over and saw an old man in a black and white long robe walking on the land. He had no idea when he had appeared.

The old man’s hair was flecked in white, but his face was covered in a variety of colors and filled with tattoos. Su Ming looked at it and found himself unable to differentiate the totems on his face.

The man stood there and did not even look at Su Ming. His gaze was focused on Tian Xie Zi and he lifted his right hand to seize the sky.

The moment he did so, the entire sky turned murky, as if the sky had just turned into mud. An oppressive feeling gathered on Su Ming and made his breathing instantly quicken.

At the same time, Su Ming saw shadows appearing in the now turned murky sky. Those shadows all had pious expressions on their faces, and from their faces, Su Ming could tell that they were all the Shamans whom Tian Xie Zi had just killed by ripping out their hearts.

These hundreds of souls covered the murky sky, and as the Spirit Medium seized the air, they charged towards his right hand like rolling smoke. In an instant, as they gathered on the Spirit Medium’s right hand, a transparent drop of water appeared!

That drop of water was crystal clear, yet the moment it appeared, a shocking chill spread in all directions.

Tian Xie Zi laughed coldly and turned around, stopping in his slaughter. The Shamans who were fortunate enough to not have died in this massacre quickly retreated and began surrounding the area until they sealed it up. Su Ming was also sealed within the area.

"I’ve waited for you here for 15 years."

The Spirit Medium spoke with a hoarse voice. He grabbed the transparent drop of water floating before him and swallowed it. Once he did so, his body started trembling viciously and pain appeared on his face.

"All you who died in sorrow… I, the Spirit Medium, have felt your resentment and sorrow. I am willing to use my body to shoulder your hate and anger. You died in this person’s hands, now that you have died, come to my body…"

The moment the old man finished speaking, he started trembling even more viciously. As he started closing his eyes slowly, respect and fear appeared on the Shamans who surrounded Su Ming and Tian Xie Zi.

"Interesting, a Spirit Medium who can fuse souls actually came here…"

Tian Xie Zi licked his lips and ruthlessness appeared in his eyes.

Su Ming stood where he belonged. This slaughter had nothing to do with him, he did not need to take any action. With Tian Xie Zi over there, no one would pay attention to him.

After all, compared to Tian Xie Zi, Su Ming was so weak he would not attract any attention to himself.

At that moment, the Spirit Medium opened his eyes. His irises were grey, and at the very instant he opened his eyes, a roar that sounded like an innumerable amount of howls overlapping each other spilled out of his mouth.

"Give me back my heart!"

As he roared, countless bumps immediately rose up on the old man’s body. These bumps were all faces. These faces were howling and screeching on his skin, causing the old man to become a terrifying sight to behold.

He stomped on the ground, and as it trembled, he flew up and charged towards Tian Xie Zi. At the moment he got closer to Tian Xie Zi. The old man lifted his arms, then pointed towards the sky with one arm while the other pointed towards the ground. He lifted his head to the sky and roared once again.

"Give me back my heart!"

The weather changed. At the edge of the murky sky, a gigantic hand of bone appeared out of thin air. It charged towards Tian Xie Zi with an air of decay.

At the same time, another bone hand broke out of the earth, and the ground trembled. It too charged towards Tian Xie Zi along with the bone hand from the sky.

The ruthless glare in Tian Xie Zi’s eyes shone, and as the sea of blood behind him enveloped his body, the stone statue that had its arms folded around its chest within the sea of blood spread out its arms in a fashion that seemed slow but managed to clash into the two bone hands that were charging from the sky and earth with one palm facing upward and the other downward.

A deafening roar instantly shook the entire world. The bone hand from the sky crumbled and shattered into millions of pieces that disappeared into the air.

The bone hand from the ground also shuddered as if it could not withstand the palm strike from the stone statue. It shattered and fell like droplets of rain that scattered onto the ground.

With a glint in his eyes, the Spirit Medium spread out his arms at the same moment the bone hands shattered and let out a piercing howl towards the sky.

As he roared and his body trembled, the faces of the ghosts on his skin roared with him, and they charged out of the old man’s body.

As those ghosts charged out, the old man shuddered and his physical body rapidly withered away. In the span of a few breaths, he turned into mere skin and bones and fell face down to the ground. The final soul within his body also charged out at that moment.

The sky was filled with the roars of these ghosts as they stormed towards Tian Xie Zi.

Tian Xie Zi let out a cold snort and was about to counter when two soft sighs came faintly from the sky in the distance.

The sighs were very gentle as if they held no rage within them and were so tender that they sounded like a lover blowing a puff of air on your cheek and into your ear.

When it sounded, Su Ming turned his gaze in its direction and saw two men walking forth from the sky in the distance.

Those were two men who were so beautiful that women would sigh because they could not compare to their beauty. They wore long white robes, and all men and women who looked at them would be attracted by their beautiful looks.

Even more shocking was that the two of them came together with breathtaking smiles on their lips while holding hands, and they were walking forward with an air of intimacy as if they were lovers.

"Split Dawn!" For the first time, besides ruthlessness and excitement, seriousness appeared in Tian Xie Zi’s eyes. "Even the rarely seen Split Dawn appeared here. Interesting… Choosing a pair of Split Dawns is not an easy thing…"

The two beautiful men in white came forth with their hands still held together as if they were lovers. They looked at Tian Xie Zi with eyes that shone with a beauty that did not seem to belong to this world.

One of them spoke up softly, "I suppose there is a person without a heart around you, one that is formed by the spirits of those who were wronged."

As his words traveled forth, the many ghosts charging towards Tian Xie Zi suddenly spread out when they were about to close in. Then with Tian Xie Zi serving as its chest, they turned into a gigantic figure.

That figure was created entirely from the ghosts. They howled continuously, their voices echoing through the sky.

"I suppose you can no longer move, no longer can cast any Arts. You have become this person’s heart, and then… you will shatter…" The other beautiful man smiled and spoke softly.

Su Ming widened his eyes and his pupils shrank once again. It could be said that this was the first time he encountered Shamans. Here, he encountered the Spirit Medium who pitied the dead, but was cold towards the living.

Right now, he saw the Split Dawn, who seemed to be in control of an unimaginable power! He even saw his Master, Tian Xie Zi, coming to a complete halt at that instant, just like what the Split Dawn said. The sea of blood around him started disappearing.

A murderous look flashed through Su Ming’s eyes and bell chimes reverberated within his body. The white scale appeared in his hands, and the green mark of the sword glowed at the center of his brows. His Berserker Mark appeared faintly on his body.

Because not only did he see his Master’s body freeze, he also saw the figure formed by the ghosts that had surrounded Tian Xie Zi gain the form of a person, and his Master stood at the location where its heart should be. By the looks of it, it seemed like it wanted to bury Tian Xie Zi within it.

However, Su Ming also had his doubts. From what he understood about his Master, if Tian Xie Zi dared to make such a blatant show of his arrival, then he would definitely not act recklessly, but Su Ming just could not figure out what else his Master could do.

Su Ming was just about to take action during this crisis when a sound rang out. That sound made the expressions of the two beautiful Split Dawns drastically change, it made the old Spirit Medium who was lying on the ground in only skin and bones let out a cry of surprise, and made the Shamans who had surrounded Su Ming and Tian Xie Zi sink into disbelief. That sound came from Tian Xie Zi.

"My Shaman Beast… I summon you with my voice…"

As Tian Xie Zi’s voice echoed in the air, a low growl that shook the sky came from the land in the distance. A huge gust of wind swept through the land, and in the land far away… a gigantic golden roc appeared… By the looks of it, its size was about 10,000 feet!

"This… This is our sacred beast, the Golden Roc! You… Who are you?! Why do you know the sacred Skill of the Shamans?!" The old Spirit Medium lying on the ground let slip a cry of surprise with an expression filled with horrified surprise.

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