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On his way back to the ninth summit, Su Ming stopped twice.

The first time he stopped because he saw Han Fei Zi. This was the first time he met this woman ever since she entered Freezing Sky Clan. They met each other’s gazes for a brief time in midair when they ran into each other.

Han Fei Zi was not alone. There was a man and woman following behind her. Su Ming was familiar with them. They were Chen Yu Bing and Xu Ru Yue. Right now, they were moving several steps behind Han Fei Zi. Judging by their respectful looks, it was clear that they had become her followers.

Han Fei Zi still looked as cold as ever. Her cold demeanor may seem alluring, but the cold attitude coming from within her spirit itself was not something that everyone could accept.

She wore a green dress and her hair fell around her shoulders. Her expression was indifferent, and nothing much changed within her when she saw Su Ming.

"Greetings, uncle master Su."

"Greetings, uncle master Su."

Behind Han Fei Zi, Chen Yu Bing and Xu Ru Yue’s expressions immediately became complicated when they saw Su Ming. Yet it quickly turned into respect. They were clearly aware of the difference between themselves and Su Ming, and were shocked by how quickly Su Ming had risen up the ranks of Freezing Sky Clan during the past six months since he joined the school.

It could be said that Su Ming’s battle against Si Ma Xin made his name sweep through the Great Frozen Plains like a typhoon. While his name might not have run through the entire land like thunder, it was close enough.

He nodded towards Chen Yu Bing and Xu Ru Yue before casting Han Fei Zi a glance. When he saw that the woman did not seem like she was in the mood to talk, he left.

Yet at the very moment Su Ming moved, Han Fei Zi’s cold voice appeared languidly. When her words fell into his ears, he had the feeling that his entire body was covered in ice. Her voice held no hint of emotion, and it was so cold that perhaps it could even make a sweltering hot day cool down in an instant.

The tone of her voice was enough to tell just how cold the woman’s heart, body, and spirit were.

"Am I like a scorpion that you would avoid me as such?"

Su Ming turned back and cast a profound gaze towards Ha Fei Zi. Not only did the woman’s power increase, her presence had also become drastically different from when she was still in Han Mountain City.

"Senior brother Chen, senior sister Xu."

Han Fei Zi did not bother about Su Ming’s gaze but instead turned to look at the two people of the same discipleship and the same summit following behind her. Chen Yu Bing and Xu Ru Yue lowered their heads. It was clear that they had not just become Han Fei Zi’s followers since they clearly knew the meaning behind Han Fei Zi’s words, even though she had not even finished her sentence. They quickly moved back until they were 1,000 feet away before they stopped and waited at the spot.

"We are acquaintances, there’s no need for you to speak like this," Su Ming said calmly as he looked at Han Fei Zi.

His initial meeting with this woman was when he entered the inn the first time he went to Han Mountain City and had just initially arrived in the Land of South Morning. At that time, she had seemed like she was shrouded by fog and Su Ming could only look at her silence. Her power and status were not things that he could compare himself to at that time.

Even their subsequent meetings had been as such, including the first time they battled against each other. Su Ming had been extremely careful at that time.

"When I went to the fourth summit and met my Master, I isolated myself. Sometimes, I would come out, but I never left the mountain…" Han Fei Zi turned her head around and looked at the mountain ranges in the distance as she spoke coldly.

Her voice may have been cold, but her words spoke of an intention to try and explain oneself.

Su Ming was silent and did not speak.

"I saw your battle against Si Ma Xin." Han Fei Zi’s gaze fell upon Su Ming’s body. "After that, I went into isolation once again so that the distance between us would not widen!"

Su Ming still remained silent.

Han Fei Zi’s words faltered and she no longer spoke. The two of them remained silent for a while longer before Su Ming turned around and walked into the distance.

Han Fei Zi looked at Su Ming’s back and when she spoke once again, her voice still did not contain any hint of emotion, it was still cold and indifferent. "Do you remember the matter we discussed when we were in Han Mountain’s hidden grounds?"

"I remember." Su Ming did not turn back as he answered calmly.

"Starting from tomorrow, I will continue training in the skills my Master gave me in isolation. I will come out of isolation before the start of Sky Mist Shaman Hunt… During it, I would like you to come with me to a place."

Su Ming mulled over it for a moment and did not refuse her.


"You will be interested in the place. That place is related to the other worlds…"

Han Fei Zi spoke softly, and as she spoke, her gaze was trained on Su Ming’s retreating back, but she could not see a hint of change in that back. He was still walking away calmly and gradually disappeared from her sight.

On his way back to the ninth summit, Su Ming stopped for the second time was small distance away from the ninth summit. Just as he was about to enter the mountain, his footsteps faltered.

"Just how long are you going to follow me?"

"This place doesn’t belong to the ninth summit alone! What right do you have to say that I’m following you?!" a girl’s voice came from behind Su Ming.

That voice was unlike Fang Cang Lan’s gentleness, not alike to Tian Lan Meng’s gracefulness, and neither was it like Han Fei Zi’s coldness, but there was a melodious lilt and provocative tone within that voice that the other three lacked.

Su Ming frowned, turned around, and saw a girl in purple standing a few hundred feet away from him. That girl was incredibly beautiful and filled with a wild and untamed air, especially her eyes, which were trained on Su Ming at the moment. There was wariness and scorn within her eyes.

This person had a petite face that always appeared in Su Ming’s memories. She also had a face that caused him to act on an impulse he did not want to suppress several months ago.

This person… was Bai Su.

Su Ming looked at her and at the face that had appeared multiple times in his memories. At this moment, he did not want to see her.

Su Ming turned around and moved his sight away from the girl. After pausing for a brief moment, he landed on the ninth summit. When he started walking on the mountain stairs, he could not help but frown once again.

He did not stop anymore though and charged back towards his cave abode instead. Zi Che was outside his cave abode. When he saw Su Ming closing in, he quickly stood up and bowed towards him respectfully. He was about to speak when his expression suddenly changed and he turned his gaze towards the direction behind Su Ming. Over there, he gradually saw a hint of purple appearing.

At the very instant he saw that dash of purple, a stunned expression appeared on his face.

Su Ming was frowning when he walked past Zi Che. Before he walked into his cave abode, he turned his head around and looked towards Bai Su coming towards them from afar.

Her purple robes, stubbornness, and the provocative look within her eyes made her wild beauty become even more distinct.

"This is the ninth summit," Su Ming stated calmly.

"I know," Bai Su lifted her chin and answered.

"Chase her out!"

A chilling look appeared in Su Ming’s eyes. As he sent his command to Zi Che, he turned around and walked into his cave.

"You don’t dare to see me because there’s a girl in your memories that look exactly the same as me! If you don’t dare to see me, then there will forever be an area in your heart that will hurt. If you don’t get rid of that pain, then you will never be able to keep your mind calm. Even if you pretend to be, that is still fake!" Bai Su suddenly shouted out.

The moment her words left her mouth, Su Ming, who had already walked into his cave, sat down within and closed his eyes, as if he did not hear anything.

"Junior sister Bai, please don’t make this hard for me."

Zi Che took a step forward and blocked Bai Su, who wanted to trespass into Su Ming’s cave. He spoke with a cold and indifferent tone.

"You still don’t dare to see me! I’m the seed planted in your heart, and even if you don’t want to see me, I’ll still be there! You won’t even attack me, why else would you ask someone else to chase me out of the mountain?!

"You can do it yourself! Your power is enough for you to fight against big brother Si Ma! I’ve only just Awakened, with your power, you can chase me away with just a wave of your hand! Why can’t you do it?!" Bai Su shouted loudly and her gaze fell on Su Ming’s cave abode located nearby. She did not even look at Zi Che standing by her side.

"And even if you chase me out of the ninth summit, so what?! I’ll still come again, I’ll come every day!"

Zi Che frowned. He moved the Qi within him slightly and a wave of force was instantly formed. It pushed against Bai Su and forced her to move back. When he saw the stubbornness on Bai Su’s face, as if she was going to continue pestering them, he waved his hand and a large gust of wind lifted Bai Su’s body instantly, sending her straight out of the ninth summit.

Su Ming closed his eyes in the cave abode, as if he hadn’t heard anything that had happened outside. However, for some reason, a hint of anxiety appeared within his heart.

After a long while, he opened his eyes and looked at the blue sky outside his cave.

"So, Si Ma Xin, will you be using her to engage in another battle with me..?" Su Ming mumbled.

Accurately speaking, he had already fought against Si Ma Xin three times. The first time was in Han Mountain City. Si Ma Xin then took over Fang Mu’s body with his spirit and fought against Su Ming. He won, but also lost at the same time.

It could be said that the battle ended with a draw.

The second battle was within Freezing Sky Clan, and it was the fight that shocked the sky and earth. It might have seemed like they tied in the end, but in truth, Su Ming had lost, though at the same time, he had also won.

This battle could also be said to have ended with a draw.

The third battle was the one where they used the rod snake’s life as the hook, and the two of them had engaged in a battle of wits that while had neither changed the weather nor shook the earth was still incredibly dangerous.

This battle did not end in a draw. Su Ming had won hands down!

Right now, Bai Su’s arrival made Su Ming understand that this girl was the stage for the fourth battle between Si Ma Xin and himself. If the prodigious Si Ma Xin made this hand, then it was clear that he had already made thorough preparations for this.

‘Great Art of Heartless Berserker Seed… This Art is incredibly mysterious. By linking all your actions together, your goal has been revealed to me clearly like an open book…

‘You want to plant a Berserker Seed within me…’

Su Ming looked at the sky beyond his cave and his eyes sparkled.

‘If I don’t fight, then I will lose… unless I can forget her… If I fight, then I will fall into your plans and will find myself unable to escape…’

Su Ming closed his eyes. He lifted his right hand and started drawing slowly on the drawing board before him.

Gradually, a picture that only he could see clearly appeared. When Su Ming’s final stroke was made and he opened his eyes, he saw that he had drawn out the faint figure of a person on the drawing board.

That person had his head lowered and was looking at the grass underneath his feet, but when he lifted his right foot, grass entangled that appendage of his…

That grass was very fragile and would shatter the moment he continued lifting his foot, but that person simply lowered his head and looked at it for a long, long time.

As Su Ming looked at the picture in his cave, Tian Xie Zi opened his eyes in his cave at the top of the mountain and looked in the direction of Su Ming.

"You’re… about to experience your first change of heart…"

Worry appeared on Tian Xie Zi’s face.

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