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"Manman, it's all my fault. Please give me another chance! My dear Manman, you know me better than anybody else. You're the only one; always have, always will be.

There's nothing between me and her. I only broke up with you because I was so mad the other day. Please forgive me! I mean it!"

In a small shop near Jiang Zhou University, a young man with a fair complexion was holding a bunch of roses while pestering a girl non-stop. Wang Manman was her name. She was not very tall, but had excellent proportions with a plump figure, smooth skin and amply endowed body.

It was common sense for those with sufficient "experience" that girls with figure like hers were ideal to go to bed with. One could almost compare it to eating juicy beef balls. [1]

However, right now, her face had gone scarlet with anger. Glowering, she said, "Yang Guang, how can you have the brass to say such things? Weren't you the one brandishing that woman in front of me? Weren't you the one who broke up with me? Now that you are dumped, I become your girlfriend again?"

"Manman, I wasn't thinking straight back there. You know me, I just like to fool around, but you're always the special one for me."

Having no sense of shame whatsoever, the fellow giggled and tittered, still trying to plaster himself onto her. Wang Manman did not want to make a scene in the public. She was about to leave when he blocked her way.

"Move away!"

"No, I won't!"


"Manman, I'm truly sorry!"

The fellow totally ignored his dignity and got down on one knee. Holding up the roses, he said, "I won't get up unless you forgive me!"


The girl had always been meek and gentle, knowing little of throwing out tough words. While she was shaking with rage, a few onlookers in the shop were kicking up a fuss just for fun.

"Give him a chance. He's kneeling on the floor."

"Yeah, admitting the mistake is the ultimate virtue. Now go get a room!"

Pursing his lips, Yang Guang was secretly glowing. He knew his former girlfriend too well and had chosen this way to take advantage of the weakness in her personality. He was about to force her back into his arms when the vroom of car engine came from outside.


The shop door was slammed open and Jiang Xiaojin stormed in, greeting Yang Guang with a nice combo of kicking and slapping.

"Screw you! Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you harass my Manman!"

"Hey! Oh, f**k!"

Taken by surprise, Yang Guang slumped to the floor.

Xiaojin's punishment did not stop there. She kicked and kicked, her long and hard heels making Yang Guang wish he had never come here in the first place.

The bunch of roses were rags and tatters by now. Heaving himself up and scrambling away, he dashed out of the shop and pointed at Xiaojin, "So you think you're so tough, huh? Let's wait and see!"

"Wait my ass! F**k off!" Picking up a chair, she was about to smash its down at him.

The fellow dared not stay any longer and stumbled away.

The others were petrified. What a perfect specimen of "female warriors" of the northeast. They feared nothing on earth and were not shy about their shiny armor. Wang Manman herself was watching the commotion open-mouthed and only found her voice back after a long time. "Jin Jin, you're awesome!"

"It's not that I'm awesome, you're just too weak. If only girls could get tougher, the Earth right now wouldn't have even half as many shameless bastards."

Kicking the roses aside, she prompted, "Hold your praise. We should leave now. I won't be surprised if that son of a bi*ch came back with his buddies."

With that, the two girls got on the car, heading towards the place Xiaojin rented to stay away from all the fuss. However, they were only a block out when they realized they were followed.

"That was fast!"

Glancing at her rearview mirror, Xiaojin pressed the accelerator, trying to get rid of the car behind them. The other driver appeared to be an old hand as well and trod upon their heels. The pursuit went on for another two blocks when they reached a quiet street. Another vehicle suddenly appeared from the front, screeching to a halt as it blocked their way.

She was forced to stop her car in the middle of the road.

Five to six people came out of the two cars, Yang Guang among them. By sheer luck, a few buddies of his were having dinner nearby, and came to his aid at a phone call.

"Jin Jin, what are we gonna do?"

Grabbing her best friend by her clothes, Wang Manman felt her heart jumping out of her throat.

"Call the police quietly. I'll buy us some time."

As impetuous as Jiang Xiaojin might be, she was a smart girl. After giving Manman the instruction, she got out of the car.

"Hey, you have some guts! I was thinking of wasting that lousy car of yours!" Still sore from the injuries earlier, Yang Guang tried to give off a pompous air with his contorted face, which turned out to be a hilarious look.

"Haha, I'll get told off by the school at most for beating you up. Smashing my car, you'll end up in detention," Xiaojin sneered with disdain. "Did you get your 'badass 101' from gangster movies? I'm standing right here now. What are you gonna do to me?"


Awkward silence.

She was quite right. These men were all students from universities either locally or in other cities. The hot-headed bunch stopped the girls without much thought, now what?

An idea came to Yang Guang's mind and he tried to steer the argument for his own benefit. "You're not talking yourself out of this. Do you think you can walk away like this after kicking me up back there? You wish!" He turned round and said, "You guys bring up the rear. If anything goes wrong, it'll be on me."


Xiaojin found things did not look too bright for her now. She was betting on their indecisiveness but had overestimated their sense of shame. As expected, the buddies immediately relaxed their faces at Yang Guang's words.

"You sneaked some hits on me back there, but you won't be that lucky this time." Holding up his fists, Yang Guang sneered. "Don't worry, I'll know when to stop. Like you said, I'll get told off at most, or cover the medical expenses."

'Shit, shit, shit… I'm finished…'

Watching Yang Guang close in one step after another, Xiaojin was moaning inside. It was not like she had learnt the martial arts or something. There was no way she could fend off an adult male.

Involuntarily, she felt a sense of regret, 'Sigh, if only I had not got so excited back then. I promise I'd keep calm if I were given a second chance.'

'Told you so!' If her older sister knew these thoughts, she would sneer in contempt. This cycle had been repeated countless times ever since Xiaojin was little. She got into trouble, regretted, got into trouble again, and regretted again… devilish brats were called "devilish" because they were incorrigible!

"Where's that arrogance of yours now? Why are you so quiet all of a sudden? It's still not too late to beg."

Yang Guang walked up to her, teasing and taunting.

Staring at the man, Xiaozhai's hand found its way into her pocket where a string of keys lay; they had a pair of small scissors attached to it. If fight indeed broke out in the end, she was going to stab someone with them.


Yang Guang was the basest kind of scumbag. Raising his hand, he was about to slap her over her face. Some of those standing behind were cheering for him while the others frowned, but none stood out to stop him.


Covering her hands over her mouth, Wang Manman sat inside the car, not knowing what to do. The palm was going to land on her face, when suddenly...


Something seemed to fly near from afar and smashed right into Yang Guang's face. His entire body was swept up as if hit by a great force, reminding one of a salted fish flying across the air.

Before he even had a chance to scream, he fell heavily onto the ground and passed out.

"Ah Guang! Ah Guang!"

"Who the hell did this? Come out!"

Everything instantly went chaotic. Some ran to check up on Yang Guang and others tried to look for the culprit. Everyone was shouting and yelling at the same time. Being the most sharp-eyed person at the scene, Xiaojin hopped and bounced, calling out, "Sister, Sister!"


Following her voice, the crowd saw two figures behind the vehicles. They had no idea how long the two had been there. With their backs to the light, their faces were unrecognizable. Both were tall and lean, resembling two shadows.

'They must be with the girls!' The buddies exchanged looks and somewhat held a grudge against Yang Guang. By now, they had no choice but to fight.

"Let's take them on together!"

The five men fluttered near without any formation, assuming the extra number of people would give them advantage in the melee.

On the other side, one of the shadows stepped out of the light, revealing a face as if it had just been conjured out by magic. It was none other than Gu Yu, who was holding a twig in his hand; one that he just picked up from the side of the road.

"Boy, you asked for it!"

The one of those who dashed to the front threw a punch at Gu Yu's face, while the latter who lifted his hand swung down, knocking the man on his head.


The man's fist was still in mid-air when he got hit. It was stupidly painful.

Immediately after that, Gu Yu dodged the kicking foot of another man and sent his twig forward. The man backed down clutching his chest in confusion.



As if strolling idly in a courtyard, Gu Yu wandered around the five men, knocking one after another with the twig like playing whack-a-mole. His movements seemed so slow, yet they just could not evade it.


"F**k! What the… ouch!"

After swarming towards Gu Yu and Xiaozhai, the five men swarmed away like rats to their hole. One of them finally learned from this painful experience and crouched down holding his head between his arms. He called out, "Brother, Brother, please stop! Please stop!"

Seeing this, the rest of the group also followed suit, crouching down and begging for mercy one after another.

"Boss, please stop! It hurt so damn bad!"

"Boss, we surrender, surrender!"

Gu Yu only stopped at these words and asked, "So what happens after you surrender?"

The quick-witted one replied at once. "We, we'll never give her any trouble from now on. In the future, we'll keep distance and never show up when she's around!"

"You can go." He waved the twig.

"Yes, thank you, Boss!"

"Thank you!"

Carrying Yang Guang with them, the group slipped away swiftly.

Seeing them leave, Wang Manman got out of the car and tugged at her clothes. "Are you ok, Xiaojin? I was so scared!"

"I'm perfectly fine. That scumbag won't bother you from now on. Don't worry."

Patting her on the head, Xiaojin then turned around and ran towards the other two. She knew all too well that she was going to be scolded and did not greet her sister. Instead, she ran to Gu Yu straight away.

"Wow, brother-in-law, you are awesome!!!"

[1] TL/N: Beef balls are made from finely pulverized beef and have a bouncy feeling to them. The "juicy" refers to a type of beef ball with liquid fillings inside, which would spurt out when one bites into it.

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