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"Brother Tian!"

The woman crawled onto the bed on all fours with her hair all disheveled. Her head had gone completely blank with fear and could think of nothing else as she kept asking, "What’s wrong?"

"Ah! Ah, ah!"

He Tian could not hear her, for he was almost passing out from the pain. He felt his member on the verge of bursting. An unbearable pain was gushing out from his private parts and spreading to the rest of his body. All his nerves were twitching violently.

"Brother Tian! Brother Tian!"

The woman called his name a couple of times again but did not dare touch him. She stared blankly for a moment before realizing what she should do. She grabbed the phone and dialed a number.

"Hello, room service… yes, it’s me! Something is wrong with Brother Tian and he is suddenly in a lot of pain. Come quickly…"

She hung up the phone and looked at He Tian, her face drained of all color. Only when she unconsciously wiped her forehead did she realize that her body was soaked in sweat despite the shower she took earlier.

The man in front of her was the crown prince of New Century. If something happened to him here, she would become a cement block at the bottom of the canal!

Overwhelmed with fear and bewilderment, she sat shivering on the chair. It felt like a lifetime before she heard someone thumping at the door.

She immediately rushed over to answer it. She had opened it just a crack when a group of people led by the hotel manager violently rushed in, the door banging loudly against the wall. They were all in panic as well. It couldn't be helped, for this hotel belonged to the He family.

"What happened to Mr. He?"

The manager checked on He Tian and asked in a quivering voice, "You didn't mess him up with drugs, did you?"

"I didn't! We were just getting started and Brother Tian went like that! You have to believe me, Mr. Zhang! I didn't do anything… you have to believe me!" The woman whimpered.

"Fine, fine. There’s no time to talk about that right now. Old Liu, have you let the hospital know yet?"

"All set. Their director is leaving for the hospital from his home right now."

"Good! Oi, you people, put some clothes on Mr. He and carry him downstairs!"

The manager was a person with quite some resolution, but it did not help him much here. He Tian was holding tightly onto his private parts, contorting his body in all sorts of frightening positions. Those people tried their best for quite some time and still couldn't put on a pair of pants for him.

In the end, they had no choice but to wrap him up in a big comforter and carried the whole thing onto a wheeled stretcher. He Tian was still screaming under the cover, reminding one of a pig on its way to the slaughterhouse.

They went down in the elevator together. A large vehicle was waiting for them, which headed directly towards the hospital. They ignored several red lights in a row and rushed to the hospital as fast as they could. On their arrival, they were hurried into the emergency room, where the hospital had already finished their preparations.

By now, He Tian’s symptoms seemed to have subsided a little and he wasn't crying out as loudly as before. This hospital had a close relationship with the He family and nearly all its medical directors had arrived, soon proceeding to examine He Tian in an organized manner.

The manager and the woman were waiting outside, both extremely nervous. They would exchange a look from time to time, but had nothing to say to each other. They knew very well that He Tian had He Zun to back him up. It was an open secret in Shengtian that He Zun was behind He Tian, and who didn't know how much blood was on his hands?

They dared not even think about running away. They might still have a chance to live by telling the truth and making amends by accomplishing some merits. If they tried to escape, however, there wouldn't be enough of them left to call it a body, let alone two!

It was getting very late.

Time crawled by. Just as the two were waiting in torment, the elevator opened and out came a burst of rapid footsteps, following which was a thick-browed man in his fifties.

"Cha... Cha… Chairman He!"

The manager bolted up right away and stuttered out a greeting. The woman also jolted, but could not make a sound.

He Zun gave him a wave and turned to the woman, his face full of imperiousness. He stared at her for quite a while before commanding, "Tell me. Leave nothing out."

"Yes, yes…"

The woman dared not be ambiguous and reported every detail from checking into the room, He Tian’s answering Old Dog’s call and going frenzy with rage, to his sudden pain in certain area after her oral "service".

He Zun did not say anything after she finished and only pondered with a frown. A while later, the light of the operation room switched from red to green with a ting and two doctors walked out.

""Chairman He!""

"How’s A Tian now?" [1]

"The pain is mostly relieved and he is relatively stable now. It’s just…" one of the doctor paused and said, "Chairman He, please come this way."

The three of them then entered a room nearby and the doctor locked the door behind them, still looking rather hesitant.

"Do tell me. It’s all right," He Zun was getting impatient.

"Ok. I will explain it briefly. What happened to Mr. He is called cavernous nerve damage and spasm. It is usually caused by long-term excessive sexual activities and the abuse of stimulating drugs.

It takes a long time to accumulate and the symptoms would not appear just overnight. Based on the blood test result, Mr. He has probably taken some kind of medication today, which set off the sudden spasm, causing severe pain."

So that’s what happened!

Hearing that, He Zun fought back his anger and asked, "Is that all?"

"Well, there’s more…"

The other doctor added in a hurry. "From a traditional medicine point of view, what happened to Mr. He was a result of Chong Mai [TL/N: meaning "Penetrating Vessel"] deficiency. Chong Mai is in charge of one’s vital energy and blood, as well as the reproductive function. If one lacks sufficient vital energy and blood and has a deficient Chong Mai, but still has an over-active sex life, his private parts could suffer from damage and affect his fertility…" [2]

"What?" He lost control at those words and grabbed the doctor near. "Say that again?"

"Please calm down, Chairman He! He was only talking about individual cases. If treated properly, Mr. He can still make a recovery," another doctor mediated immediately.

"He can recover?"

"Yes! Yes, of course! Please trust our medical technique!" The doctor was lying through his teeth.


He Zun only let go of the doctor after hearing that. He had had numerous mistresses in his lifetime and had lost count of his illegitimate children. However, He Tian was his favorite. The idea of him being sterile would certainly scare and enrage him.

At the same time, as a father, he also regretted a lot that his son did not live up to his expectations. Not only was He Tian a womanizer, he paid no attention to his own health as well. Basically, he had it coming.

He managed to control his temper and warned the two, "Remember, not a word of it must reach anyone else!"

"Of course! Of course!"

The two doctors nodded vigorously.

He Zun snorted and turned to leave the room, but turned back before he reached the door. "What if someone else did this to him? Do you think such a possibility exists?"


The two hesitated for quite a while and replied cautiously, "In that case, whoever did it would need at least a year of preparation to make it work, for what happened to Mr. He was caused by a very slow accumulation, and wasn't acute."

He Zun nodded and pushed the door open.

He then went to the ward to check on He Tian who was lying quietly on a hospital bed, either asleep or still unconscious. He Zun did not disturb him and left for the corridor after a few minutes.

His entourage was guarding every exit while the manager and the woman were still fixed to their chairs and dared not make any movements.

He couldn’t be bothered to deal with them and went to stand by the window, feeling irritated. After a while, he called out, "Old Han."

"Yes!" A middle-aged man appeared beside him quietly.

"Find out all people that kid had contact with over the past month."

"Yes!" The man left at the command.

That was very typical of He Zun. When something happened, his first reaction was not to find out why, but rather "Who the hell tried to mess with me?"

As a result of his social status, there was bad blood between him and a lot of people.

However, this incident with He Tian was way too sudden to be a coincidence, even if there was no clue to it whatsoever. Furthermore, the hospital had given quite a few medical explanations, which accorded perfectly with his luxurious and dissipated lifestyle. The only discrepancy was that his symptoms were a bit more violent than usual in such cases.

Well, the "bit" part became an ambiguous area which neither parties dared to confirm.

Even the most awesome person was limited to his upbringing in the modern world. Under such circumstances, things that came to his mind first were "illness", "poison" or "lifestyle" instead of other aspects.

It was a result of psychological inertia.

Little did He Zun and his son knew, though, that just a couple of hours before He Tian was rushed into the hospital, the Li family also went chaotic, although the situation there was not as intense.

[1] ED/N: Stuff like "A" is a form of endearment, though it may appear as an actual name (if not in real life, then at least in a novel). Basically, it'd be more or less the same if he called him Tian'er, Tian Tian or Xiao Tian (Small Tian). However, 'er is used mostly towards girls or one's sons, and Xiao Tian is something even more endearing that maybe his grandparents would use. In other words, A Tian is something which, according to this author's personal dictionary, would be "least gay" out of those four options. I don't even mention Tian Tian, since such nicknames would likely only fit a girl, and sound like bullying when aimed at a guy...

[2] ED/N: By "vital energy" they refer to his Yang, if it's easier to understand this way.

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