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Chapter 2980: Ten seconds left.

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“Shen Feng! Don’t … Don’t scare me. Are you alright?” After the stool shattered and fell to the ground, PEI GE let go of Shen Feng’s arms. All she saw was his cold and pale face forcing a smile at her. She was so frightened that her hands, which were caressing his face, started trembling.

“I’m fine! Don’t worry, just stay here. I’ll take care of this fish that slipped through the net and bring you home immediately!” Shen Feng’s large hand, which was full of wounds, tightly held her small hand. He spoke with difficulty, but his eyes were filled with gentleness and love, not showing the pain from his wounds.

“You’re good, you didn’t even make a sound when it was smashed like this!” Ah hei, who was completely ignored by Shen Feng, panted heavily and mumbled in dissatisfaction.

In the next second, Shen Feng was like a bolt of lightning as he let go of PEI GE. With a suave turn and a roundhouse kick, he caught ah hei off guard. The latter clutched his chest and retreated out of the room. The back of his head was caught by an abandoned machine on the ground, and he lost consciousness.

When Shen Feng saw that ah hei had been completely defeated by him, he felt a wave of pain in his chest. Then, a mouthful of dark black blood could not help but gush out from the corner of his mouth.


“Shen Feng!” Seeing this, PEI GE hurriedly stood up and jogged toward Shen Feng.””Shen Feng! How are you? Don’t scare me, I’m already vomiting blood!”

Shen Feng squeezed out a smile and was about to say something to her when he suddenly heard the sound of an alarm clock ringing in the empty warehouse.

PEI GE clearly did not feel any difference. Seeing Shen Feng still smiling at her, she burrowed into his embrace and tightly hugged his strong waist. Only when she heard his strong heartbeat did she feel that she was truly safe.

Suddenly, she heard Shen Feng faintly asking,”Pei Pei, did you hear something?”

She was a little dazed by his question and let go of his embrace to listen. Only after she was far away from Shen Feng’s heartbeat did she realize that the alarm clock was actually ringing from her waist!

He looked down and saw a remote control tied to his body! And it was still counting down! That bright red number was just like the big mouthful of blood that Shen Feng had spat out earlier.

“Shen Feng … Is … Here!” PEI GE’s eyes widened as she slowly pointed at her slim waist.

Shen Feng looked towards the source of the voice and his heart suddenly skipped a beat.

“What … What should we do? Shen Feng! There were still 55 seconds left before I remembered that after covering my eyes, those people were talking and laughing excitedly. So it was because they had bound this explosive pack to my body!” She trembled as she spoke, her eyes filled with fear. Even her hand that was holding onto Shen Feng’s arm tightened.

The man’s unique wisdom and calmness allowed him to calm down quickly. He took a deep breath and consoled her,””Don’t panic. This explosive might just be a Bluff because they want him to let Liu Lina go. If they really tear your ticket, they’ll probably lose more than they gain!”

“No, Shen Feng, you don’t understand them!” “I told them that Ji Ziming won’t care about my life, but they said that if he really doesn’t come, they’ll use my life to pay for Liu Lina ‘s. It’ll be a mutual destruction of life and death. I didn’t understand it back then, but now that I’ve seen this bomb, I finally understand. They’ve been thinking of blowing me up if he doesn’t come!”

“Pei Pei, is everything you said true?” Shen Feng couldn’t believe that ah hei had already gone crazy to this extent for Liu Lina. He had given up everything he had now and was willing to give up everything for her.

“No! No, Shen Feng, you’d better leave quickly. You only have forty seconds left! I can’t drag you to die with me!” PEI GE seemed to have lost her rationality as she looked at Shen Feng with widened eyes.

“What are you saying? Peipei!” Shen Feng tightly gripped her arm and said,””You’re my woman, so it’s my duty to protect you! Do you know how hurtful your words are to me?”

“I …” She did not know if it was because she was scared out of her wits or because she was touched by his words, but tears welled up in her eyes again.

In the next second, Ji Ziming had already picked her up and rushed out of the metal gates as fast as he could while enduring the pain from his wounds.

After a few wild roars, Wen Xin and Huang tie, who were hiding not far away from the door, quickly realized that Shen Feng had taken care of the kidnappers inside. They quickly pried open the warehouse door from the outside with tools.

When they saw that the time bomb tied to PEI GE’s body only had a time of 21 seconds, the tools in Wen Xin and Huang tie’s hands dropped to the ground. They stared at Shen Feng, who was like an immovable mountain, while PEI GE was carried in his arms.

“Big brother … This …” Huang tie was stunned for a few seconds before squeezing out these words with great difficulty.

Wen Xin, on the other hand, seemed to have been possessed. She could not say a word. No matter how good she was at punching and kicking, she was helpless in the face of this ticking time bomb. She clenched her small fists tightly and placed them on both sides of her body.

“All of you, back off, as far as you can. I want to take the bomb off Pei Pei before it explodes and kick it back into the warehouse to prevent more casualties!” Shen Feng seemed to have already made up his mind, his tone was filled with certainty and unquestionable.

“Shen Feng, what are you saying?” PEI GE Zheng, who was in his arms, asked in shock. The fear in his voice and eyes could no longer be described with words.

“This is a temperature sensor bomb. It’s either waiting for the countdown to explode into ashes with the bomb, or it will explode as soon as the temperature leaves the body. However, there’s another way to get rid of it, and that’s to quickly separate the bomb from the body the moment it leaves the body temperature sensor, and let it detonate on its own!” When Shen Feng was in Thailand, he had heard Gus “underling mention this kind of explosive, so he knew a thing or two about it.

“Big brother, so you’re going to …” Huang tie asked in horror, admiring Shen Feng’s courage and insight from the bottom of his heart.

“Yes, there are still ten seconds. If you don’t want to die, run as far away as you can!” As he said that, he cast a sharp look at Huang tie. After all, Huang tie was a man. Although he could not bear to do it, he still quickly pulled Wen Xin and ran to the field like an arrow.