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3859 Just Wait and See!(7)

He was in a bad mood when he was interrupted midway because he was making out with his wife.

Seeing these clansmen, he didn’t have a good face. The corners of his mouth were tightly pursed, his cold gaze swept over their heads and he didn’t say a word.

The young cultivators were bowing and since they didn’t hear him say anything, they didn’t dare to get up casually. They were even more terrified when they noticed the icy aura and powerful coercion emanating from Li Moying’s body.

Their Young Master…as expected, just as in the legend, not only was he handsome, but also his strength was astonishing! Far beyond their geniuses of the same generation!

Moreover, it was as indifferent as in the legend…

Huang Yueli was standing right behind Li Moying. Seeing this, she secretly tugged on the clothes behind him.

Only then did Li Moying snort coldly, “Everyone should be excused. Now that you’re here, this opportunity is rare, so let’s cultivate hard.”

“Yes! Thank you, Young Master, for your concern!”

After receiving a word of encouragement from him, all the young cultivators present were overjoyed.

Li Moying himself was very upset. He wanted to talk to Huang Yueli before she entered the tower, but now he had no chance.

He could only wait for them to go out from the place of experience.

“Litt…cough cough, Young Miss Li…”

Under Huang Yueli’s stare, Li Moying could only reluctantly change her words.

Huang Yueli kept a safe distance from him, with a decent but somewhat alienated smile on her face, “Young Master Li, what else is there?”

Li Moying pursed his lips in dissatisfaction. Such an expression made him feel too uncomfortable! He can’t wait to catch the little fox back and kiss her directly, but, after they leave the training ground, he will probably be punished to kneel on the washboard…

Just when Young Master Li was extremely entangled, there were still some people who didn’t have eyes.

“Young Master, you didn’t have time to guide us in the small courtyard the day before yesterday. I thought I had no chance to cultivate with you. I didn’t expect to meet you today. What a coincidence.”

A calm female voice suddenly sounded.

Huang Yueli turned her head when she heard the sound, and saw Li Zijun standing no more than ten steps away, looking at them.

Her brows immediately frowned.

This Li Zijun was too lingering! Even when she came here to cultivate with her husband, she will meet her!

She was already feeling impatient and Li Moying was even more impatient.

He just glanced at Li Zijun coldly, but didn’t respond.

Li Zijun was ignored, and it was inevitable that she felt aggrieved, but she was more calm than Li Leyun, and she still maintained a graceful posture, “Huh? Isn’t this Divine Doctor Li? I didn’t expect that you would also go to the training place. I heard that Divine Doctor Liu is also here, why didn’t I see him?”

Her voice was not soft, and there were not many people here, and all the young cultivators present heard it.

At the same time, they all felt puzzled.

“That’s right, where is Divine Doctor Liu?”

“I just heard that the three of them came in together. Why was Divine Doctor Liu missing?”

Huang Yueli was a little impatient, but thinking that these were all members of Li Moying’s clan, she couldn’t be too indifferent, so she casually explained: “As soon as my Senior Brother came in, he rushed straight to the tower.”

Most of the people looked stunned, “Unexpectedly, Divine Doctor Liu is more diligent than us!”

But to Li Zijun’s ears, it’s not that simple.

When they entered, it was pretty far away and there was another stone tablet blocking.