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3807 Unexpected Advancement (3)

Huang Yueli raised her eyebrows, knowing that Li Shihong must have sensed that Li Moying had advanced, and rushed here immediately.

Li Moying was really a national treasure in the Cloudy Qilin Clan.

Following Li Shihong, most of the Elders arrived.

Moreover, this time was different from the last visit. There were not only Elders, but also many young clansmen who came. There was a huge group, and Huang Yueli didn’t know any of them.

“Divine Doctor Li, I saw you running out from a long distance just now. What happened?”

Li Shihong’s eyes subconsciously fell on Huang Yueli’s body. After a closer look, he couldn’t help being surprised and said, “Divine Doctor Liu? He is…”

Huang Yueli’s face was calm, and she smiled slightly, and said: “Patriarch Li, don’t worry, my Senior Brother was injured by the profound energy fluctuations of Young Master Li when he advanced, so he passed out for a while. However, we walked fairly well. In time, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem.”

Only then did Li Shihong understand, and said with some concern: “This… Divine Doctor Liu won’t be seriously injured, right? Now that Moying is about to advance, the profound energy around here will only become more and more intense, and the profound force is overwhelming. The scope will become wider and wider, and it is really not suitable for you to stay here for a long time. How about this, before Moying moved over to the back mountain to recuperate, he lived in the East Hall, so you can go there to rest for a while.”

Huang Yueli frowned when she heard this, and said immediately: “Thank you, Patriarch Li, for your kindness. However, I won’t go there, please send a few guards to send my Senior Brother there, and just find a few maids to take care of him. .I have an elixir that is specially used to treat this, so I don’t need to bother other doctors, as long as my Senior Brother takes the elixir and rests for a while, it should get better.”

Li Shihong was startled, apparently he did not expect that Huang Yueli would reject him.

After all, Li Moying’s advancement was actually very dangerous for “weak” doctors like them.

For her own safety, Huang Yueli should hurry over there.

“Divine Doctor Li, if you let Divine Doctor Liu go there alone, then… what about you?”

Huang Yueli said: “I’ll stay to see how Young Master Li is progressing!”

Li Shihong was very surprised, and after looking at her a few more times, he said, “Divine Doctor Li, you don’t have to worry, it will take Moying a lot of time to advance, and it’s hard for you to get close to him, and you can’t actually help him. Both Divine Doctor Liu and yourself have worked hard for a while, and you need to take care of Moying day and night, so it’s rare that you can walk away now, why don’t you take this opportunity to rest.”

As he said that, he turned his head and said to the guards behind him, “What are you all doing standing there? You have no eyesight! Divine Doctor Li is a girl and she is still carrying a man, don’t you know how to go over to help?”

The guards were very innocent.

For warriors like them, they can easily lift tens of thousands of catties. It’s just a living person, how heavy could it be! They weren’t like ordinary mortals where men were stronger than women!

However, Li Shihong had already spoken, and they didn’t dare to refute, so they hurried over and took him over from Huang Yueli’s hand.

“Take the two divine doctors to the East Hall and serve them carefully! These two are distinguished guests of our Cloudy Qilin Clan. If there is any negligence, the Patriarch will never let it go lightly!”

“Oh, wait!” Huang Yueli hurriedly said.