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3777 This Female Doctor Is Pretty Good (5)

Just when he didn’t know how to react, a slender figure rushed out from behind him.

“Patriarch Li, please step aside!”

“Huh? Oh, certainly.”

Hearing Huang Yueli’s voice, Li Shihong quickly backed away a few steps.

Huang Yueli walked up to Li Moying, took out a porcelain bottle, poured out two pills from it, brought another glass of water, and told him to take the pills, then she grabbed Li Moying’s wrist. Her eyes narrowed slightly, feeling the pulse beating under the man’s smooth skin.

“What’s the matter? What’s going on with Moying?” Li Shihong calmed down a bit, and asked Huang Yueli.

With a calm expression on Huang Yueli’s face, she explained calmly: “The poisonous gas in Young Master Li’s body has not been completely drained, so if he expends too much energy, he will easily suffer from chest pain. Just now, I advised you to make the long story short, this is the reason.”

“Ah… so it’s like this…” Li Shihong felt ashamed for a while.

Just now when they talked about serious matters with Li Moying, they were all filled with righteous indignation, they only focused on condemning Huang Sanbai, and they had already forgotten what Huang Yueli told them earlier.

Seeing Li Moying’s painful appearance now, he felt a little guilty.

Huang Yueli didn’t even look at them, she raised her hand to press the acupuncture point on Li Moying’s chest, and said, “You guys don’t have to worry, these poisonous gas outbreaks are not fatal, it’s nothing more than some discomfort. Administering acupuncture to Young Master Li can relieve his pain.”

After hearing this, the Elders were obviously relieved.

“That’s good, that’s good! Divine Doctor Li, you still have a solution, thanks to your presence…” Li Shihong and others said repeatedly.

The Patriarchs and Elders of the dignified Ancient God Clan, who were so polite to a young Divine Doctor Like her. If it were someone else, that person would have been flattered and terrified at the same time.

However, the expression on Huang Yueli’s face did not change at all, as if the one who thanked her was just an ordinary uncle on the street.

Moreover, before Li Shihong finished speaking, she interrupted.

“Patriarch Li, this is all my job, you don’t have to be polite. But now I’ll have to trouble you to go out, I’m going to administer acupuncture for Young Master Li.”

It was only then that Li Shihong and the others remembered that Huang Yueli and Liu Buyan didn’t like having outsiders watching when they were seeing a doctor.

Originally, after Huang Yueli said that they were going to give acupuncture, they should have left voluntarily, but it seems a bit embarrassing to only react now.

several Elders hurriedly retreated behind the screen.

However, they didn’t leave right away, but chatted with Liu Buyan who had been waiting outside.

Li Moying’s chest pain just now made Li Shihong and the others feel uneasy, and they made up their minds to leave only after seeing him safe and sound.

Huang Yueli frowned when she heard several people talking outside the screen.

Li Moying will feel uncomfortable, mainly because the evil qi in his meridians has not been completely transformed into his own power, which will cause some confusion from time to time.

The best solution, of course, was to let Li Moying continue to practice “The Iniquitous Shadow Secret Manual”, but now that Li Shihong and others don’t leave, it was not so convenient for him to practice…

In desperation, Huang Yueli could only raise her hand and press Li Moying’s dantian.

“Moying, let me help you guide the evil qi in your body.”