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3774 This Female Doctor Is Pretty Good (2)

Li Shihong was thinking about how to change his words , when he suddenly heard Li Moying snort softly before he said in a glum tone: “Alright, that’s fine as well.”

That’s fin as well?!

Li Shihong’s eyes widened, and he couldn’t believe his ears!

Young Miss Li was a female doctor! According to Li Moying’s usual performance, he did not despise him on the spot, it was already very good, and he actually agreed to listen to the other party?

The several Elders behind Li Shihong were also speechless and stared incredulously.

On the other hand, Huang Yueli lifted her chin, and said to Li Moying impolitely: “You said this yourself, you are not allowed to find various reasons to renege on your words in the future! The Patriarch is here to listen!”

She didn’t feel at all that it was strange for Li Moying to listen to her words.

After all, they usually listen to her about big and small matters in their clan.

It’s just that Li Moying sometimes likes to be brave, and when he can’t say no to her, he will act coquettishly, roll around, and try to persuade her on the bed.

When Li Shihong heard Huang Yueli speak like this, he was so startled that he almost jumped up.

He hurriedly said: “Young Miss Li, this… please rest assured, Moying has always been a person who keeps his word, and there is no need to mention such things in the future…”

Finally, Li Moying nodded and agreed. Li Shihong estimated that it was because Li Moying just woke up and was still a little confused.

Now Huang Yueli actually jumped out and spoke to Li Moying so impolitely!

If Li Moying was offended, this matter will be difficult.

Li Shihong thought so, and hurriedly stopped Huang Yueli from continuing, and at the same time, he was thinking about going out to tell Huang Yueli a few words in private, so that she would not say something wrong again. However, Li Shihong was also very worried that he would accidentally offend Huang Yueli. Yueli, for a while, felt a bit in a dilemma.

Just when he was struggling, Li Moying spoke again.

This time, his jaw almost dropped to the ground.

“I’ve always kept my promises. Young Miss Li doesn’t believe me?”

Li Moying’s tone was calm, without the anger or displeasure that everyone expected, and when he spoke, there seemed to be a faint smile on his face.


Li Shihong was startled by such conjectures, and quickly looked again at Li Moying’s face.

The handsome man was leaning against the head of the bed, staring intently at the girl standing on the other side of the room. Although there was no smile on his face, his gaze was rare and gentle.

In the morning light, those charming peach blossom eyes shimmered like a beautiful painting.

Huang Yueli blinked her big eyes, “Alright then, I will trust you just once.”

She spoke with some reluctance.

However, Li Shihong and the others were almost so excited that they wanted to set off firecrackers!

What they were most worried about was that Li Moying refuses to take good care of his injuries. If he insists on participating in the God Realm’s Grand Meet, no one can stop him. Even the words of the Patriarch will not be very effective in front of Li Moying. .

Unexpectedly, the slender girl in front of them could make Li Moying listen obediently with just a few words.

Although this must be an accidental phenomenon caused by Li Moying’s just waking up, it was still surprising enough.

Li Shihong was afraid that Huang Yueli would say something inappropriate again, so he quickly intervened and said repeatedly: “Alright, that’s great! This matter is settled!”