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3775 This Female Doctor Is Pretty Good (3)

Seeing this, Huang Yueli didn’t say anything more, and took another look at Li Moying, then stepped back, leaving room for Li Shihong and the others.

Li Shihong finally solved the problem he was most worried about and just let out a soft sigh of relief, when he quickly remembered another thing.

“By the way, Moying, do you know why Huang Sanbai, that old coot, chased and tried to kill you? When we were negotiating with the Sacred Phoenix Clan, although he admitted the fact that he injured you, he kept saying… …kept saying…”

Li Shihong couldn’t speak, but Li Moying’s face showed a clear expression.

“Huang Sanbai must be saying that I killed the god-level genius of the Sacred Phoenix Clan, right?”

Li Shihong was taken aback, “How do you know?”

Li Moying sneered, “That’s what he said when we fought near Forest Shade Town. There were also two Elders of the Sacred Phoenix Clan present and he killed them too.”

Li Shihong was stunned, and then nodded again and again, “Yes, when it comes to this matter, I also remembered it. At that time, the Sacred Phoenix Clan also said that two of their Elders were missing. The suspicion was also related to you, but after all, with your cultivation level, it’s too difficult to kill two Dao Profound Realm Elders, and the Sacred Phoenix Clan can’t blame you for this matter. They were actually killed by Huang Sanbai?”

The more Li Shihong thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong, his brows were tightly knit together, “How’s this possible? What’s Huang Sanbai up to? It can be explained that he chased and tried to kill you. After all, as long as you exist, the Cloudy Qilin Clan will definitely overwhelm the Sacred Phoenix Clan. But, he actually murdered the Elders of his own clan? This…”

Li Moying narrowed his eyes slightly to cover up the cold, murderous glint in his eyes.

He was very clear about Huang Sanbai’s motives for doing these things, but he couldn’t explain it to Li Shihong, so he could only choose to answer evasively.

“I don’t know what that old thief wants to do, but it seems to be related to the god-level genius of the Sacred Phoenix Clan.”

“A… god-level genius of the Sacred Phoenix Clan??”

Li Shihong was shocked again and exclaimed directly.

The Elders behind him also showed expressions of astonishment, and they all looked at Li Moying in disbelief.

“Young Master, do you mean… the Sacred Phoenix Clan really has a god-level genius?”

“What? Wasn’t this fabricated by the Sacred Phoenix Clan?”

“No way? Is there really such a person?”

Li Moying nodded indifferently, and said: “There are rumours that the Sacred Phoenix Clan has a god-level genius. It has been a few months. At that time, the Patriarch sent me to the Soul Connection Ocean to inquire about the news. When I arrived there, there’s still a relationship with that genius. She… was indeed a god-level!”

A god-level genius who had “met each other” glanced at him, and his pink lips subconsciously pursed.

Li Moying looked at her charming appearance, a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

However, Li Shihong and the others didn’t notice the change in his expression.

They were all still immersed in the shocking news, unable to recover.

“This is actually true!!”

“Heaven is really short-sighted. Among the bastards of the Sacred Phoenix Clan, there’s actually a god-level genius?”

“However, who was the god-level genius of the Sacred Phoenix Clan? Why hasn’t anyone seen her in the God Realm for so long? Could it be that she was really killed? If this is true, it’s no wonder that Huang Sanbai was in such a hurry and behaved so irrationally!”