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3756 Li Moying Awakens (7)

The more Li Moying listened, the darker his face became.

Obviously he’s the one who has been with his Little Li’er the longest!

He’s the one who will step forward to protect Little Li’er every time she encounters danger!

However, this time, he actually passed out at a critical moment, and he had been in a coma for so long, making Liu Buyan the savior in Huang Yueli’s eyes!

Did he make a mistake?

Liu Buyan, besides his medical skills, was there anything else that can be compared with him?

Things aside, Little Li’er was already his wife, and he was the rightful husband!

Other men, whether they were seniors or juniors, can only scram !

Li Moying glanced at his wife’s pretty face, and said coolly: “Well, Liu Buyan has helped you a lot, then you should hurry up and thank him, there’s no need to look at me, an immobile person!”

After hearing this, Huang Yueli couldn’t help but laugh even more.

When Li Moying heard that she was still laughing, his face became even more ugly. He deeply felt that his little fox didn’t love him anymore, so she would praise other men in front of him.

Thinking of this, he closed his eyes and prepared to stop talking to Huang Yueli.

But who knew, at this moment, there was a soft touch on his face.

This feeling was simply like…

Li Moying suddenly opened his eyes, and saw his little fox crawling back to the bed at some point, smiling sweetly at him.

“Are you jealous?”

“No!” Li Moying flatly denied it.


Why would he be jealous?

Liu Buyan can’t even touch his woman with a single finger. Of course there was no need to be jealous!

Huang Yueli said with a smile: “It’s good if you’re not jealous. We have to thank Senior Brother because he won the first place in the competition for me, allowing me to enter the Amethyst Paramount Palace to see you! Otherwise, the Cloudy Qilin Clan’s guard is so tight, I can’t get in!”

Hearing this, Li Moying suddenly looked like a cat whose fur had been smoothed out, and his stiff face immediately softened.

“Really? Then… just let it be that he really deserves credit!”

Huang Yueli looked at his arrogant and hard-spoken face, and felt amused in her heart, and didn’t want to tease him anymore, so she simply said: “Actually, Senior Brother has already thought about it now, he has no intention of pursuing me, you don’t have to look at him so warily each time…”

“Did he tell you that?” Li Moying raised his eyebrows slightly.

Huang Yueli nodded, “That’s right, he said it himself! He will come with me to save you, that’s to treat you as a good brother, don’t be cruel to him, you know?”

Huang Yueli looked at her husband eagerly.

In fact, she has always had a little regret in her heart. She feels that Liu Buyan and Li Moying turned against each other because of her. If possible, she very much hopes that the two can reconcile as before, back to when they first met.

And now was a very good opportunity, as long as Li Moying can cooperate a little…

Li Moying glanced at her and let out a “hmm”, neither confirming nor denying.

Although his family’s little Li’er was usually shrewd and capable, but in terms of feelings, she was really simple! She doesn’t understand men at all!

Only a man can understand the secret feelings in another man’s heart.

Maybe Liu Buyan was telling the truth, he had already given up competing with him for Huang Yueli, but that was only because Huang Yueli was already married to him.