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3725 What Are They Doing?(4)

In the room separated by a wall, Huang Yueli’s face was completely dark.

At this moment, the faint scent of calming incense in the room has been completely replaced by an ambiguous one.

Huang Yueli was lying on Li Moying’s body, and the clothes under the quilt of the two of them had disappeared!

And on Li Moying’s face, there was no longer a calm and peaceful expression like before when he looked just as if he were sleeping. Although his eyes were still tightly closed, his face was flushed, and beads of perspiration dripped from his forehead. His eyebrows were even more knitted together, as if trying to endure something.

Feeling that Huang Yueli’s movements stopped, he seemed to be very uncomfortable, and his body even began to rub against the bed slightly.

Feeling his restlessness, Huang Yueli blushed even more, wishing she could just fall off him!

However, she didn’t dare to do that at all!

Because, from the outside, Li Moying’s body only showed signs of emotion, and only Huang Yueli, who was working hard in double cultivation with him, could clearly feel that the evil qi in Li Moying’s body was also going through this process, gradually getting along with the breath in her body and fusing in the midst.

This process went smoothly beyond her imagination.

Just now, although Huang Yueli had already decided to work with Li Moying to treat her illness, when it came time to implement the plan, she encountered a lot of difficulties.

Because, Huang Yueli realised that she doesn’t know much at all!

Usually, Li Moying was very, very proactive. Sometimes just a look from Huang Yueli was enough to make this man instantly turn into a beast and throw his wife down.

Therefore, Huang Yueli never had the need to take the initiative to contribute at all. She just needs to lie down obediently and let Li Moying take charge of everything.

But now, Li Moying was unconscious on the bed and can’t even move a finger. She had no choice but to take the initiative!

However, not only does she have to take the initiative, but also has to unlock difficult new poses.

To be honest, in the eyes of a girl like her who has not been married for a long time, the double cultivation secret manual given to her by Saint Iniquitous Shadow was even more difficult to understand than the most profound secret manual in the world. The difficulty level was really at Hell Level!

Looking at the contents of the secret manual, Huang Yueli deeply understood what kind of feelings those ordinary cultivators felt in their hearts…

Unfortunately, now she has no way out.

Huang Yueli could only grit her teeth, hold the secret manual in front of her eyes, suppress all shy thoughts, study it carefully over and over again, and at the same time, keep trying to practice.

It took a lot of effort before she understood a part of it, and the effect of the practice was pretty good, at least Li Moying had started to react a little bit!

Seeing that she only needs to spend a little more time to make the evil qi in Li Moying’s body complete the first cycle, but at this moment, the two guards’ discussions suddenly came from outside the door!

Huang Yueli was startled when she heard the sound, and almost fell off the bed in fright!

These two people were already so close!

They were only one or two hundred metres away from this door!

Originally, Huang Yueli’s spiritual consciousness was very strong, and she was usually very vigilant, so she wouldn’t have discovered it until this time, but at this moment, her attention was on Li Moying, so she knew that it was only now that she realized something was wrong.

Outside the door, the two guards had reached an agreement.

“Let’s go and investigate carefully first!”