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3721 Bashful Matter (4)

Because, the content recorded on it has exceeded her imagination! It was completely different from her previous cognition.

To achieve the effect that the Saint Iniquitous Shadow said, more than a dozen new poses need to be unlocked, all of which she had never thought of before!

“I’ll go… this was alright? And that… what was that?”

“No, no, no! How could it be like this? Is this really for cultivation??”

Huang Yueli seriously felt that the Saint Iniquitous Shadow was simply tricking her! Li Moying had spent a lot of time before trying to find out this secret book of double cultivation. If he knew that the content on it was so tricky, he probably wouldn’t be so persistent!

Huang Yueli turned a few pages back. The further she went, the more she couldn’t believe the content.

In the end, she couldn’t help but toss the book in her hand aside.

“No, this is too unreliable! I don’t want to practise such a technique!”

She grunted, and was about to stand up from the bed.

But at this moment, out of the corner of her eye, she saw Li Moying lying on the bed.

The peerless genius who was once so powerful, domineering, and incomparable was now lying quietly beside her, breathing lightly and weakly, like a perfect doll.

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but pause when she got up.

This double cultivation secret manual…was their last hope.

If she wants to wake up Li Moying as soon as possible, then her best choice was to immediately find a way to cultivate with Li Moying.


Huang Yueli’s eyes once again fell on the secret manual of double cultivation.

Thinking of the above content, her little face involuntarily turned red again, and her white teeth bit her lower lips until it almost bled.

However, after hesitating for a long time, she still bent down and picked up the secret manual that she had swept to the ground.

In order for Li Moying to live well, she would even give up her own life without hesitation, let alone such a small sacrifice?

Besides, they’re already married, even… even if it’s a bit difficult for dual cultivation, then… it’s not really a sacrifice, was it?

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli glanced at the contents of the secret manual for the last time, then, gritted her teeth, raised her hand and lifted Li Moying’s quilt!

A side hall on the east side of Amethyst Paramount Palace.

In the corridor, two young cultivators dressed as guards hurried past and stopped at the entrance of the main room.

“This subordinate asks to see Young Miss Leyun.”

“Come in!”

Hearing a woman’s voice in the room, the two guards lowered their heads and walked in cautiously.

“Young Miss Leyun…”

They didn’t even have time to say hello, when they heard a harsh reprimand, “Why are you two here? Didn’t I send you to Brother Moying to keep an eye on the every move of that couple of dogs? Brother Moying’s illness has not been cured yet, who allowed you to come back?”

The two guards were shocked and bent even lower.

“Young…Miss, please calm down! We…we hid well at first, but who knows, that Young Miss Li discovered our hiding place…”

“Divine Doctor Liu was very angry when he saw us, and said that if we don’t leave, he will tell the Patriarch. This… we can only leave…”

“Hmph, you’re all trash!”

Hearing this, Li Leyun roared angrily!