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3671 Amazing Skills (1)

It wasn’t until around one that Liu Buyan came back in a hurry.

As soon as Huang Yueli saw him, she hurriedly asked: “Senior Brother, how was it? What’s the situation with the Number 23 that you’ve picked?”

Liu Buyan immediately showed a smile, “Junior Sister, you can rest assured, if you leave the matter to me, can I still mess it up for you? It’s a coincidence that the symptoms on him are of the evil qi entering the body that you told me about last time. They are exactly the same! It seems that he must have also entered some evil cultivator’s territory by mistake, which led to his coma.”

Huang Yueli was a little worried, and asked, “Really? Are you sure?”

“If the symptoms you told me last time are correct, I can be sure of it!” Liu Buyan nodded resolutely, smacking his chest in assurance.

Only then did Huang Yueli heave a sigh of relief, “That’s good! Senior Brother, this time I really worked hard on you.”

Liu Buyan smiled and shook his head, “Junior Sister, you don’t need to be polite. Originally, I wanted to save Moying, not just to help you. Besides, I learned a lot from you this time. It can be said that I have benefited a lot. If you hadn’t reminded me in advance, I wouldn’t have thought of picking Number 23.”

Before today’s competition started, Huang Yueli and Liu Buyan had discussed together and speculated on what the topics of today’s competition would be.

Huang Yueli speculated that since Li Moying’s illness was very rare, it could not be cured by an ordinary saint ranked Spirit Medicine Master. Therefore, the last round of competition was likely to allow them to prepare corresponding prescriptions according to Li Moying’s symptoms.

Therefore, Huang Yueli deliberately told Liu Buyan about some symptoms and possible situations of evil qi entering the body, so that Liu Buyan could perform better than other Spirit Medicine Masters when encountering such problems. .

In the end, she was only half right.

The Cloudy Qilin Clan was indeed selecting Spirit Medicine Masters in a targeted manner. However, they did not let their Young Master come out. Instead, they found so many cultivators with similar symptoms at once as part of the assessment.

This generosity really shocked Huang Yueli!

The strength and influence of the ancient gods were even more terrifying than she had imagined.

However, although the content of the competition was slightly different, it did not affect Liu Buyan’s performance at all.

He has a good memory, and after Huang Yueli’s special training, he picked out Number 23 from other patients with acute vision.

“Junior Sister, what should we do next?” Liu Buyan stared at Huang Yueli closely, and asked, “Last time you said that if you want to save Li Moying, you must teach him the “Iniquitous Shadow Secret Manual”. Hence, to save Number 23, do you have to teach him this as well?”

As he spoke, his eyebrows furrowed immediately.

Teaching secret skills was no small matter.

This was the secret skill that the Saint Iniquitous Shadow wants to pass on to his disciples. How could he just pass it on to someone he doesn’t know so casually?

Besides, once it gets out that Huang Yueli was an evil cultivator, it will be a big trouble!

Huang Yueli saw his worry, and couldn’t help but curl her lips into a smile, “Senior Brother, then you don’t have to worry. Moying has absorbed too much evil into his body, so he has to rely on the “Iniquitous Shadow Secret Manual”, but, this Number 23 can’t have a talent like Moying, and I think he wouldn’t have absorbed too much evil qi, so it’s much easier to deal with.”