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3672 Amazing Skills (2)

“Then what should I do?” Liu Buyan asked.

Huang Yueli thought about it for a while, and said, “You just need to refine a few pills that are calming and clears internal heat. Just leave the rest to me!”

Liu Buyan had already taken out a pen and paper, planning to write down all the important things Huang Yueli told him, for fear that he would forget, but who knows, he heard such words in the end.

He widened his eyes, “…Eh? You… ? But aren’t you a Spiritual Armament Master!!”

Three days later.

Early in the morning, the open space at the entrance of Amethyst Paramount Palace was full of people.

Cultivators from almost the entire Arcane City rushed over just to see the final result of this competition.

Everyone knew that today was the time for all the Spirit Medicine Masters to show their true abilities! Who was strong and who was weak, just look at the effect of the treatment, it will be clear at a glance!

Huang Yueli and Liu Buyan came together, so they arrived early and occupied a position with a good view.

In the competition venue, all the Spirit Medicine Masters who had entered the third round had already arrived. Not far in front of them was the patient they were going to treat this time.

After selecting the patients for diagnosis and treatment last time, although they could not take the patients back, the Cloudy Qilin Clan specially issued badges for each Spirit Medicine Master to enter and exit a specific area of the Amethyst Paramount Palace, allowing them to travel within the three days. Go to see the patients you have chosen for treatment at any time.

Now, everyone was ready and waiting to be verified one by one.

Li Shihong and others soon appeared on the high platform, and then, the final round of competition officially began.

When selecting patients, they started with Liu Buyan but when verifying the effect of the treatment, they started with the last one, and Liu Buyan became the last one.

So, for the whole morning, he sat in his seat, completely bored as he watched other Spirit Medicine Masters perform.

The first few Spirit Medicine Masters performed poorly.

Especially the last five. After feeding the medicinal pill to their own patients, the condition of the patients even deteriorated seriously, almost endangering their lives. It was the medicinal pill of the Cloudy Qilin Clan who came out to rescue them.

However, it’s no wonder that the last few patients were originally selected by others, and they should be the most difficult to treat. In addition, they were at the bottom of the level, so it’s strange that they can be cured well.

The later ones also performed quite poorly.

Not even one of the thirty Spirit Medicine Masters in a row was able to wake the patient.

It wasn’t until the thirty first person that people began to be successfully treated one after another.

Among them, Elder Lu was included.

His luck was pretty good.

In the first two rounds of competition, he ranked ninth, and when selecting patients, he also accidentally discovered a case that he had read in medical books before.

Although this kind of disease was relatively rare, as long as the cause was known, the treatment was very simple.

Elder Lu was overwhelmed with surprise, and quickly assigned this patient.

This was definitely a very correct decision.

After Elder Lu went back, he looked up the medical book again, and at the same time refined a furnace of saint grade medicinal pill according to the medicinal pill prescription recorded above.

After he fed these medicinal pills to the patient, the patient soon regained consciousness.

Seeing this scene, the cultivators onlookers all exclaimed!

Even Li Yuntao on the high platform couldn’t help standing up, and looked at him in surprise and joy.