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3654 What Is This Kid Doing Here? (3)

After saying this, Li Shihong was not in the mood to say anything else, and turned to look at Li Yunhai beside him, “Yunhai, today’s competition will be hosted by you!”

Li Yunhai stood up, bowed his hands to Li Shihong and saluted, then turned to the audience.

“A total of 1,051 Spirit Medicine Masters signed up for the competition this time! I hope that the number of people who pass the three rounds of competitions will exceed ten!”

When Huang Yueli heard this number in the audience, her heart shuddered.

More than a thousand people!

This number of people can be said to be quite astonishing!

When she was in Medial Arch City, she asked Grandmaster Xiao to help organize a Spirit Armament Competition. At that time, there were only about fifty Spiritual Armament Masters who came to participate in the competition, and their skills were quite good.

This time, more than a thousand people actually came!

Of course, in the regulations of the competition of the Cloudy Qilin Clan, there were no high requirements for the qualifications of the contestants, which was part of the reason for the large number of contestants.

However, the more important reason should be the appeal of the Cloudy Qilin Clan and Li Moying.

As the most popular ancient God Clan in the God Realm, the target to be treated is the “only” god-level genius in the God Realm. Any Spirit Medicine Master with some skills will be moved by this, because this was the best time to become famous!

Thinking of this, Huang Yueli turned her gaze to the centre of the competition venue, searching for Liu Buyan’s figure.

She hopes that her Senior Brother will not be too nervous and can perform more stably, so that he can stand out in the fierce competition.

Liu Buyan was tall and handsome, and he stood out among a group of relatively weak Spirit Medicine Masters.

Huang Yueli found him easily, but immediately after, her brows frowned.

“…What’s going on? Senior Brother seems to have gotten into a fight with someone? It’s such a crucial time, why is there still someone fighting here?”

Huang Yue was extremely speechless in her heart.

Although Liu Buyan looks a little frivolous at ordinary times, he was more reliable at critical moments, not like someone who quarrels with others before the competition.

What exactly is going on?

Huang Yueli was not the only one who noticed this.

The steward of the Cloudy Qilin Clan, who was in charge of maintaining the order of the competition, had seen the chaos in the venue earlier than she did, and had already walked in the direction of Liu Buyan.

“You guys! What are you arguing about? The competition is about to start, why don’t you hurry back to your seats!”

Liu Buyan shrugged, turned around and left without saying a word.

However, the old man who had a dispute with him snorted coldly behind his back, “Stinky boy, stop! Did this elder allow you to leave? You deliberately plotted against my son Lu Dongfeng, not only using despicable means to make him lose in the Pill Competition and cheated him of such a large sum of money! There is a scum like you among our Spirit Medicine Masters!”

Liu Buyan stopped abruptly, turned his head to look at the old man behind him, and there was a deep coldness in his black eyes.

“So you are Lu Dongfeng’s father! Elder Lu, the legendary Number One Divine Doctor in Arcane City? I finally know what it means ‘like father like son’ !”

Elder Lu was startled, he couldn’t understand what he said, and thought he was praising him when he said “the number one Divine Doctor”.

He glared at Liu Buyan viciously, “Brat, stop daydreaming there! Do you think that if you say a few nice words, I will let a scum like you go? Let me tell you, it’s impossible!”