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3575 Stick To One’s Word (3)

However, even though all the doctors in the clan were grandmasters from the Heaven Elixir Pagoda, they were helpless against Li Moying’s injury.

As a last resort, Li Shihong had no choice but to secretly seek out famous doctors in the God Realm, all grandmaster-level doctors who had a little friendship with the Cloudy Qilin Clan were invited to treat Li Moying.

The result disappointed him greatly.

Not only has no one been able to find a way to detoxify, but because some foreign doctors are not tight-lipped, they even spread the news of Li Moying’s serious injury.

This kind of news spread the fastest, and it didn’t take long for everyone to know about it.

When Li Shihong heard the news, he almost fainted on the spot!

However, since the news had leaked out, he no longer had any qualms. He simply denounced the shameless behaviour of the Holy Phoenix Clan and asked Huang Tianhao to negotiate in person.

When Huang Tianhao heard Li Shihong’s words, he also knew that he was very anxious now.

However, not only did he not empathise with him, but he even laughed triumphantly, “Li Moying hasn’t woken up yet? Tsk tsk, it’s really not going to work, right? You really deserve it!”

“What did you say??” Li Shihong was already very angry, but being fueled by Huang Tianhao, his anger became even more intense.

However, Huang Tianhao was not affected by his aggressive appearance at all, and sneered again, “Li Moying will have today, I’m afraid it really is retribution!”

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Li Shihong’s eyes gradually turned cold, “It seems that I guessed right! This incident was not an accident caused by a secret treasure hunt at all, and Huang Sanbai himself did not have the guts to plot against our god-level genius. Your Holy Phoenix Clan’s secret plan is to get rid of the god-level genius of our Cloudy Qilin Clan!”

Li Shihong’s voice was cold and hard, but every word he uttered was enough to make people shudder.

Lan Yuanzhen was listening on the sidelines, he had already forgotten about the matter of persuading the fight, and was so overwhelmed by Li Shihong’s words that he couldn’t even speak!

A genius who murdered other God Clan’s…

This is something that was clearly prohibited in the agreement signed by the twelve ancient gods, and it is the most criticised thing!

A peerless genius is the hope of the clan, and it is also the factor that is most likely to cause conflicts among the major families.

In order to alleviate the conflicts caused by the struggle between geniuses, the agreement stipulates that the twelve great god races must treat all the geniuses of the god race and the human race equally and cultivate them together.

In fact, this is of course very difficult to do. All races must have selfishness towards their own geniuses. However, on the surface, no one will show their jealousy and hatred for other God Clan geniuses. Such assassination of foreign geniuses is even more important. It hasn’t happened in tens of thousands of years!

Lan Yuanzhen held his breath, his gaze wandering back and forth between Li Shihong and Huang Tianhao.

If things are really as Li Shihong said, then the Holy Phoenix Clan will become the object of boycott by all the God Clan!

Huang Tianhao sneered when he heard Li Shihong’s accusation.

“Yes, you guessed it right! It is the wish of all members of our Holy Phoenix Clan to kill the scourge of Li Moying!”


Huang Tianhao actually… admitted it!

Lan Yuanzhen couldn’t believe what he heard.

Li Shihong was even more shocked, trembling with anger, “You… you… how dare you do such a thing! This is a violation of the God Clan agreement! You actually dare to blatantly commit such crimes, you are waiting to become the public enemy of all God Clans!”

Although he had already guessed, Li Shihong never expected that Huang Tianhao would admit it directly!