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Chapter 3462: The Secret Realm (4)

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The reason why Huang Yueli has an impression it’s because before she returned her primordial spirit to Li Moying, she had some memories of him, and she had seen that book in a dream, but the impression she got was very shallow after all and she doesn’t remember clearly.

After knowing that the owner of the secret realm was the Saint Iniquitous Shadow, Huang Yueli immediately became interested, laid the map down on the table and studied it more carefully.

Li Moying also explained from the side: “These locations should be the places where Saint Iniquitous Shadow keeps his treasures. He has rich experience and even has contact with the Sky Devils. There will definitely be no less of secrets of cultivation and various treasures in the cave manor. What is even more rare is that other cultivators have a lot of taboos against evil cultivators, and it is difficult to decipher the content on the map. Therefore, this map has been kept in the library of the Cloudy Qilin Clan, and it seems that it has not been touched by others.”

“That means, it is estimated that not many people have been to this secret realm?” Huang Yueli blinked her big eyes with a look of surprise, “The treasures in the secret realm must be well preserved! I hate that kind of secret realm that many people have been to, even if there are some good things in it, they have already been taken away!”

Li Moying nodded, paused, and then said, “However, this also means that there are many unknown dangers in the secret realm which we can’t predict, so we must act carefully!”


Huang Yueli said with a smile: “I know this, you can rest assured! We haven’t gone to the secret realm to cultivate together for a long time. I miss the feeling of fighting side by side with you!”

Li Moying slightly hooked the corners of his mouth, he was happy, but also a little worried.

After all, this was the God Realm, not the Soaring Heavens Continent.

He was no longer the peerless master Li Moying who was invincible in the world. In the God Realm, his current cultivation was nothing, there were many who were much stronger than him!

In those real ancient secret realms, there are even powerful existences that can instantly kill the experts in the profound realm.

In comparison, he is too small to protect his Little Li’er…

It seems that he must practice harder and become stronger as fast as possible, so that his Little Li’er can run around carefree, and can also guarantee that no one dares to show his wife a bad face. …

Huang Yueli didn’t think that Li Moying thought so much because of her words.

She looked at the map up and down, left and right, and with her hands on her cheeks, she said thoughtfully, “I have never been to the cave manor of an evil cultivator, and I don’t know what treasures will be in the cave manor of the Saint Iniquitous Shadow. We don’t know much about him either… It’s better to look up some ancient books and make some preparations.”

When Li Moying heard the words, the corners of his mouth curved upward, and a flash of determination flashed by his eyes.

“I know that the Saint Iniquitous Shadow has a treasure, and it must be hidden in the cave. This time I go, I must find a way to get it!”

It was rare to hear that Li Moying was so desperate for a treasure, Huang Yueli looked over curiously.

“What treasure are you talking about? Is it a cultivation technique? Or what kind of Spirit Armament?”

The smile on Li Moying’s mouth deepened, and he said in a low voice, “Do you remember, I told you before that the Saint Iniquitous Shadow created the soul-splitting technique to save his beloved woman? Moreover, the cultivation talent of the Saint Iniquitous Shadow was not high back then, and he was able to become a peerless powerhouse on the third level of the Life Profound Realm, it was all relying on this woman…”