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Chapter 3377: I Will Only Marry Her (5)

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Both Divine Generals assumed that no one would reject this kind of treatment.

It was every man’s dream to take both highly talented and beautiful, aristocratic young ladies from god clans as part of their harem.

No matter how smitten Li Moying was with the Lower Realm woman’s beauty, he should also start to waver upon hearing this news, wasn’t it?


However, Li Moying’s lips curled as ridicule was written all over his face.

“The entire clan’s decision?”

Both Divine Generals nodded simultaneously, “That’s right!”

Li Moying put away his cold sneer and stood up from the seat. Then he said with a cold expression, “I have understood both seniors’ intentions in this visit. I’ll say this for one last time. I will not marry any other woman other than Li’er. I’m already a married man, so stop stuffing a fiancée onto me! Also, bring Li Leyun away immediately because I don’t want to see her! I’ll stop here today, but if both of you aren’t willing to listen to me…”

A cold glint flashed past his eyes, and he kept silent.

Li Yuntao was stunned by his aggressive manner but quickly came around it. At the same time, anger started to overcome him.

“What does Young Lord mean by this? If Yunhai and I don’t follow Young Lord’s instructions, are you intending to kill us?”

They were reputable, experienced Divine Generals, after all. So he instantly couldn’t take it after Li Moying gave him such a cold and arrogant warning.

Moreover, he didn’t believe that Li Moying could do anything to them.

Li Moying’s innate talent was high and his status was noble. But he was young and his wings were still not fully matured. It was nonsensical talk for him to deal with two 6-star Divine Generals, not to mention the entire clan.

Li Moying glanced at them and said calmly, “Indeed, I can’t do anything to both of you, neither can I do anything to Cloudy Qilin Clan. But if I’m no longer the Young Lord, does that mean I will be able to settle down with my wife?”

Both Divine Generals had a rude shock!

“Young Lord, you… what do you mean by that??”

Li Moying didn’t bother to make any other explanation. He merely turned around and prepared to leave.

“It’s quite late now and my wife is still waiting for me to return home. Goodbye!”

With that, Li Moying just walked straight out of the door.

Both Divine Generals’ hearts gave a jump of fear. What Li Moying said earlier was just too frightening!

They thought, “Does he mean that if our clan does not agree for him to stay together with that Lower Realm woman, he will leave Cloudy Qilin Clan?? How dare he do such a thing??”

They looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what to say.

Just then, Li Moying’s suddenly stopped and said, “Oh, there’s another thing. My wife likes peace and quiet so I hope no one will go disturb her and make her unhappy. Will both seniors please make a point to remember this?”

After he said that, Li Moying walked out of the allied armies branch directly without stopping.

Both Divine Generals were in a daze for some time and when they finally recollected their senses, they looked at each other to find the other party’s face was filled with shock and disbelief.

“Young Lord actually… actually would do such a thing? For a Lower Realm woman, he actually… wants to leave the Cloudy Qilin Clan??”

“He can’t be speaking the truth, can he?”


If it was any other person in the clan, both Divine Generals would absolutely treat this as complete nonsense.

But the person who said that was Li Moying.

Li Moying had always been doing things his way. There was never one thing which he could not do after he said it!

The entire Cloudy Qilin Clan’s future was pinned on him. If he really were to run away, the consequences would…