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Chapter 3375: I Will Only Marry Her (3)

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Li Yunhai nodded his head consecutively. “That’s right, Young Lord need not worry because this is a happy affair! Anyway, before Young Lord’s wedding, you need someone by your side to serve you. Since Young Lord likes this woman so much, it’s only appropriate for us to bring her back to the clan and give her a status!”

Both Divine Generals made themselves sound as though they were very understanding people.

Lower Realm ascenders’ innate talents were generally worse than ordinary people in God Realm. After all, they did not have any large clans or forces to rely on, and they belonged to the lowest rung of people in God Realm.


Women with this kind of status who was coupled to the Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Young Lord and even got a status was considered to be doing their ancestors proud.

Both Divine Generals were anxious to show that they were willing to let Huang Yueli join their clan because they could tell that Li Moying cared very much about this young lady through his words.

But instead of smiling, Li Moying’s expression instantly darkened upon hearing this!

“Both Divine Generals, do you need me to repeat myself? Li’er is my Lower Realm’s… official wife. She’s not some woman who is there to serve me. I have wooed her with all my heart and finally officially married her! She is Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Young Madam! If anyone in the clan does not acknowledge her, that means that the person is pitting himself against me!”

Li Yuntao and Li Yunhai’s expressions abruptly changed!

Although Li Moying sat firmly above them, his aura had already emanated uncontrollably!

Even though he was only a Heart Profound Realm practitioner, his baleful aura was so strong that both Divine Generals silently felt fear!

However, what made them even more shocked was the meaning of Li Moying’s words!

“Young… Young Lord, you’re going to let a Lower Realm woman become Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Young Madam?? This… you can’t do that! Clan Leader and the various Elders will not agree to it! Your status is noble and you have such powerful innate talent, you’re definitely out of a Lower Realm woman’s league!”

“That’s right, Young Lord, please reconsider it carefully! A peerless genius like you has plenty of young ladies who admire you. Whoever you like, you can go ahead and give them a status. But the young lady who will become Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Young Madam cannot be decided so hastily! Only a true blue talented young lady is compatible with Young Lord!”

Both of them anxiously started to persuade him.

In their opinions, Li Moying was the typical example of being dazed by one’s beauty!

He said such ridiculous things, to make a Lower Realm woman become Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Young Madam!

They wondered how beautiful that woman was to be able to bewitch their Young Lords. She actually managed to make such an unyielding man like Li Moying say such irresponsible things!

The more Li Moying heard the colder his face turned.

In the end, he scoffed and said, “I understand both Divine Generals’ meaning. But I just don’t understand what kind of talented young lady are you referring to? Is someone with god grade innate talent compatible with me?”

Li Moying was afraid of exposing Huang Yueli as a member of the Sacred Phoenix Race, and he didn’t want to tell them her real innate talent standard as well.

But when he heard the two Divine Generals saying “Lower Realm woman” in a disdainful tone, he couldn’t tolerate it any longer and just blurted it out.

After he said that, he frowned, feeling that he had misspoken.

But he was apparently overthinking things. Both Divine Generals did not think in the same direction as him! They simply misunderstood that Li Moying said that in a fit of pique.

After all, Li Moying was the only god grade genius in the past tens of thousands of years. So how could another one just casually pop out like this?