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Chapter 3374: I Will Only Marry Her (2)

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Li Yuntao did not hear clearly what Li Moying was saying. He subconsciously assumed that Li Moying also felt that this rumor was comical, hence he continued to rattle on.

“Yes, Young Lord also finds this comical, right? I wonder why Blessed City would have such a ru…”

However, Li Yunhai was much more observant than him. Not only did he hear Li Moying’s words, but he also saw the gloomy look in his eyes. Li Yunhai shivered and hurriedly pulled his brother.


Li Yuntao was confounded. “Yunhai, why are you pulling me for?”

Li Yunhai helplessly said, “Young Lord, this… earlier you said this isn’t a rumor? Or… did we hear you wrongly?”

Li Yuntao was stunned. “What? It’s not a rumor?” He swept a glance at his younger brother and said, “Stop joking. How could this kind of thing not be a rumor?”

Li Moying’s voice rang once again and he seemed extremely composed. “Both Divine Generals didn’t hear me wrongly. What you said earlier is not a rumor. I am indeed married.”


“Young… Young Lord, what.. what did you say?”

Both Divine Generals’ jaws almost dropped to the ground!

Never in their wildest dreams did they expect Li Moying to say such things! Were they really not hallucinating?

Li Moying’s tone was extremely calm but the expression on his face turned solemn. “Both Divine Generals, when I just arrived in Amethyst Paramount Palace, I mentioned that I was already married in the Lower Realm.”

Both Divine Generals were in a daze earlier, but hearing him say this now, they revealed enlightened looks.

“Young Lord, you’re referring to this… Of course, we know about this. But this isn’t the same as really getting married, right? How can the matters from the Lower Realm count? I wonder who started this nonsensical talk?”

“Isn’t that so? No one knows when the Lower Realm women will be able to ascend. This marriage… it definitely can’t be counted!”

Hearing that, Li Moying’s originally calm expression instantly turned cold.

“Both Divine Generals, my wife had already ascended to God Realm two months ago. I was in Blessed City some time ago to pick her up. My wife and I have known each other for many years and we vowed to remain faithful. I hope both seniors will not say something like the Lower Realm marriage does not count. If my wife were to hear this, it wouldn’t be nice if it upsets her.”

Li Moying still remembered that these two are the clan’s Elders who helm a high position. So he forcibly suppressed his anger and maintain his basic manners.

But there was an uncontrollable trace of anger in his words.

Li Yunyao and Li Yunhai were not fools, so they were able to tell that he was upset. Hence they were rather shocked.

“What? Young Lord’s Lower Realm’s wife has already ascended? That’s rather fast…”

Li Moying was just in his early 20s. So logically speaking, his wife should be around his age as well. Under the lack of resources in the Lower realm, she managed to ascend just slightly after a year than Li Moying, this god grade genius, which meant that her innate talent was pretty good as well.

“But no matter what, she’s just a woman from the Lower Realm. Surely Young Lord is not really going to make her Cloudy Qilin Clan’s Young Madam, right?”

Thinking of this, both Divine Generals frowned deeply.

Li Yuntao couldn’t help but open his mouth to persuade, “Young Lord, all our clansmen are happy that you have reunited with your Lower Realm’s wife. No matter what, she is someone who had served Young Lord in the Lower Realm. We Cloudy Qilin Clan will not mistreat her.”